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  1. ^cant think straight Vwants to ride in a van full of clowns going CHICKEN HUNTIN!
  2. not anymore cause I got FAYGO!!! do you drink Faygo?
  3. if they're hot then just another reason I'm glad I got the season pass
  4. I have a slight bias seeing as SFGAM is my home park, but I have been to both...from a credit view point obviously go with SFGAm, but I think that it is also a more fun and overall better park than SFStL hope that helps
  5. Twiztid ft. Blaze ya dead Homie - Busyoheadopen
  6. a long time ago when my youngest sister still lived at home when was the last time you got into a physical fight?
  7. ^couldnt beat this kid Vwill make face when the above statement is read
  8. no, they are too damn expensive...and as Elissa pointed out you can do a cheaper trip with 4 or 5 buddies piling into a van...which is exactly what I have planned do you eat meat?
  9. when I was like 12 and for being 12 it was an intense kiss
  10. no, but its laser track do you like to dance?
  11. I'm a post whore... do you own an iPod (or similar device)
  12. I will be riding over 100 brand new (to me) roller coasters this season
  13. like about an hour ago...had to take insulin for dinner when was the last time you farted?
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