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  1. How long have they been running the current $10 admission special? That's a crazy low price. Anybody been this season?
  2. I too think the chances of this being built as described are slim to none, but I wonder if there's a green card through investment angle to this. Here's an example of what I'm talking about: Lure of Green Cards Brings Big Investments for Remote Resort in Vermont Find enough wealthy people who want permanent residence, and you can raise a pretty large sum of capital from investors who (depending on their wealth) may not even care about getting a return so long as they get their ticket to live in the USA.
  3. I've ridden a Tango (not at Canobie) a couple of times and thought it was a terrible ride. It's got height going for it and it looks great, but I agree, not a good experience for its passengers. Fun to look at, not fun to ride.
  4. Can anyone provide a link to a law or a regulation to back up that this type of restraint is banned in any state? I have a hard time believing it to be true.
  5. I'd expect there to be no deals available for the entirety of the summer, and it would not surprise me to see them increase ticket prices again if this year's additions prove as popular as expected. That said, you may be able to save a bit if you purchase tickets via AAA or Undercover Tourist, or save on other costs like hotel accommodations. I know the Universal on-site hotels often run deals where your per-night rate decreases quite a lot as you book more nights, usually starting with a three-night minimum. Good luck!
  6. More than likely at Chance's manufacturing plant in Kansas. I believe you're right. In fact it appears that Lightning Run photobombed Holiday World's Mayflower: Source: http://www.holidayworld.com/holiblog/2014/03/16/getting-ship-together/
  7. The cliff dives, the mountain-terrain concrete waterslides, the cannonball slides shooting you through the air and into cold spring water, the trapeze that you grab and swing into the cold spring water... All that stuff has been open to the public every summer since 1998 when the place reopened as Mountain Creek. They took out a lot of the more notorious elements when the park reopened, but there's still plenty of stuff there from the original Action Park that makes it one of the most bonkers waterparks around.
  8. Interesting article with a MagicBand teardown (yes, there's a battery inside) as well as a peek under the hood and behind the scenes of the park hardware: Making the Band – MagicBand Teardown and More
  9. Actually, Vekoma track does have one distinctive trait that you can see in the foreground of that photo: the bolts through the running rail at a track joint. There's generally a kind of stairstep design where two sections of track mesh together, secured by a couple of bolts. I don't think I've seen an Arrow ride with that type of design.
  10. Much of the old Action Park is still open as Mountain Creek, and much of it still makes one say "how do they get away with running this?" Cannonball slides, Tarzan swing, cliff jumps, etc., dropping you into freezing cold spring water... still there! Not saying any of it is unsafe, as they have a pretty good track record now as Mountain Creek, but you can ride and do things there that you simply don't see anyplace else. Worth a trip if you like out-of-the-ordinary waterparks.
  11. You can get Scotch eggs at Finnegan's inside Universal Orlando. I thought they were a bit heavy, but they didn't taste bad!
  12. A Huss Jump 2 would nicely fill the "weird-ass ride that never works" role left open when the Quake was removed.
  13. Agreed, it doesn't make any difference whether or not B&M built the launch system on Hulk. The ride was designed as a launch coaster; if it didn't launch, it wouldn't make it through the course. Ride companies use other firms for components or entire systems of their rides all the time, after all. EXCLUSIVE, BREAKING NEWS: Hulk is a B&M launched coaster!
  14. I'm hoping it's a collection of truck-shaped McDonald's, Arby's, Krystal, KFC and similar stores, all in one convenient and exciting parking-lot setting.
  15. I don't wear anything around my wrist because I don't want to get tan lines. Really disappointed that Disney is going to FORCE me to develop unsightly tan lines around my wrist just to step into one of their parks!!! REALLY DISAPPOINTED, DISNEY.
  16. That's quite possible, but Six Flags never owned the piece of land on which Twisted Twins' station is situated. That land is owned by the family of Ed Hart. So he can influence the future of that particular ride, no matter who (if anyone) ends up reopening the park.
  17. I don't think it's beyond repair--it would probably require all new track, replacement/rehab of mechanical systems, and new trains (since the old ones are gone). But Twisted Twins wasn't that great a ride to begin with anyway, and it was waaaaaay back there where not enough people would go. One might be able to make a case for getting it running in its current location if the park should reopen, but I wouldn't see much reason for any other park to buy it and move it. Interesting trivia: Twisted Twins sits mostly on land owned by the Kentucky State Fair Board, however one parcel of land (which includes the station house and most of the two lift hills) is owned by Ed Hart's family. I wonder if this may have contributed to Six Flags' decision to close the ride. If the park reopens, I'm sure this situation would factor into the future of the ride.
  18. Actually, I believe it's the effect where your own face (and the faces of your other fellow riders) is projected in the fog between you and a Dementor. When it's not working (which would be most of the times that I've ridden) you see a projection of something resembling four skulls side by side instead.
  19. I think the park was more or less out of cash when they sold to Premier Parks. As I recall, much of the transaction was assumption of debt, rather than a cash payment to the owners. For what it's worth, Ed Hart purchased Chang himself, and then leased it to the park.
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