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Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

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True, just one of those places in the park I think they could do so much with. Same with near Shock, take out the Karts and do something better with the area.


The BIG question I have is: Are we going to see any improvements to the food at the park in the forseeable future?? Personally, id like to see a "Dollywood-esque" big skillet setup in either mexico or texas like they had in the past during texas heritage, sure would be a great alternative to the "junk" we see now (esp. during fright fest, which was just atrocious and cheap)

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Can anyone help me comprehend why Premier parks put 25 new rides in SFGADV in 99 when they acquired SF? Over the years all of those rides have been relocated out of the park to other parks. I love roller coasters but what about a good flat ride. It seems they only keep the flats that don't work. If Rodeo did go to SFOT then the only rides left from that huge expansion is LTS, Top Spin, Medusa, Jolly Roger, Black Beards. I think its sad. Granted we are getting an awesome wooden coaster another kiddie section, and a family ride. I just don't understand. Is SFGADV just a storage park till they find the actual home they should of placed the rides in? I don't mean to vent but I think its ridiculous.


Past rides from 99

Evolution - granted it didn't work but they spent the money to relocate it and fix it

Pirates Flight - went to SFWOA now GL

Jump - never worked but still could of been fixed does anyone really play paint ball?

Time Warp - there's a stage in its place

Octopus ride - never worked could of been fixed

Pendulum - a great flat ride SFGA

I think some of the others were in the old BBL

And now Rodeo?


I'm happy about another coaster but loosing more rides for coasters with slow crews will only make the park more crowed and lines longer.The crowds that go are not the friendliest bunch.

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Six Flags investigating incident that injured 4


07:55 AM CST on Monday, March 13, 2006




The Texas Tornado ride at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington is likely to remain closed Monday as park engineers try to determine what caused at least four people to suffer minor injuries.


The Texas Tornado is described as a circular swing ride, which is suspended in the air.


Six Flags released a statement that said the Texas Tornado experienced an "unexpected interruption" shortly after 6 p.m. Sunday. As the operator shut down the ride, as he was trained to do, some of the chairs came to a jolting stop, according to the company.


Patrons were treated at the first aid station for minor injuries. One woman was hospitalized with back pain.


Jamie Peakell, who was on the ride with her two children and niece, talked to News 8 via cellphone while she was en route to a hospital.


"All of a sudden we heard a loud pop, and the swings went from OK to, basically, they collapsed," she said. "It was like bumper cars. It was horrible. ... My kids were in front of me and the swings got really, really loose. My kids were screaming [and] my niece was screaming."


The Texas Tornado ride debuted at Six Flags in 1983 and was moved to its current location in the "Boomtown" section in 1989, according to ParkTimes.com, a Web site that documents the history of the theme park and its attractions.


Six Flags, located midway between Dallas and Fort Worth on Interstate 30, is open daily this week to accommodate young people on spring break.


Dallas Morning News staff writer Marissa Alanis contributed to this report.




Online at: http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/dn/latestnews/stories/031406dnmetsixflags.1ed3fa73.html



My Take: When you dont order a complete mantienence overhaul on a swing ride, it will break down. Ive had a gut feeling this was going to happen for a very, very long time. Im wondering how the new managment will handle this situation..

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Wha- Wha- Wha??? My homepark's getting an expansion????




Maybe they'll put a couple rides under the knife. As much as I love Texas Giant it's definately not one I'd ride all day, atleast if I want to stay in one piece. And Judge Roy Scream is getting a little rusty as well. Maybe They're just planning to do overhauls on everything.


Either that, or my dream of SFoT getting a Euro-Fighter/Spinner may come true, wishful thinking...

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^dont think you have anything to worry about, SFoT is one of the untouchable parks that doesnt face the axe


I really do wonder though...Would SFoT maybe be getting a Screamin Swing? Considering there are already 2 going to other places around the world I think they're a hot item...Perhaps SFoT got in on the market for flat rides last year and is keeping the trend. They need a good big flat ride of some kind. Maybe the first buyer from Huss after its reshuffle?

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Hmmm, maybe Cypress's announcement is that they sold the Starliner's rotting corpse, and SFOTs announcement is that they bought it!


I hope its something good though, Texas has been going thru a major coaster drought for the last couple of years!


Cypress GArdens needs the Starliner so that'd a big no no.

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Hooray for my home park!


As much as I would like to see a new rollercoaster... preferably a thrill (not family) type... it will never happen right now. it is kind of sad because we havn't recieved a new coaster since 2001 with The Titan. I guess a new coaster could fit where Shochwave currently is... but that will not be taken out for some time due to it "history" or whatever. As much as I love that ride... i think it is time to go... not destroyed... just relocated, if possible. It's a great ride... but it just doesn't draw crowds at all anymore.


But anyways... hooray for something BIG!

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