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  1. I'm not fan of the name VelociCoaster. I was hoping for someting in the lines of Rapter Hunt, or something like that. Not gonnna stop me from riding it though. It looks great. Kinda disrupts the parks skyline, but the coaster looks great.
  2. Looks like these mini events are turning out well for Bush. The food looks amazing.
  3. The Griswolds made a whole movie about breaking in to Magic Mountain. Way back when it was call Wally World. "Hey, The Moose at the gate shoulda told ya the park was closed."
  4. Great TR Chuck. It must be weird walking around that area of the park and seeing it so empty. good that they are trying to open as much as they can under the circumstances.
  5. ^^I was just gonna say the same thing. What is going on down there? Florida feels like a shite' show right now. Jarett is getting daily notifications from his college about the likelyhood or lack-there-of, for a fall semester at the actual school. They desperately want to have classes, but the state is making it as hard as possible to do so. And by hard as possible, I mean doing pretty much nothing to help stop the crazy spread down there in America's penis.
  6. I'd go into any amusement park over any bowling alley in a hot second. Bowling alleys are virus breeding grounds.
  7. IMHO, not a bad deal if you go more than 5 times in a year. If I lived as close as they do to the park, that would be a must buy for me.
  8. Absolutely loved the video! Absolutely loved the snarky commentary. Absolutely loved Elissa's faux enthusiasm. All hail the rise expedition vids! Going to go watch it now on Youtube and gently massage the like button as I would my nipples.
  9. ^I've heard mixed reactions about how things are going over at the Universal properties. Robb, have you and Elissa been over there yet? I would love to hear your take on things.
  10. This coaster looks amazing. How does it rate against other RMCs?
  11. ^I live in Nashville as well and have been safety shamed for wearing a mask. Honestly, I don't care. I just happily go my way and think pleasant thoughts to myself. Like, "hopefully this person will contract COVID and die. One less dipshit donald supporter that I have to tolerate."
  12. Great pics John. I love those artist concept drawings. Very dramatic.
  13. Awesome pics. I really need to get back to this park. So much new stuff. The last time i was there was the year BBW closed.
  14. Great Job compiling this. So glad my home park's woodie is still #1. I loves meh somma Lightning Rod! Guy "When it's running." Koepp
  15. Woo! My gambit worked! Hopefully, the Disney parks will take the opportunity this downtime affords to add Shia LaBeouf into their Indiana Jones rides! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I came here to kill Nazis and kick Shia LaBeouf's ass up and down the street. I'm fresh out of Nazis, and I have 1.3 miles of street left with Shia LeBeouf's ass written all over it. Guy "You drew first blood dude. You drew first blood!" Koepp
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