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  1. It was a few years ago in a Olympics qualifying game. sports.espn.go.com/oly/news/story?id=3577150
  2. ^ Although nothing compared to the women's hockey game between Slovakia and Bulgaria where Slovakia won 82-0.
  3. I have it, and have enjoyed it. Although I sometimes find it frustrating. I find the AI can sometimes be tough to beat. It's just such a complex game that it can be alot to take in.
  4. Or maybe just worst defense of the year. Although the finish was nice.
  5. Looks like it's already as tall, or taller then Dragon Fire.
  6. Well to do that you'd probably have to trade one of your current goalies. Sending either of them down to the minors would put them on waivers, and you'd lose them for nothing. No sense trading or waiving Vokoun after one bad game. He wasn't brought in for nothing. Injuries though would be a different story. Maybe then you'd see Holtby.
  7. I'm assuming this was a bit sarcastic. If not, sending either player down would require them to clear waivers. Either of those players would be claimed in a second. I wouldn't write Vokoun off so quickly after one game. He's a great goalie, and might just need to adjust to a new team and system. He'll be fine in the long run.
  8. Rage had some pretty average reviews, and a rocky PC launch. I had it pre-ordered for PC, I'm not that far into it, but so far I'd say it's a fairly average shooter. A bit of a letdown considering how long it's been in development. It's a decent game, but with so many awesome games coming out at the same time, your money might be better spent elsewhere IMHO.
  9. A friend of mine was at the park today. He texted me saying that Behemoth had vallied, and that they were in the process of removing the train with a crane.
  10. Plus you have to consider that in some of these cases a 3-4 year deal would result in the player becoming an unrestricted free agent at the end of it. So they give longer deals to buy some of the ufa time.
  11. I have no problem with long contracts for young players. It's the super long front loaded contracts that are crap.
  12. Well the heart problems he had was an elevated heart rate. It's supposed to be fixable. So really, if the surgeries were successful he shouldn't have further problems. But it's just a big unknown if the problems are gone for good yet or not. The real problem is that because of those surgeries he really hasn't been able to develop his skills further.
  13. ^ The big question mark for Gustavsson is his health. He's had three heart operations, and there's no telling if the problem will return. He really needs to prove himself this year, as he basically hasn't made any progress since coming in as a rookie due to all his bad luck. I could see Reimer and Gustavsson both playing good this season, and then Gustavsson getting traded. We don't really need two young up and coming goalies, and Burke is known for letting players go to get them an opportunity to play.
  14. He came back shortly after the hit at the winter classic and suffered another concussion soon after. It was the two concussions close together that hurt him bad.
  15. The comments for the most part have not been negative. More like confused. It's great that we're getting a new awesome ride. But at the same time lots of people are kind of scratching their heads wonder the reasons behind it.
  16. What's in Ravenholm? Zombies and creepy stuff.
  17. ^ Working your way backwards through the Half Life franchise?
  18. SFMM doesn't have to deal with real winter weather. It's quite possible that they didn't start painting earlier due to the weather. Kind of hard to paint a 300 ft coaster in the middle of January during white out conditions.
  19. Canada's Wonderland is probably starting planning for a B&M 400 footer for 2016.
  20. ^ It'd have to be way bigger then a giga to bee seen from the 407. Now the 400 on the other hand ....
  21. B&M gigga would be interesting. If it does end up being a giga, it would be quite a bit taller then B&M's previous tallest coaster. Strange for them to make such a leap forward, though I guess for the right amount of money anything's possible.
  22. Simple, "this time we built a good one!". If it did end up being a big flyer the park wouldn't have a hard time advertising it. No one would look at the new addition and think "I don't think I'm going to go ride that awesome looking new ride, it's too similar to that crappy one I've already ridden".
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