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  1. No, can you post a screenshot of the survey? I’d like to compare. Which I already know I’m going to probably like the Hidden Cave option. I’ve heard some rumors/tales tossed around about Phase 2 and a deep cave that explores the depths of Wildwood Grove with a possible monster?
  2. I don't even get to go much but I always liked how Dollywood was tucked away in the mountains. I can handle Wild Eagle sticking out but it just seems more magical to be tucked away. I am looking forward to walking thru the log and Boom! seeing Wildwood Grove Haven't been there recently have you? Haha, Wildwood Grove is level with most of the park now so it won't be hidden from Wild Eagle, Thunderhead or any of that. Probably one reason they redid the drop and that end of thunderhead first this season, it will be very very visible and almost a part of Wildwood Grove Sent from my ONEPLUS
  3. I dunno. I don’t see a flight simulator as a “huge/major” addition. Something for 2020? Yes that could work. Kind of like one of the yearly additions. They seem to already be getting the ground ready just past Wildwood Grove, as there’s gravel spread out in a long patch. Like construction will start up there later this year.
  4. I got a survey about new coaster options? I didn’t get that one. Here’s the one I got. When did that one go out?
  5. Yea, that clearing there is presumed to be the area for the 2021 expansion they’re planning which is more than likely a coaster if I were to guess. Plenty room for one. Wildwood grove Phase 1 is only 5 acres, the rest that you see there is 6-7 acres. Phase 2 is 2021.
  6. Yea it was always slated for May, as you can see from today on the cam they still have a long way to go. The majority of the work is landscaping, the tree needs to be put in place (I heard it was delayed) and Wildwood Creek needs finished. The buildings have went up faster than anything, it just seems to be getting all the trees, rocks, paths into place.
  7. ^^Exactly. Plus remember, Dollywood considers any of their coasters an “Experience for families” most of the time as long as it doesn’t go upside down. So a 73 mph launching wooden rollercoaster with 20+ seconds of airtime is considered a thrilling family coaster. It’s essentially about marketing really. They’re a family oriented park, so just put family experience somewhere in the tag line and it draws more of your guests in.
  8. Wildwood Grove is more than just some mild / moderate flat rides and a coaster though. It's an entire themed land, with a story, and landmark experiences that aren't just mechanical rides. It's positioned at children and their families. If they built a new major coaster in an entirely new land adjacent to Wildwood Grove, then great - but not within it (as it has been envisioned today). Personally, I would be completely fine with going back to the days when you could go ten years or more without seeing a new roller coaster. So I typed my response out on my phone right as I was getti
  9. Dollywood has mentioned again and again that Wildwood Grove is meant for families. A large, extreme roller coaster for that area would go completely against its mission. In one of the other areas, or in and around Wild Eagle and Mountain Slidewinder? Sure. But not Wildwood Grove. Ok so let’s look at this. 2016 was Dollywood’s last major coaster. 2021 will make 5 years since they’ve added one. That’s the longest they’ve went since the Mystery Mine-Wild Eagle gap. I personally don’t look at Dragonflier as a “major coaster”, it’s more of a “filler” to keep your adult/teen crowd satisfied becaus
  10. I really hate to hear it if Slidewinder is truly gone, such a classic thrilling water ride. Classic, genuine fun, it always reminds me of going tubing down a mountain. The following is just random thoughts that come mind, ignore the order lol 2019- Wildwood Grove Phase 1, 5 acre expansion. Would Dollywood remove Slidewinder this year, and jump back to the other end of the park to expand when they have another 7 acre's left wide open? Dark ride? The henhouse scramble idea was proposed a few years back (River Battle time) but never happened. I'm not sure why, but when I think of that i
  11. True, I was typing that in a hurry and didn’t step back and think. I myself would love to see them get another coaster close to, or at the level of thrill/intensity of LR. Next down from LR, I see Thunderhead as the next best in the park as far as “wild and untamed” goes. Wild Eagle is just...chill. Just some early morning thoughts haha
  12. Just a random thought here. LR is currently Dollywood’s most intense/wildest coaster, really their star attraction. I wonder if we’ll see a coaster more intense than/wilder than LR anytime soon?
  13. Here’s what LR’s trains now look like. He said front row now seems more intense where you get that open view of everything
  14. So update. My friend was at the park today. Dragonflier is complete track wise. Station work and those things are obviously needing to be done. Mad Mockingbird is up and in place. Rock placement has started on the waterfall coming down the hill around blackbear trail, which will turn into a creek and maneuver through out the grove. Foundation has started for the tree. Everything is picking up pace fast. Besides getting the other flats installed it’s mostly foliage work/theming needing done. LR update as well. The hoods have been completely removed as of today. So yes, you get an open front r
  15. I would say by mid/late December, Dragonflier will be finished. The Wildwood tree is being constructed offsite for some reason. I guess it’s that large. So I’m guessing they’ll haul it in and place it. The other attractions are basically put and place. Majority of work is landscaping which is what makes Wildwood Grove.
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