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  1. Haha, "the backside of water". That's always my favorite part
  2. "I am totally hot. Check me out. World. Love me." Haha! That made me LOL.
  3. Just got back from seeing Bruno! Absolutely hilarious. Wow, everyone was laughing. I found myself laughing at both the movie and some of the audience's laughs as well!
  4. This will only be my 4th year going to Haunt, but I'm going to have to agree with what Hauntme23 said. Rehashes shouldn't be ruled out so easily. and on the topic of Dia De Los Muertos, so what if it's going in the bumper cars? A good maze shouldn't have to depend on what is OUTSIDE of it. I'm looking forward to Lockdown the most, only because I was devasted when I heard Asylum might not come back.
  5. Today I was thinking about all the things my mom always told me when I was smaller that never came true. My favorite was that if I didn't stop looking in the mirror, my reflection would never change. Haha! What crazy things did your parents tell you in order to keep you in line? Forget Santa and the Easter Bunny, let's hear some originals.
  6. Hey guys, while reading the comments from Termination Day, I searched for a topic like this but didn't yield any results. Please re-direct me if I'm mistaken. But I would like to know, which roller coaster can you ride let's say, over five times, continuously, without getting tired of it? If you were able to of course. Mine, so far, has been Space Mountain, a few years back we went and crowds were pretty dead, unusual, I know. and we were able to ride it multiple times. Never get tired of it
  7. ok. I put my name on the initial page that I was sent to but the whole PayPal part is under my dad's name. is that a problem?
  8. Wow. I heard the same thing from some girls who were in line behind us for Goliath on Saturday night. They were saying that "this new Terminator is the same ride that was always there, just with theming." Yet people still don't make the connection that X2 is just an upgraded version of X. Also, at Knott's yesterday, this kid's dad was telling his kid that SFMM has "this same ride like this (pointing to Boomerang) called Riddler's Revenge." I don't see any way how those two can be compared. Haha! GP, think they're smarter than all the other GP. and I agree, I do not understand how Riddler could possibly be compared to Boomerang!
  9. I am SOOOO excited for this! I can't wait to go with my boyfriend. Even if he isn't as into it as I am. It is going to be great
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