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Dollywood Discussion Thread

P. 796 - Ride closing 10/30 to remove launch and install chain lift!

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i can't give the links but i will show the photos


Call me the devils advocate but you cant give the links but you can post the actual artwork. Isn't it generally when a park does those type of surveys they want as much feedback as possible...


It cant be that top secret if your talking about it and posting the artwork :?


Jarvis "mumbles why post it in the first place " Morant

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This is going to sound like a stupid question, but what is SDC?


Silver Dollar City - They are one of Dollywood's sister parks and Dollywood also used to be called Silver Dollar City.


I heard from one of the Dollywood employees on another site that it will probably be the Topple Tower you described.


He said however that they aren't getting the coaster this year.


Hopefull he's wrong on the 2nd ride.

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Notice on the fifth post down on the far left where the coaster train goes across the bridge and does a vertical drop, that there is a train with the headlight supposedly about to run over you. That is one of the features of another dollywood indoor coaster, Blazing Fury. Hmmmmmm... It may not be anything just noticing stuff.

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After riding the Topple Tower last week at Walibi Lorraine, I can say that this is a perfect addition for Dollywood!


It is another "thrill ride for the family". Meaning the ride wasn't that scary to either look at, or especially to ride. As long as they try and keep the height limit on the lower side this will be another winner for the park.


Elissa "now when will they get a Powder Keg!" Alvey

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Sounds like a great ride for Dollywood, especially right next to Thunderhead. I doubt it will spin very fast on the way up, pretty much like Acrophobia or any of the Intamin Observation Towers, like 2 or 3 rpm. I just may have to stop on by on my trip to SFOG next year (I was going to go anyway, just for some skillets and 'head!)


All clear...Dispatch, enjoy your ride,


Derek -glad they didn't go and get the Eurofighter afterall!

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Sent to Theme Park Review today:




PIGEON FORGE, Tenn.—Thrills are on the rise at Dollywood’s Splash Country in 2006 with the addition of Fire Tower Falls, two 70-foot-tall twin free-fall speed slides, which will become the park’s tallest and fastest slides.


The launch pad for Fire Tower Falls will be situated on the water park’s Mountain Waves wave pool deck. Each of the slides’ 280-foot tracks will propel riders through the tree tops on a journey that ends adjacent to the neighboring Bear Mountain Fire Tower™ attraction. The high-speed slide requires a 140-foot water-filled lane which catches riders, bringing the fast-action experience to an end with a major splash.


A walkway between Bear Mountain Fire Tower and the 25,000-square-foot Mountain Waves wave pool will connect the two areas, providing guests with convenient access to the new attraction.


“Fire Tower Falls is designed to provide a thrilling water adventure, and Dollywood’s Splash Country’s mountain setting provides the ideal backdrop to make this ride experience one of our most exciting additions ever,” said Gene Scherrer, Dollywood’s Splash Country General Manager.


Construction on Fire Tower Falls is set to begin in October.


Opened in 2001, Dollywood’s Splash Country is located adjacent to Dollywood family adventure park. Situated in a lush, wooded mountain setting, Dollywood’s Splash Country also features the white water rafting adventure ride Big Bear Plunge™; the Downbound Float Trip lazy river, two interactive children’s play areas and 23 additional water adventure slides. The water park operates May through September. For more information, visit:

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GREAT!!!! Thats great news, when my dad and I visited in 2002 or 2003, there were barely any rides but it was still, fun, but they have been adding things right and left, which is great! Will have to make a trip to Dollywood next year, we haven't even gotten to ride Thunderhead yet.

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Yea so I hear, we could have gone, but decided on Carowinds instead this year. Had to get my ride in on Borg, we were told the wait was 30 minutes, which was do-able, but then it turned out to take 30 minutes plus one hour. My girl-friend was the 6th person in 30 minutes to pass out in Borg's line, but hey, that got us a front car ride, because they usually assign the rows.

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