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  1. Hi everyone! I am going to Cedar Point for the first time since 2012. We are getting to the park on Tuesday the 14th around 1 p.m, spending all day the 15th, and then leaving the morning of the 16th. We have Fastlane plus for the full day we are at the park. We are staying on property as well. With so many new headlining rides since I last went, I was wondering what a good plan of attack would be for the two days I am there?
  2. Twisted Cyclone Media Day! Today I was invited to the Twisted Cyclone media event which was a blast. The event was great and I ended up getting three rides in (Once in the front to film the rider cam, and two in the back). They did an amazing job of revamping the new area and the station building looks amazing. The queue has some newly added theming, however, the queue house is pretty small so I don't know how it is going to handle opening weekend crowds. I love how they added a gift shop and a photo kiosk as well. Alright, now let's talk about the ride. The rider cam video shows my reaction to my first ride, and my reaction says it all... O M G This coaster completely blew away my expectations. I have only ridden one other RMC (Lightning Rod), but this is clearly the best ride in the park now; it is probably one of my favorite rides as well. The POV does not do the ride justice. Just about every moment that is not spent upside down, is spent out of your seat. This ride really tries to throw you out of your seat the ejector airtime is *that* strong. The rides pacing is amazing because the ride gets better as it goes through the layout. The reverse cobra roll, in my opinion, is the most boring (least exciting) part of the ride... and its still FREAKING AMAZING. The wave turn is amazing because you stay out of your seat until you start going up the next hill, but the best part hasn't even come yet. The best part is everything after the second turnaround. The hill after the overbank is just pure airtime heaven. And then it is just ejector pop after pop with a zero-g roll stuck in the middle. The small over banks and bunny hills inside the structure are some of the most exciting moments of the ride. After that turnaround, your butt doesn't hit the seat until you hit the brakes. Regarding were to sit, the inversions and wave turn was better in the front, but the drop was absolutely insane in the back as well as all of the bunny hills. Overall this is definitely a sleeper hit and a perfect fit for the park! Here's the POV. Now onto the pictures... Overview of the new area This prelift section got some tiny pops in the back Money Shot! Onward.... ...TO THE BEST PART OF THE RIDE Twistyyyy New queue These articles are posted everywhere on the walls of the new queue Of course every new ride needs a gift shop On-Ride photos! They were only running the red train Shiny! Had to finish with the money shot! Thanks for reading
  3. Twisted Cyclone Hard Hat Tour Hi guys. Yesterday I was invited to go on a construction tour of the new RMC Twisted Cyclone. This one one of the coolest things I have ever got to do in a theme park, and I hope that I took some good pictures to show you how far they are along with the ride. Some cool points shared on the tour: -The ride is 100% on schedule. -The track length will be 2,600 feet instead of the previously stated 2,300 (Also someone on the tour asked about a possible 3rd lap and they didn't say no) Hmmm -They also said that there will be some tweaks from the original animation to the finished product. (You can already see the pre-lift is different) -There will be updates to the queue and station. -The wood will be painted a greyish color. (Seen in pictures) -Johnny Rockets will get a renovation -As well, the once was "Brittish" section of the park will get an overhaul, but they couldn't say much about it other than that the area will not look the same. -More details regarding the ride and themeing will also be released as the ride construction progresses. Photos! Hard Hats! They were actually much needed. I hit my head a few times! This is some of the last of the old track New track! The wave turn. This is going to be a great shot when built! New meets old So cool being in the empty station. The infield. Can't wait for this element. The new color wood!! Here is the contrast It was so cool getting to be so close to the track! Twisty! It was amazing getting in between the rails. More twisty! Touching the track! Lift hill! They also took down the trees on this side of the rise so guests can get a better view as they enter. They said that there was lots of wood structure to be added! Cross-ties waiting to be installed More wood needs to be added, but this element will be insane! Old wood New vs. Old Mess of wood Hmmmm... New train about to be revealed! New red train!!!
  4. Fright Fest Media Night! On Friday I went to Six Flags Over Georgia for the Media event for their Fright Fest event. I went for the first time last year, so I have something to compare it to. The event overall was great. The atmosphere is amazing with all of the fog and scare zones. The decorations were great, but compared to last year I felt like it was lacking. There were definitely more fog machines, but I feel as if they added more of those instead of more sets and actors. The lines for the mazes were very short meaning the groups were small which I appreciated. The rides were running well, and I didn't see any damage to Battle for Metropolis (It smelled like paint so it was probably repainted). Blue Hawk was running amazing; I had one of the best rides I've ever had on it that night. Now for the mazes: Camp Slasher: This was new and very well done. The actors were good and the premise was fun. There were guides that started the maze and they were really good in setting the scene. The sets were cool, and I'm pretty sure they have never used that area for a maze. The Witch's Hollow: This is a really cool maze in the Thunder River queue. It has a nice story and uses the outdoor setting very well. One thing that I was disappointed in was the fact that it didn't go into the station like it did last year, but the actors were very good and the end room was really a highlight. Madeline Mendoza’s Casa de Muerte: This is one of the better mazes just because it is housed in a place solely for haunts. The actors were the best in the park, and it is one of the scary mazes. The first actor was very good. Overall great maze. ZX-1: This is my favorite maze in the park. The use of Axis Arena and the sets are amazing. There are truly intense moments in the maze, and the story is present throughout. One thing that I noticed was that there weren't as many actors as last year, and it lessened the intensity and pace of the entire maze. Overall great! Now for pictures: Two trains from the parking lot! Scream Machine was amazing at night Batman is great as always, especially in pitch black! Goliath coming out of the fog.
