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  1. So I haven't been to CP in 6-7 years and thought about making a weekday trip next week for the heck of it. I know schools have been back in session this week and will be next week as well, so I was curious about crowd levels and operations this last week. I've looked at the webcams and the lot looks less than half full, which seems promising. Mainly though - how have operations been? I cant imagine they have a plethora of workers right now. Just looking for some insight.
  2. So, I will be in Montreal in September for just a few short days. I was thinking of trying to sneak in a Sunday afternoon at the park and was curious for anyone who lives in the area - would I be better off trying to hit from like 2-7 in the park, or just go hit some of the other sights/sounds/touristy crap in Montreal? It will be my first time there, and as much as I would love to visit La Ronde, I don't think I will make it in time to do a full day at the park. Please give me any insight as to what you think I should do! Also - I will be staying in downtown Montreal and will have a rental car. Thanks for any advice!
  3. A couple questions for those who have been to the area multiple times: 1. We are going for 4 days in April, probably hitting the park 2 of those, is it worth staying at one of the Dollywood cabins for the ticket deal? Do they ever run last minute deals on their cabins? Or should we just go ahead and book elsewhere and save a little money? 2. How does the child swap policy for riding work at Dollywood? We've encountered a LOT of variation even from what the park employees say from place to place, and there will be multiple parents with kids swapping out.
  4. So I haven't seen any TRs for Phantom Fright Nights yet this year. How does this year stack up to the last couple of years haunt wise? The last time I went they were about on par with the mid level houses from, let's say CP or Kings Island. Also - are there any rides they haven't been running due to low staffing, etc.?
  5. I'm a big rule follower (slightly ocd, so they go hand in hand), so we'll follow the guidelines. I'm pretty big on cargo khakis and a polo shirt, so it sounds like that should be good. Thanks for the input!
  6. A quick question for anyone who has been on a Disney cruise recently. The paperwork we just received for out cruise said that there were no shorts allowed during dining. We've talked to friends who just got back from a Disney cruise and said that almost everyone was wearing shorts at dinner, as long as they had on a collared shirt or something similar. Anyone care to give me the jive on what the story is? Also, this is excluding formal dining.
  7. I get a little crazy with the black and white sometimes. I loved the place and plan on hitting it again next year, hopefully along with SFNE to hit Iron Cyclone. Yankee Cannonball is probably right there at the bottom of my top 10/15 or so. Wish I could have got a few more laps in.
  8. For some odd reason I didn't take a picture of it. I will correct this next year and then totally forget to come back to the Canobie thread to mention it.
  9. My family found ourselves up in Boston for the 2014 North American Irish Road Bowling Championships (yeah, you're going to have to Youtube this one) and decided to make a quick stop at Canobie. This was my first visit to this park and I was absolutely impressed with everything about it. We only had about 5 hours to spend, so we didn't get to do any of the water park stuff, but there is a good chance that we will be back there next summer, so we plan on stopping over again, albeit with a little more time at the park hopefully. I had heard about Canobie many moons ago, but didn't know "that" much about it until a couple years ago when I knew I would be making the trip from WV to Boston and looked into it some more. I knew the basics (Untamed and Yankee Cannonball) but the rest of the park was a surprise to me, and I was totally surprised! The park reminded me very much of a Kennywood or Lake Compounce for sure. Everything was clean, pretty well run, and the employees were all really friendly and helpful. But there is one major thing that stood out to us - their knowledge of the parent swap!!! Seriously, my son isn't quite 2 and has been to about 8 parks (NOT including Disney Parks). Of these parks it was amazing how many of the employees had NO clue about the correct procedures for the parent swap. Last year at SFNE we were literally told about 4-5 different procedures from ride to ride. You would think at the end of summer that even the younger teens would know the procedure, but alas, they don't. Maybe parents just don't get out much anymore? Who knows. but I will say that every single employee knew the procedure perfectly and were so very courteous when instructing us on where to stand/when to board/etc. Major kudos and thumbs up Canobie! So, I'll make the rest of this quick and let my pictures do the talking. * The food stands here are themed out better than about any park I have ever been to - much awesomeness! * Untamed is very fun and a perfect fit for a park like this * Yankee Cannonball is an absolute blast and is a total sleeper of a coaster. I truly wish more parks would put in coasters this size! (Wooden Warrior is a prime example as well - potentially the most "fun" coaster I have ever been on). * The setting for the park along the lake is great as well, there is just something about reflections of sun off the water at the end of your park day * The best parking is FREE parking! * One or two large flat ride additions and maybe one more small wooden coaster would put Canobie at the top of my list of favorite parks anywhere. We had a blast and can't wait to come back! And now for the pics! Let's not get lost now! Ummm... I think he had a little too much honey. Nerdism (aka - a mechanical engineer being himself) at it's finest. I just got wide on you! REALLY wide! And tall too. Hamma time! Side note: the ride ops at the Autobahn were all insanely nice and courteous getting kids on and off the ride. Even stubborn ones like my son who didn't want to walk around. We spent a good bit of time here. You could cheat by looking at the floor, but not doing that and being legit made this a ton of fun. So much time I got all blurry when taking pictures! Pretty swings. Underrated for sure. Great air. Nostalgic on you here with my black and white wizardry! Our son is REALLY into things with engines. He was enthralled (big word, I know). Driving is serious business! Seriously, put down the phones people! (Public service announcement) Great theming. Much fun. Up is the direction. Before you go down! This little train lead to one of my favorite pictures of the trip later! POV of the tracks - this is where you don't want to be when you hear "choo choo" coming. Canobie has TWO skee ball locations! *And drool* Unfortunately Corkscrew broke and we didn't get to ride - but there is always next time! (take note people, don't whine when you can't ride something because it broke). *Insert peacock joke here* His first "coaster"....If you ignore the laws of physics and forget the motor driving it. He loved it. Cry and shudder in fear! My goodness Canobie, Orville Redenbacher would be proud if he weren't so dead. See, I told you they had two skee ball locations, and you didn't believe me! As a nice little storm brewed in the distance we had to head out. Thanks for a great day Canobie! And now we'll chug off into the sunset...
  10. You know, being a mechanical engineer I watch a lot of the coaster of "death" videos and think, "I would ride that, it doesn't look that unsafe really." But this was the first time I actually had a second thought when watching a video. I'm pretty trusting of professional engineers and all, but when that thing releases from the lift the track sure does look skimpy. I honestly don't know if I would trust those welds seeing as how there is rust on the throughout the ride. But, who the hell am I kidding, I'd ride that pig in a heartbeat!
  11. So here is an idea. When a coaster gets to the point in its life that it needs a paint job, such as this one, why not make it an upcharge "graffiti" attraction? Seriously, pay 15 bucks, sign a waiver, get a can of spray paint and go to town on it. They could almost announce it as an attraction in itself where they would shut the ride for a couple hours to have "graffiti time"! They might be able to make enough in a summer to at least actually paint the lift hill for the next year.
  12. I just have to say... the bags of crap have gotten intensely awesome over the years. Kudos!
  13. I think the real question here is, will the bag-o-crap conatain sea lions and orgasming women?
  14. I think every park needs one of these... If you can get it to run, you can ride it! An engineer and lawyer's dream, all at the same time! Seriously, the engineer in my would love to go around to parks with closed rides and see if I could get the going.
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