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  1. Don't expect to see Splash Works expand in to SkyRider's spot
  2. Splash Works overhaul in 2015 with new slides. Next big coaster in 2016. Oh, and take some extra laps on the coasters at the park as one of them may need to come down for future additions/expansion
  3. Projected capacity once the ride is running smoothly is aroun 560 pph. It was just confirmed that Guardian will have a zombie theme for Halloween Haunt!
  4. To expand: The trains shuffle side-to-side quite a bit but it won't hurt you. It's just a big awkward/uncomfortable but it only lasts a few seconds. Once you're in the mountain it's perfectly fine along the course. The cars rotate 90 degress once you enter and remain that way for the duration of the ride until you return to the station. And don't avoid the ride if there's a bit of a line out of the mountain. There isn't much queue space inside (only 2 switchbacks) so I would expect a full queue to be around 30 minutes max when the ride is cycling properly. And for those interested, you can check out the finale spoiler here so I don't ruin it for those that want to be surprised (I don't seem to be able to add a "spoiler" here): http://www.cwmania.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=59769#p59769
  5. It's a great ride! Perfect for families. It's a bit short. The ride never stops moving. It's basically a continuous set of screens throughout the entire ride. The finale is "bigger" than I was expecting. The trains track a bit rough on the outdoor coaster section (shake back and forth quite a bit) but are perfectly fine inside the mountain. The guns seem very accurate. Each gun gets it's own "colour" on the screen when shooting. Pano shot of the queue area inside he mountain
  6. Opening day for Wonder Mountain's Guardian! Triotech staff are getting the first rides before the park opens.
  7. From Canada's Wonderland's Facebook page: Norm Pirtovshek, General Manager of Canada's Wonderland and Richard Zimmerman, COO of Cedar Fair take the inaugural run on Wonder Mountain's Guardian.
  8. Senior management from the park have commented that this is "number 17" (referring to our coaster count). Don't expect any inversions. And the surprise finale should catch a lot of people off guard (maybe not enthusiasts, but general guests for sure).
  9. There was a lot of testing being done yesterday. It appeared as though they were sending them every 30-45 seconds at some points.
  10. ^The divers actually use the stairs in the mountain and go out via an access door directly behind the diving podium.
  11. ^That's rediculous. The site is down due to switching servers. It will be back up ASAP. A pile of dirt has been on the south side of Minebuster for at least a season or two. It does appear as though there has been more dirt moved there recently. And the blue/orange structure seen being built in the parking lot is not for a 2015 or 2016 attraction.
  12. Construction update has been posted on Canada's Wonderland's Facebook page. Lots of foundation and mountain work being done along with track, brakes and lots of drive wheels/motors. Two of the captions describe items in this delivery arrived from Germany.
  13. Used water slide pieces have arrived at Canada's Wonderland. They appear to be pieces of the Tantrum slides that were never used at Ontario Place's Soak City: http://www.cwmania.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2708
  14. We also enjoyed the empty park tonight. We sat in all 4 "corners" of Gatekeeper and all of the vests stayed loose. It was VERY comfortable. A bit of rattling/vibrations in some seats in the ride's valleys but otherwise smooth. I think we got 6 laps in total. Also did a front and back row ride on Dragster. Single Magnum, Maverick and Raptor front front row rides. Also took a spin on Maxair, Windseeker and Wicked Twister. We also had two AMAZING rides on Millenium Force tonight. One 3rd row and one last row. I've never had airtime on it like tonight. It felt like it was running VERY fast. The airtime was much more intense than the floater air I'm very use to on it. I wish it would always run like this!
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