  5. Justice League Battle for Metropolis Media Day! I was invited to the media day for SFOG's new dark ride opening this year. The event was very well put together with lunch provided and food kiosks around the ride being included. The ride really does brighten the area and brings new life to the back of the park. The ride was very well put together. The only negative was that I only got to ride it once because when I got in line for the second time it broke down, which is understandable being a new ride on media day. I was impressed by the screens and the interactive guns, and the queue was very detailed. It is a great addition to the park all in all. Superman, as well as some new midway games which were free, were open during the event which was a HUGE plus, and Superman looks so good with the new paint. I'm sorry I couldn't get any pictures of the loading area because the ride broke down before we got to that part of the line and our first time we went through the exit. I did get some exterior shots and some shots of the first room. Enjoy! The building was very impressive Park Sign The new stands were amazing!! Impressive Queue Superman looked and rode amazing! I love what they did with the area! Thanks for reading!
  6. I was at the park Wednesday and Thursday of this week for a little trip up to the park. We left the park on Thursday right before it started storming!! I live in Atlanta, so the drive is not that bad, only 4 hours give or take. We stayed at the DreamMore Resort, and it was fantastic and well worth it for all of the benefits. So I went in like I was not going to ride Lightning Rod, and if we did it would be an awesome perk to the trip..... We ended up riding it four times, twice on Wednesday and twice Thursday (with two trains running). All I have to say is WOW. I have never experienced air time like this before. The whole ride was just trying to sling me out of the train. It was my first RMC, so I have nothing to compare it to, but it was absolutely out of control. The launch was awesome, nothing outrageous, but it got us up the lift very freaking fast. The first dip was ok, a little pop, but the real drop was crazy, I was out of my seat the whole way down. The wave turn was something I have never felt my body do. It was just like an airtime hill turned 90 degrees. I do feel it kind of give you a break, but it slings you down into the ridge at full force. The rest of the ride it doesn't let up at all. This thing is crazy fast. The "twist and shout" was crazy as said before, but the quad -down was insane; there was no time to catch up with it. It just keeps going. There was a ride where my shirt came up on the hill before the quad down, and there was no break; it came over my head at the end, and it stayed there CRAZY. There were cheers after every single train coming back into the station. It is that good. The four times I rode I was in rows 5, 6, 8, and 10. I do have to say it is better in the back, but the airtime is insane anywhere you are on the train. All I have to say is wow, it is just plain fast and out of control
  7. VR Coaster!! New Revolution on Dare Devil Dive Media Day!!! By: Drew Baker So today I went to the media day for the new virtual reality enhancement to Dare Devil Dive at SFOG. It was a really chill day; weather was beautiful. Me and my friend got to park literally at the gate to the park which was awesome, and then we got on a golf cart to get to the ride area. It was SOOO cool seeing the park on the off season with literally no-one there. They were doing maintinace all around the park. Once we got to the ride we got right on to shoot the POV and then we kept riding it when we could. I was shocked by the VR!! (but more on that for the review). I go to meet some really cool people at Sixflags. I had a really nice chat with the VP of Design, Sam about the tech and the ride. It was really cool. And to answer some questions about the system and stuff; they will have around 200 headsets for SFOG for the ride. There is a huge cleaning facility in the station, and after every use they will be cleaned. Loading shouldn't take *that* much longer because they will ask if the rider wants to use the headset in the station well before they get to ride, and if they don't, they proceed as normal, but if they do they will be taken to like a "staging area" where they will tell everyone how to use the gear, and give them to the rider. After that they will tell everyone to face forward to calibrate and then they are off!! REVIEW: To start, I had very low expectations for the VR... But I was BLOWN AWAY!! Everything just seemed like it fit together perfectly. You start in a fighter jet hangar and you get lifted up to get ready for battle. As you rise (Vertically) you "train" by shooting your gun at targets in the hangar. Then as you reach the top this whole city getting attacked by aliens is revealed. I'm serious hen I say this virtual reality felt huge. The scale in which the headsets create is freaking un-real. I'm telling you this was absolutely insane. there is so much to look at and you see more stuff the more times you ride. After the drop its just total chaos induced by alien robots and planes which is awesome!!! This truly knocked my socks off. You feel like you have traveled across an entire city when you have really only traversed the relatively small coaster. To all the nay-sayers out there just try it before you say anything because this is legit and an incredible enhancement to the ride. In the end this is a super cool way to ride a coaster, but I do think that there is a specific spot for this in the industry. I don't think it will take over all coasters, but will enhance the experience of many. It really was an amazing enhancement to this ride and a nice change. Now onto pictures from the day! The crew getting the video set up. They were awesome! You kinda look like stupid with them on but I promise it is worth it! At this moment on the screens, it told you how to shoot . (You just touch the side of the Vr gear) The interactivity on the lift was super cool! At this moment an alien shoots off your gun and you are off into Chaos!!! The VR really did make a ride that was skippable( if the line was long) into..... ...into alien insanity. Seriously the virtual reality was INSANE. This I thought was the coolest. As you roll into the MCBR you hit a building and go through it. It was a perfect way to keep you in the universe! The VR was really synced up perfectly. And now I will end with a few pictures of me being amazed by this tech. Again the look is worth it! Amazing day for an amazing enhancement to a ride!
