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  1. I lost count, but probably 20-25 during the 2 hour ERT at Dollywood last year with Rideworld. Having 2 hours on the ride with less people then seats on the train was pretty sweet.
  2. That's some great info. I've been considering getting this done for awhile now(I'm 24 currently). Though "considering" isn't really the best word. It's not something I plan on getting done anytime soon. Financially it will be awhile anyways considering that I just bought a townhouse. But in a year or two when I can afford it, I might consider it. Contacts aren't an option for me. I tried them, but just wasn't able to get them in.
  3. So that's a yes on practice makes perfect?
  4. Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. So techically it would be PCW as it's an hour away. I'd probably choose Cedar Point first and it's 5 hours away. I've been to PCW once in the last 3 years, and rarely for the few years before that. I'll be more often this year though as I'll have a season pass(just made sense as I'm going to PKI in June).
  5. So what kind of planning goes into your videos? Do you just pick a song, look at the footage and then try and fit in your best clips to match the music? Or do you concentrate more on the video, and fit the music in later? Or is there some other tricks you use to layout and plan the video? Just wondering as so far I've just kind of winged my videos. I'll take all of the shots I like, see how much I have. Then find a song that I think fits and try and fit shots in. It works alright, though it does just produce kind of a clip real to music, with not much flow. Is this something that just takes practice to get a feel for it?
  6. So do you do any editing of the music itself? As in stretching or repeating certain parts? Because the one thing I've found most challenging so far is getting a song to fit to my videos. I always find it a challenge to find a song long/short enough to fit the amount of video I have. quite often I'll find a song that I would like to use, but just can't make it fit in. If you have a situation like this how would you stretch out the song without just repeating it, or cutting it off at a weird spot? Though I've gotten better at getting stuff to fit as I've practiced. I've only got 1 year of video under my belt. and that's just with a digi-cam(which takes surprising good video). But this year I'll be getting a camcorder.
  7. Hey I'm Paul and I'm 24 and I'm from Canada(about an hour south of PCW). I'm an active member over at Rideworld. Just recently begun lurking at Westcoaster. I really like the looks of this site, I'll make sure to stay around. Maybe I'll get to meet some of you at Solace/WCB.
  8. I've got PS2,GC,and 2x xboxes(one moded, the other clean for Xbox live). PS2 isn't hooked up anymore. Not too much to interest me there. GC was a huge dissapointment. Every game except for Mario Sunshine I found overhyped. Xbox is for Halo2 on xbox live. It's pretty much all I play now. It's jus awesome. the online play sure made up for a let down of a single player.
  9. I've never roden an original jump. But personally I found the Jump2 to be one of the most boring and tamest rides I've been on. It lacked any real kick to it. The drops and bounces were not too fast, and the spinning was slower then even your average scrambler. Plus after watching it a couple times you memorize the program. No surprise what so-ever. It would be much better with a random program. And as far as roller coasters in Canada I'd say they lack many "good" rides. Mind Bender at West Edmonton mall, and Coaster at Playland in VAncouver are probably the only one's I'd consider great rides(and this is from word of mouth). PCW is finally gettinga potential good ride in IT:ST. other then that the park is average as they come. And PCW in my mind butchered Mighty Canadian Mindbuster. They reprofiled/removed entire hills to fit water slides in. they ruined what used to be hands down the best ride in the park.
  10. I felt the same way with Talon. Just felt that it lacked any punch. I thought Talon was really overhyped. Thought it lacked any strong forces like Rapotr's final helex,etc. An inverted roller coaster should really have some strong forces at some point in the ride. So Robb I take it the end of SB is the opposite of Raptor which slams you into the break run with a turn that is probably tighter then it should be?
  11. March - Solace/WCB along with Disney/DCA. June - Rideworld Midwest Conquest(SC,SDC,PKI,PGA,SFTL,Holiday World, and some others) I'll have a Paramount season pass so I'll be making a few trips to PCW. Various trips to Cedar Point. I'll be there for sure victoria day weekend(CAnadian version of Memorial day). August I'll have a trip to SFDL. There's a good chance that the Rideworld Coaster Conlcalve will be at BGW/PKD this year, so I'll probably be there. And I might be heading up to La Ronde in Montreal.
  12. That log flume has since been removed. I beleive it was removed when Top Gun was built in 1995. I live about an hour away from PCW. though in years past I really haven't gone much. Probably once in the last 3 years. But this year I've got a season pass seeing as I'll be hitting PKI later in the summer. So I'll get out there more. Vortex really beat me up the last time I rode it as well. I've also been to MArineland, but that was many years ago. Not really much to draw me back. And I've got tentative plans to get to La Ronde this summer. A freind of mine is going back to Ottawa for a work term, so I'm planning on going up there and then taking a road trip up to Montreal.
  13. They played this video at the Q/A session back at Coastermania 2003. Though I wasn't really able to see it as I don't bring my glasses into parks. I like how you can tell that the ride is having problems as nearly all the people interviewed are sitting outside along the fence waiting for the ride to reopen.
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