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  1. It's sad, but it doesn't surprise me. Marineland has had a bad reputation for years about their animal care. They've been in the news in recent years for having killer whales die well before their life expectancy. They also still market Dragon Mountain as the worlds largest steel roller coaster.
  2. I had a killer whale sleeping bag as a kid. This one looks much cooler though.
  3. ^ Schools in the area are normally back in the day after labour day.
  4. Super lights on Flight of Fear ERT makes for white sticky messes in your shorts. It was sunscreen I swear!
  5. Such an awesome day! Many thanks to Robb and Elissa for putting together another awesome event. The water challenge was hysterical. On my two rides I didn't come close to having any water left at the end, but that's what made it so much fun.
  6. Good riddance to SoB! It's been a long time since I've ridden it. (and only in it's original form). I remember having more issues with the train and restraints then anything else. I remember the original trains having sort of a foot rest that pinned my legs to the lap bar. By the end of the ride my legs would be totally numb. Waiting on the brake run was just agony.
  7. NYR wins this deal by far IMHO. They get a superstar, and they give up only minor players/prospects.
  8. I had completely forgotten about flying turns until I started planning my trip to Knoebels before ECB. I suspect a lot of others have forgotten about it as well. It might by hyped up when it does open. But first it actually has to open.
  9. It's been a few years since I've been on a Halloweekends Saturday, but if it's nice weather the park will be insane. It's not uncommon on nice days for the park to be filled to capacity.
  10. Just ordered my DSB ticket! And my Leaviathon ticket. And my ECB tickets. And my airfare for DSB. Was an expensive day for me.
  11. I think Sledgehammer would be greatly improved by having a random program. The problem I always had was that you memorize the program after watching it a couple times. Make the jumps somewhat random and it would be much more interesting imho.
  12. ^ It's most likely the drop weapon shout. You should just be able to pick it back up. Or just go find multiple weapons and switch amongst them. Surely you must have a handful of loot on you that you could use.
  13. 57 rides on Behemoth, plus the hour on Vortex. Could have kept going on Behemoth. Could ride that all day. Was a great day, for a great cause!
  14. Ahh the curse of the steam sale. I've got a library full of games I bought during steam sales, and either haven't played, or have yet to finish.
  15. Well I still have the day off. I got to play for a few hours. Just waiting for everything to come back up.
  16. I booked tomorrow off as a vacation day at work.
  17. ^ You can either book the room itself, or ticket packages that include room and tickets. However the ticket packages are just room + the normal resort price of tickets. So it's the same price to get a package, or buy the tickets separately at $32 each.
  18. ^^ Also a valid point. Bidding would be more for the experience, instead of buying a ride. If I had $160 burning a hole in my pocket I'd do it. Otherwise I'd wait a few days and ride it.
  19. I was considering bidding on the first rider auction, but I'm kind of shying away from it now. I figure I could be pushing $160-$170 to get one of the last seats. Since I'll have the cost of a platinum pass soon, not sure the rider auction will make my budget.
  20. And to add insult to injury they get bumped in a fairly weak draft year. In previous years drafting 1st or 2nd would both produce an amazing prospect. This year not so much.
  21. I remember next to nothing of that big band show. Comfy seats, cool theater and I was out.
  22. I find the problem with the 3DS is you have to use it in a sweet spot all the time. You have to look at it dead on, and if you slip a bit everything goes blurry. So I find it can be tiring holding it in one spot so long. However that's only in a bit of experience, since my 3DS has mostly sat on my desk since I got it.
  23. That's a Canadian long weekend, so I'm going to try and make it for both.
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