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  1. I came here to post about the new ride teaser. They have hung those signs all over the park, after I saw about 10 my wife said we should call the number. Mentions an expedition starting next spring in wild wood Grove. Definitely a teaser of things to come next year!
  2. It's not only pay, everyone is having issues in the area. There was a local report/survey saying there were 4 jobs for every citizen in the area. My wife got almost a $15 pay raise to travel from Knoxville to Tanger to help fill gaps in the area
  3. It was closed last weekend too, at least Sunday. While I'm sure the fall has something to do with it, that's probably not the only reason. Last Sunday I felt it was closed due to staffing. Again not saying the fall is not an important reason to close it. The fall was tragic and they need to learn what happened
  4. I was confused when I read that as well. Even LR has more theming in it's queue than WE in my opinion. Probably best theming recently on a ride is firechaser. Fireworks are placed throughout the area even on the ground.
  5. This time of year crowds can be hit or miss. It's basically based on weather, a beautiful Spring afternoon will be packed on the weekend.. If it's packed, you might need a day and a half. If not, one day is plenty. My suggestion is one day with timesaver (if busy) or 2 or 3 day pass and spread out the visit. Especially this time of year when the mornings can be cold, I'd visit afternoons. Personally, if I wasn't local I would do the three day pass, only $10 more than the two I'd also suggest a weekday visit, if it's warm and pretty, locals flood on weekends making it extra packed A few years ago I would have told you to come in after 3:00 so the next day is free but they ended that and I don't imagine it will ever come back. It was a nice perk for folks in your situation For other activities 1.) Hit the mountains! Do a short hike or nature trail 2.) I love the aquarium, yes it's a corporate Ripley's but still a great aquarium 3.) Walk around the island 4.) Visit my wife who manages one of the outlets in Tanger! Who doesn't love outlet shopping (yes I know, most isn't the same quality as the "real" stores). I spend money and shop when on vacation, some like this some don't 5.) Pick a mountain coaster or two Dollywood Tips 1.) Water is free, just ask. Don't waste money on bottle water unless you are the type who won't drink the water from a soda machine 2.) If you have ever been to Disney, Universal, or six flags and have a Fuelrod swappable battery bring it! Dollywood has the swap machines. The one in the emporium is down right now but the other three work. I know these things can be expensive BUT they have saved me thousands of times at Disney, and much easier than carrying a power bank (hint you can buy them on Amazon and trade at Dollywood or Disney. Just search fuelrod. On Amazon two are the price of one at Disney or Dollywood) (Setup the app so you have free swap credits! Dollywood has a small swap fee if you need a fresh one. Under $3) 3.) Sunscreen! Bring it! 4.) It can be a hike back out to your car so bring a backpack for important stuff if needed BUT they don't allow food or drink in the park. You can probably get by with a pack of crackers or energy bar, I have. Personally I hate backpacks in parks but that's just me 4.) Hit LR first, it was down the one visit I have been this year. Not sure if it has been up at all to be honest.
  6. They've moved mountains before (Wildwood Grove). I hope they don't level the mountain here though personally. There's a lot of space there without going towards the eagles.
  7. I'm sure they have a plan for this hillside, we just don't know what it is yet. Lots of rumors have circulated around it for years and they keep making progress on it. The removal of the tunnel really opened the space up. The retaining wall is old, quick fix would be a painted mural or something. The mountainside is still cleared here, likely pointing to a development yet to be announced. This is also probably why they needed to open the space up. It's not as bad in person and I am sure will be nice once the flowers grow in Believe me, I'm usually very critical about Dollywood, and visit 50 - 100 times a year. So far this year, I have no complaints. Maybe it's because I'm visiting larger parks more and I see how much better Dollywood is, or learning to not be in a hurry at amusement parks because lines and crowds are to be expected, or maybe it's because they are making progress of becoming a much larger destination.
  8. I think this is more supply chain issues. Have you been to Disney recently or seen pictures? They have parts of their stores "blocked off" with black sheets to make them look smaller with more product. I actually loved the new design and layout of the emporium. Finally, some of the empty space in the middle I believe is by design to help with traffic flow. The new layout with less check out counters, and one large counter actually added space
  9. I was there today, no issues with parking. It actually makes a lot more sense now than in the past. I believe a lot is just confusion from old people who hate change. I hate to say it that way but if you read the signs, it's super simple. Staffing also didn't seem to be an issue, food was great like always. I had aunt grannies today. There were shops closed but not sure if that was staffing or not. I love the new security screening, very quick and efficient. The new emporium is designed almost exactly like new Disney shops at Disney World when it comes to checkouts. Basically one large checkout area with 10 or so registers. All staffed which is actually better than 2 of 10 staffed at Disney which I aslo came back from two weeks ago. A lot of positive changes this year to help with capacity. One change folks, at least local, don't like about parking is that they now fill multiple lots at once and the road is now one way. This will help greatly with traffic when it's time to leave, but a lot of the locals don't seem to like that if you can't find a slot in "B" you now have to loop back to "D" and start over Please remember, this last week was also local Spring Break. I hate how Dollywood opens during local Spring Break, they should open a week or two earlier to work out the kinks. Yes it was busy this week
  10. This exactly. Why do you think Dollywood has so many crafty type shops? Home goods type shops? The older crowd spends tons of money on this stuff. Just watch the package pick-up guy pushing everything to the front.
  11. Oh today was slammed! Very busy day, again, I believe it's just bc they are up to fill capacity on everything again!
  12. Yeah it has a slow cycle and they were running it now that it can be full capacity again! Slow cycle includes time to view the park.
  13. Honestly, I feel the survey was just a typo. I work for a company with three brands. Communications, surveys, what not sure always similar. Lots of copy/pasting.. Doesnt SDC have similar, if not the same, festivals?
  14. Naa, two trains don't help it much. It stacks like crazy
  15. They sure do and right now it's worth it because most rides have a fairly long wait. I'd hate to spend money on it for one ride
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