  8. Hey guys, today I was at the media event for Batman Backwards and took a few pics and an rider-cam video with a friend. This is my first trip report ever, and my first media event ever so I was a little on edge, but when I got there I was surprised how chill and relaxed the whole thing was. The weather was over-cast and on and off rain the whole time. (perfectly ominous for Batman) We got there and rain was pouring down. We checked in, and went to the station to wait for the first ride of the day. It was so weird seeing an empty station, but we rode a few times, did our POV. Then we took a break, took some pictures and ate. In the tent there was BBQ sandwiches, corn dogs, mac and cheese, and some more sides. Then we went back for a few more rides, talked to a local news man and left. Overall the event was relaxing super fun and just awesome. My overall thought of the ride was that is was very different from its original. If anything its almost less and more intense in different ways. Going forward, I usually grey out on the bottom of the first loop, but it was very smooth, and no grey outs for the whole ride, but it was more intense in that the twists and turns felt more defined, and I guess "twistier", and the feeling in the loops and zero-g roll are indescribably awesome! So here are some pics I took, again this is my first ever photo report, so they might not be the best quality, and we were only allowed to be in the parking lot, so I couldnt get lots of angles. The on-ride video will come soon! It was WET... all day Here was the small but awesome tent SFOG set up So ominous ooooooo VIP We were on the first ride of the day, which was much earlier than whats on the badge It's SO weird seeing the trains backwards for the first time As you can see WET. Water was dripping from the trains all day onto your head on the lift! Bad picture, but BATMAN Zero-GGGGG. The feelings on this ride were so weird, but so awesome THEMEING Good southern (theme park) food. With a Photo-bombing corndog Train full of happy riders In conclusion, great ride, great event, not the best weather, but it was a great time Close it off with the money shot
  9. Ok so we want to do everything we can, the kids aren't afraid of anything and they can ride everything. Soarin and Star Tours, or anything that can be done in Orlando we don't have to do besides Big Thunder, Space Mountain, and Tower of Terror (I think that's it) but if we have time we will definitely do them. With the dates thing, I wont be able to go back anytime in the next probably four years. We understand that it will be PACKED, and unfortunately that is the time we are there, there's no changing it. I have told everyone that we will be waiting all day, but we still are going to try. So I was thinking doing Disneyland on Christmas day, and then California Adventure the day after is that good? And here is a list of rides that I want to do. Ones with * means that its not a MUST. (in order of my personal priority if that helps yall) Disneyland: Indiana Jones Space Mountain Haunted Mansion Matterhorn Bobsleds Big Thunder Mountain Toads Wild Ride Alice in wonderland Roger Rabbit Pinocchio FInding Nemo Submarines* Peter Pans Flight * Pirates of the Carribean* Buzz Lightyear* Snow White* California Adventure: Radiator Spring Racers Tower of Terror California Screamin Mickey's Fun wheel Little Mermaid Monsters inc. Soarin* (already did it in Orlando but if time I would like to do it) Toy Story Mania* (Same as Soarin) Luigi's Flying Tires* Mater's Junkyard Jamboree* Golden Zephyr*
  10. Hey, so I will be in LA (Manhattan Beach) with family from December 24-31. I will have two days to go to the parks, and I'm probably going to get a two day base ticket for my family of four (including me). Here are my many questions: -Which days should i go to which park? (I know from Christmas to New years Is probably the worst time to go, but are there better days?) -How should I navigate the parks both DL and CA? (IE:what fastpasses/rides and when) -Just how to deal with the crowds? -I want to see Fantasmic, and World of Color, so when and how should I do that? -The only Holiday thing I want to do is Haunted Mansion, so just any tips for holiday stuff? Thank you so much in advance!
  11. Does anyone know what rides will be open for the Holiday in the Park event?
  12. I don't know what yall are talking about. Mantis being squashed doesn't directly mean it's going to change into a pure floorless ,but a floorless stand up. There is still the bicycle seat, and it will be the exact same trains, just with no floor. Mantis is not going to be squashed, our nads are!!
  13. I don't think there is enough room, but a S&S ScreamingSwing I think could fit the label of 70 feet straight down.
  14. For the Dollywood Club TPR discount, can I get it for everyone's ticket in my party? And is buying it at the gate with the discount cheaper than buying them online without?
  15. ^ I would be shocked too, it just doesn't seem like they would do something big. But my homepark is due for a new coaster this year or the next.
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