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Dollywood Discussion Thread

P. 796 - Ride closing 10/30 to remove launch and install chain lift!

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In short, Pigeon Forge has approved Dollywood's proposal to begin construction on a 121 foot tall coaster for 2007. The ride will be announced officially in July, and ground should be broken in April.

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This is pretty cool! I remember Dollywood e-mailed me a survey asking about all sorts of funky ride designs. I think this was one of them. I think I even voted on it! It was themed around a mine, if I recall correctly.


They had a Disk-O dark ride concept that looked pretty cool. Hey, 2008 is on the horizon, right?


EDIT: A Dollywood employee asked me for my e-mail when I walked into the park during my last visit. He said it was only for surveys and no junk mail. Well, he kept his word. I've gotten nothing but surveys and no ads for Viagara and young women doing unmentionable things. So if someone at Dollywood asks you for your e-mail, be proud and give it!

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Dollywood has come a Looooooong way from the park I remember in the mid-90's.


I first saw the park mentioned on an old E! Special called "Theme Parks a Go-Go" (Which I still have on tape somewhere.), and I was fairly underwhelemed by what I saw. Their big addition for the year was some new 1950's themed section of the park...whoop-ee-ding!...and when she talked about the rides, she gave the only amusing line of the segment...


Dolly: "I often tell people, we don't have Space Mountain, but we have Twin Peaks..." *Pushes her boobs out a little.*


But when I looked at Dollywood again for the first time in ages recently, my jaw dropped...this is NOT the Dollywood I remember, with those awesome coasters...and now that they're adding a vertical drop coaster, I can see that Dolly has finally wised up on how to really compete in the park business.


Good going Dolly!

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^If the rumors are true what I've heard. We won't see much growing on this ride as it will be mostly indoors and underground.


I so loved my trip to Dollywood this Christmas. If this ride holds up to the high standard that this park is known for, then it is gonna be a goodie!

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This only cements in my mind that dollywood is awsome. Everyone around here still thinks that it's a stupid bluegrass-music filled shrine to dolly parton. Hopefully as they add more rides people won't pass on it while visiting pigeon forge and gatlinburg. They'll make it a point to go there. On an unrelated note, my first trip to dollywood was simply great. I rode Thunderhead 35 there!) After buying a thunderhead t-shirt, the entire thunderhead ride crew all signed it for me, and on my way out I just mentioned to somebody that it was the most fun I've ever had at any theme park, which I'd been to a few, btw. They took down my address, and I completely forgot about it. About a month later I opened my mailbox to find a hand-written letter from the park operations team thanking me for my visit and my kind comments, along with a free dollywood windbreaker. This park is incredible!

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