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Sorry if this is too off-topic but what about a 360 degree video discussion thread? With so many parks and Robb as well releasing video, maybe a thread can be made when people find new ones. I ask because I was going to post Lotte World's videos that they've been uploading recently but if my constant attempts to get the Everland discussion thread going is any indication I'm not sure they warrant their own topic.

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Can we have an OWA Discussion thread? or did I already made one.


Not at this time!


Please read how myself and the others moderators have responded to similar requests.


Please continue to post news as it occurs and we'll worry about the discussion thread later.

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I know this is a little off topic, but I wasn't sure where else to ask.


Where did all the TPR trip reports from Robb and Elissa's visits to parks go? Whenever I go to a park in the park index, it only shows the TPR member trip reports.


It makes it a little easier to find some trip reports from Robb and Elissa in the park index, hopefully they'll be back.

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