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  1. This exactly. Why do you think Dollywood has so many crafty type shops? Home goods type shops? The older crowd spends tons of money on this stuff. Just watch the package pick-up guy pushing everything to the front.
  2. Oh today was slammed! Very busy day, again, I believe it's just bc they are up to fill capacity on everything again!
  3. Yeah it has a slow cycle and they were running it now that it can be full capacity again! Slow cycle includes time to view the park.
  4. Honestly, I feel the survey was just a typo. I work for a company with three brands. Communications, surveys, what not sure always similar. Lots of copy/pasting.. Doesnt SDC have similar, if not the same, festivals?
  5. Naa, two trains don't help it much. It stacks like crazy
  6. They sure do and right now it's worth it because most rides have a fairly long wait. I'd hate to spend money on it for one ride
  7. It ran almost all day Wednesday when I was there
  8. Not only that but people also travel to the area for Spring Break from other locations. So not only locals, but most folks we ran into yesterday that my wife and I talked to were actually visiting from other states. Also lots of college students
  9. Dollywood seems to be filling most seats on all coasters. No skipping rows, at least today. Lines were pretty long most of the day Ops weren't bad today park was just packed it was reduced capacity though, but I don't believe as reduced as last year.
  10. It's open but almost a two hour wait right now. I'm here
  11. I wonder if any of the tree removals are due to invasive bugs that are killing trees all over the mountains and even that area. There are scenic roads closed due to these bugs and while it sucks, can cause the trees to be very dangerous fall or fallen limbs. It seems they are clearing them out around the rides, possible they are afraid they will fall?
  12. This by no way means the launch system failed. Someone described it as starting out fine and then felt like it slammed on the breaks. That sounds more like a failsafe sensor not letting it complete the launch. It's like one of the maintenance guys told me one time, this ride has no other place to "stop" so if it needs to fail, it will stop at the point of launch. I believe this gives the launch a bad rap
  13. You can also stop by NOC, in Gatlinburg. They can help you find a tour
  14. This is ONLY bc the original track is very similar to IBOX. RMC did the drop area several years ago, before LR. This will be nothing special
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