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  1. Soon to be opened death coaster is now at Keansburg Amusement Park. Should be open within the month. Was it really that bad? I think it might have gotten new trains near the end? When I rode it at Beech Bend in like 2004 with the old trains it was terrifying. I just remember half the seats being roped off.
  2. This TR is really bringing back some old memories. Thanks for posting. I wish I could say that was the only kiddy coaster I've rolled back on.
  3. The CP ERT more than made up for those Six Flags closed rides earlier in the trip. Was an awesome way to end the trip. re: Hades 360, I loved Hades opening year. Still liked it a lot in 2007, though it had gotten rougher. After riding it this year though it's going to drop WAY down my list. The new section was great, but much of the old section was back breakingly bad. And I really like rough aggressive rides.
  4. I wonder how well attended the AHL game will be? I know it's pretty doubtful that I'm going to bother going down for the AHL game. Especially with it being two days before the winter classic.
  5. Silver lining of the lockout this year was another shot at the ticket lottery for the winter classic. This time my father and brother both got in, so I'll be going to the new years game between Toronto and Detroit. This season might not be done yet, but I'm already looking forward to new years 2014.
  6. The bugs in the evening can be terrible as well! Don't wait for the front seat on MF unless you want to eat about a thousand bugs. Not that I would recommend actually waiting for the front anyways, since it's a really long wait, and the back is a much better ride.
  7. I have once, on a halloweekends Saturday. On those days they often fill the park to capacity. And if Gemini's queue hits the midway, that means pretty much every ride will have a full queue. No surprise that day we bailed and went back to our hotel room for most the day.
  8. Last time I rode Thunderbolt at Kennywood, they did have the single rider policy. However they tried to pair singles up, and would even offer a 2nd ride to people getting off if they would pair up with the single.
  9. Challenge park shouldn't take long at all. Maybe 30ish minutes for a round of mini golf. Bit more if you want to do the skyscraper and/or skycoaster. The go-karts always look like a waste of time.
  10. ^^ The walk from Sandcastle to the park is maybe 10 minutes or so. All you really have to do is cross the Gemini parking lot.
  11. The award doesn't go the best team though, it's the best coach. Considering how good that team is, I think it should go to one of the coaches that turned around bad teams into contenders. I'd think Therien in Montreal would be a front runner.
  12. Given the amount of space the ride takes up, tearing it down and building something new on it's spot could be a better use of the space. Though an iron horse treatment could be awesome as well. Either option would be nice. However, I don't really think either option is imminent. The ride is still in decent enough shape, so I don't think it's demise is a huge priority.
  13. If true on the new height limits, I'm glad I got to ride it when I did. The trains look like an improvement, though I don't like the look of the shin restraints.
  14. The sketch of the Gatekeeper sign looks quite a bit like the Leviathan sign. (which was pretty awesome).
  15. It would have been a decent game like 5-10 years ago. It was just kind of dated. As the stereotype vapor ware game, there was just no way that it was going to live up to the hype. It wasn't horrible by any means, but just not worth the wait. I found the same thing with Rage. So long in development, that it just felt flat.
  16. The devils need to start adjusting and planning for life without Marty. His days of playing 70+ games a year are well behind him.
  17. I've heard that one as well. Another variant of it was that the park was going to move to Woodstock, Ontario. I believe the whole thing sourced around the fact that the land Canadas Wonderland sits on is now worth a fortune.
  18. Very cool to be able to watch a launch. I went to the Enterprise exhibit in NYC last summer. Impressive how big the shuttle really is.
  19. Detroit has been pushing to get moved to the eastern conference. Some think that re-alignment plans like this are partly to honor their request.
  20. ^ Back when it did a decent job at racing as well. I can fondly remember doing repeated laps on Gemini in a row. It's been a long time since I've had interest or ability to do it.
  21. I rode it when I was pretty young, though I don't really remember much about it. As far as I know it only opened during the CNE. I remember going to Jays games and seeing it sitting there dormant.
  22. The lift hill will also need to be way higher to be able to see across the ocean.
  23. I've only booked Bon Air once, but didn't actually stay there since due to being full they bumped us up to a tower room. I normally book Sandcastle since it's a bit cheaper then Breakers, and the extra pull out couch works well for my group. Plus wall mounted LCDs instead of the 1980 era CRTs in Breakers.
  24. Hockey players are better off then football players on average. Football players don't have guaranteed contracts, and tend to have shorter careers. I had to dig through my browser history to find it, this is a decent comparison of the CBAs for the major pro sports leagues. http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Hockey/NHL/2012/08/26/20143281.html
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