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  1. These days were the highlights of the entire trip! Although I seem to remember this being the day where my feet started taking a punishment. Awesome parks, but not small by any means.
  2. It's also not quite as close as it seems due to lower capacity roads in the area. Distance wise it's not far, but it's a bit of a slow drive. If you get a car it could probably be done, but you might burn more Kennywood time then you think.
  3. Hey everyone! Time for me to post a bit about myself. I'm Paul, and I'll be coasting at Canada's Wonderland for this event. I've been riding and obsessing about coasters most my life. I've been a member of TPR for as long as I can remember, and have been on a handful of trips. (UK 2006, deep south/texas, indimidatour, and Japan 2011). I hadn't heard about this event in the past, but when I read about it I just knew I had to take part. Although I don't have any personal reasons to motivate me, it seemed like a great opportunity to give. I get to ride a coaster for six hours, and in exchange I get to raise money for a good cause. In my mind, I'll be doing what I would be doing anyways, but raising money for charity at the same time. It's a win/win. GO TEAM TPR!! Mount Fuji on TPR Japan 2011 trip No ride too big, no ride too small.
  4. I was too busy breaking to avoid running over Steve. I probably would have crashed as well if Steve hadn't crashed in front of me as a warning. That thing went crazy fast. No going all out on that one.
  5. Is the decision purely based on just the park? Or you care about other things to do in the area as well? SFGADV has a lot of options in other parks and general attractions in the New York area. Cedar Point doesn't really have much else to do in the area though. Best not to venture too far outside of the parking lot.
  6. Red duck FTW! Wonder Rakutenchi was such a fun little park.
  7. It's great to see so much more support popping up after I last checked last night. I just made 5 $5 donations. Will probably make some more later. Go TPR!
  8. I probably wouldn't pay $10 for it, but I always liked the Dino Island 3D movie. It was way better then some of the movies they put in afterwards.
  9. I know huh? It clicked in after that it wasn't ON for Ontario after all. Maybe it won't be all that bad pretending to be from the midwest? I went with HI. This sounds like a fun event to take part in. https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/paulfowler/CanadasWonderland
  10. Jupiter would have been a bit better without the steel handle bar pressed firmly against my knees. This day was particularly Japanese sized.
  11. Bringing back quite the memories! Gotta love the vending machine that set off an alarm when too much beer was ordered.
  12. Last time I was at the park, Wild Beast was brutal rough, and Minebuster was fairly smooth but boring. Minebuster was never the same after the buzz bars were removed, and a couple of the hills were re-profiled to fit bridges to the water park in.
  13. Gotta go farther back then a decade. Wonderlands wooden coasters opened when the park did in 1981.
  14. ^ There was very little action at this years trade deadline. So I wouldn't knock your GM for not making trades. There was only a handful of minor deals done, none of them significant. Either there wasn't many deals to be made, or teams were being cautious of the upcoming CBA negotiations. At the end of the day making no trades is better then making bad impulse trades. Rarely ever does a team make deals on deadline day that change their fortunes. More often teams make poor trades in desperation.
  15. I imagine the rise of digital downloads would be a big part of that.
  16. Talon was the first one I experienced which was pretty much silent. The older B&M's tend to be loud enough to hear halfway across the park.
  17. This was strongly rumoured awhile back. Not really surprised, last time I was there for Canada Fireworks the place seemed really empty and run down. I'd bet a large amount of their attendance is from free entry during the CNE.
  18. I've never gotten any airtime on Millennium's hill going onto the island. I've gotten some very minor air on the return hill. The only spot on MF that I get decent airtime is the small hill by the station. Which oddly enough, Leviathan's speed hill after the first turn reminds me of, except at a higher speed. That hill on Leviathan is what I'm most curious about.
  19. I know Cedar Point used to(maybe still does?) sell the old seat shells from TTD. Maybe other rides as well, I can't remember. But I know I remember seeing the TTD seats. You'd need a hell of a lot of disinfectant though before using it as furniture.
  20. There could be a much simpler way to fix the high stick goal rule. Change it from cross bar height, to shoulder height. The current rule for playing a puck is shoulder height, so making the goal height the same would make sense. Plus, it would remove the challenge of getting an angle to determine stick height versus crossbar height. It's easy to tell if the stick is above the shoulders. Considering that they couldn't get the goal verification line to work, which was just a line painted in the crease, that idea probably wouldn't work.
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