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  1. Not sure what the rule is on that, but it's not a hard rule seeing as Bell owns half of MLSE and a portion of the Canadiens.
  2. ^ Except he's going to a team which really isn't much better. Calgary is on the verge of a re-build.
  3. ^ I'm around level 46 or so. Once you get 100s in enchanting and smithing you can make some items with crazy boosted stats. Using a set of armor with smithing enchanting lets you boost weapons quite a bit. Not as much with armor though as there's a damage reduction cap built into the game. So an armor rating above 567 or something is a waste. Plus with 100 enchanting you can enchant your stuff to have 100% reduction in magic costs for a specific magic school. So you can make it so that your destruction magic costs nothing to cast. Which also means that your enchanted weapons never lose their charges. So I'm sure he could have made an iron dagger strong enough to kill a giant. I play with the game at master difficulty just to provide a bit of a challenge. Even on master most enemies don't surviving more then a couple hits. Even dragons go down in like 10 seconds. In Skyrim you can easily make an indestructible character build if you really want to.
  4. Maybe if it was a brand new ride at a local park, and I had nothing else to do. But that's a big maybe. I plan my trips specifically not to have to wait 5 hours for anything.
  5. I thought so too for a bit. But I think the lift hill is in the background, with the airtime hill and hammerhead closer to the camera. Just a bit of an optical illusion because of the angle.
  6. You missed a zero there. I'm at 141 hours played. Though I've slowed down quite a bit as of late.
  7. I also was part of the lucky group on the 2011 Japan trip that got to do the haunted hospital. It was cool, although probably not something I would wait a long time for. I didn't find it to be the pinnacle of haunted houses. The real problem I had with it was that the time between groups ended up being not enough, and my group caught up to the people in front of us. We backed off, hoping to create seperation, which then just caused us to bunch up with the rest of our TPR group. When we ended up in our bigger group, it sort of numbed a lot of the creepiness. I think it would have been quite a bit better had we been able to complete the whole walk through in our group of 2-3.
  8. Well at least it's not as long as Mavericks magnetic trim.
  9. ^ Also Toronto could easily handle another team.
  10. There was also mention of adding expansion teams to even out the conferences. The owners would love that and the big fat cash bonus that comes with it.
  11. I'd prefer if it was the original restraints. Minebuster was just never the same after the removal of the buzz bars, and re-profiling of the airtime hills.
  12. Never used someone's driveway. It's always the gridlock and maze of one way streets after the game that gets me. Putting a team in Hamilton would end up being successful, as would any location in southern Ontario due to demand. I just think there are better cities to put a team in.
  13. Plus, it would involve not having to go to Hamilton. Every time I've had to go to Hamilton for a Ticats game I've regretted it.
  14. Elder Scrolls games are all about playing the game the way you want to play. I see no problem with playing a diverse game. As long as you enjoy it and aren't finding it too much of a challenge, then go for it. I'd say probably the only downside to playing such a diverse way is maybe missing out on some of the top level perks that require high skill ratings.
  15. ^^ Fallout3 is probably a similar idea as Skyrim/Oblivion. If you concentrate purely on the main storyline, you could finish the game fairly quickly. But if you ignore the storyline and go off exploring, you could find yourself spending 100 hours without advancing the main story very far. Skyrim is reported to have an infinite amount of side quests due to a random quest generation system. So you could keep doing them and end up playing forever. As it stands now I probably have dozens of quests in my log. It makes it kind of hard to decide what to do. Plus, even when I decide on what quest to do I end up getting sidetracked on my way there.
  16. Oblivion isn't too out-dated. Plus there's plenty of mods out there that can up the graphics even more. Obviously it won't look nearly as nice as Skyrim, but it will hold it's own. Just be prepared to lose a lot of time if you get both Oblivion and Skyrim. They both take huge amounts of time if you get into them. Skyrim has been out a week and I've spent more time in game then I have at my full time job, 57 hours so far.
  17. ^ It keeps getting better. I'm 13.5 hours in.
  18. ^ Just because a goalie doesn't normally get hit, doesn't mean it's not a physical position. A goalie has to play the full 60 minutes, and is stretched in ways normal players couldn't imagine.
  19. ^ MW2 had the same warning re: the no russian level.
  20. Don't confuse confusion with negativity. It should be a great ride. However the choice of building this ride at CW is a bit of a head scratcher, and will be debated for quite some time. But at the end of the day, there's not much to complain about.
  21. ^ I just finished Dark Souls. Great game, and not too difficult once you get the hang of it. Although there were a few spots in the game that were very frustrating. Certain parts can be hard or easy depending on what kind of character you're playing as well. Next up for me is Skyrim. I'm taking a vacation day Friday so that I can play it all day.
  22. "they" being Rangers fans for some reason. During the Leafs/Rangers game the fans started chanting "we want Avery".
  23. ^ I found the below article kind of interesting on how complex of an issue it is, and a few of the options they have to consider. What it comes down to is that they need 20 of 30 teams to agree to the re-alignment. And quite a few teams have personal interest in the matter. I agree though, I don't like the radical change option. I'd rather see something simple like swapping Nashville and Winnipeg. http://www.tsn.ca/story/?id=377916
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