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  1. ^cant think straight Vwants to ride in a van full of clowns going CHICKEN HUNTIN!
  2. not anymore cause I got FAYGO!!! do you drink Faygo?
  3. if they're hot then just another reason I'm glad I got the season pass
  4. I have a slight bias seeing as SFGAM is my home park, but I have been to both...from a credit view point obviously go with SFGAm, but I think that it is also a more fun and overall better park than SFStL hope that helps
  5. Twiztid ft. Blaze ya dead Homie - Busyoheadopen
  6. a long time ago when my youngest sister still lived at home when was the last time you got into a physical fight?
  7. ^couldnt beat this kid Vwill make face when the above statement is read
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