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  1. Exciting! Maybe we'll finally get that Footloose coaster that's been tossed around for the last decade. ^ That last picture looks like it would be mounted facing up, so maybe no to the flyer? I just think that piece would look odd mounted upside down if it was a flyer. But it can be hard to tell from one track piece.
  2. Intamin's downtime is way exaggerated. You'd need to see what type of ride it is before speculating about that. Sure the rocket coasters have issues, but a giga wouldn't be a problem.
  3. Because they paid him. They could build a kiddy coaster and he would happily tout it as his new #1.
  4. Great, a Paul Ruben quote. I think I just lost a bit of excitement.
  5. I was under the impression that x-works is kind of a common code name used to avoid identifying the client.
  6. A couple years ago, after a weekend parked at Breakers my car honestly looked like someone had stood on the roof and dumped a full can of white paint on it. I had to get a car wash on the way home before giving it back to my parents. Although I park there every year and that was the only time that seagulls used my car as target practice.
  7. ^^^ Maybe complaints about the original restraints. But the strap-style restraints on i305 are just fine.
  8. ^ You should be able to use it the day you arrive and the day you leave. To use it the day you arrive you'd have to head to the hotel early, get your early entry pass, and then come back later to get your room keys, etc.
  9. I even though SD2K was pretty good. Behemoth is fun, but I find it a little bit tame. If we were to get a giga with good intensity I wouldn't complain at all.
  10. Great updates Hanno! That woodie Jupiter would have been a pretty decent ride if not for the metal grab bar pressed firmly against my knees.
  11. The best part about the coaster at Hanayashiki was the guy waving at us from the gym. Also the random park employees running around on the ground to cheer us on.
  12. Nice looking park! Looks like they have as many picnic tables, as Cedar Fair parks have trash cans.
  13. That day got pretty hot too from what I remember. Or at least the i305 photo walk back was. I was glad that I had done most of the park already, and so didn't need to rush to ride everything.
  14. ^ Though the console version of ME1 had a brutal inventory system to handle all those items. It would take like 15 minutes to sell all the crap that you picked up on a mission. Hopefully ME3 will have a happy medium. More variety of items, without making it impossible to manage.
  15. So the day you didn't go to a theme park is the day it was sunny?
  16. It didn't help any that they had an old crack-pot of an owner. I bet even Toronto's numbers suffered a bit during the Harold Ballard years.
  17. It's going to be a pretty crappy season for the Thashers with them having to remain in the southeast. Going to be a lot of travel, and/or some long road trips.
  18. Just don't fill them up early morning. For my sisters 16th birthday my parents filled her room with helium balloons while she was sleeping. Problem was, as the morning warmed up the balloons expanded and popped. Nice wake up call.
  19. I'd be content with either time winning. I'd like to see Vancouver finally bring the cup back to Canada. But if Boston wins Toronto earns a 2nd round draft pick. Though it would mean we'd be the only original six team not to win a cup in recent history.
  20. Nice, this is getting me excited for the Japan trip! Wish you guys could have made it.
  21. Busy. I'd expect 45 minutes to an hour for nearly everything.
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