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  1. CONFIRMED: Wonder Mountain's Guardian will open on Saturday May 24 - As announced on their website.
  2. Check out Rick Mercer behind the scenes at Canada's Wonderland!
  3. If you haven't already seen it, here's an awesome video of a weather guy from the Toronto News Station CP24 riding the coaster with a camcorder taped to his hand. Pretty awesome. http://www.cp24.com/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20120506/120506_Roller_Coaster/20120506/?hub=CP24Home
  4. We asked Peter Switzer about this during the Hauntmania even in October. He referred to the trims as being "articulating magnetic brakes" and will not make any noise like the trims on Behemoth.
  5. http://watch.discoverychannel.ca/#clip577462 Discovery Channel was at Wonderland for the crowning of Leviathan. Check out this piece from Daily Planet which shows some amazing views from the lift.
  6. From the full update that Kunpc1 posted on CWMania... this picture really shows you how incredibly huge that track is:
  7. A hilarious video of Rick Mercer and Jann Arden, two Canadian Celebrities, doing the CN Tower Edgewalk! Rick is most known for his series called "Talking to Americans" - worth fiding on Youtube if you want a laugh.
  8. We saw the Giga tags about a month ago, but the idea of a B&M Giga was not in anyone's minds until the track arrived.
  9. We take a break from all this construction and coaster speculation for this amazing photo spread done by the Toronto Star: http://thestar.blogs.com/photoblog/2011/08/the-most-refreshing-4-seconds-in-the-gta.html Nice to see some love for an old Splash-Boats ride!
  10. The columns on site are blue. So Teal coloured track with blue supports so far.
  11. Giga really just defines the height - who's to say that this coaster won't be 300 ft tall and do something quite different than Behemoth... just saying.
  12. Right near the main park entrance there is The Keg, a great steakhouse and Canadian tradition. Across the road on the outskirts of Vaughan Mills are several options including Montana's (Ribs), Yangs (Tappanaki) and Grazie (Italian). Inside Vaughan Mills there is Szechwan, Szechwan (chinese), Canyon Creek (steakhouse) and Pickle Barrel (Canadian). Those are your closest and best bets near the park. Just down the highway next to Colossus (the movie theatre that looks like a giant spaceship) is another cluster of good restaurants: Chilis, Jack Astors, Moxies, Earls and Alice Fazoolis. There's
  13. CW Mania has a full gallery of high quality pics here: http://www.cwmania.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=242
  14. I saw it opening night and I have to say Wonderland's Starlight Spectacular is really well done... nice to see them do something different than the other parks and leave out Snoopy this time. Here's a piece done on CHCH TV about the park and there's some fun shots of rides: http://www.chchnews.ca/index.php/morning-live-blog/item/4248-lori-live-canadas-wonderland
  15. We arrived in Montreal on day 3 of our trip and explored this amazing city for a day. Old Montreal is very beautiful, with lots of great shops and restaurants. We headed to Casino Montreal and into the heart of downtown as well. We had a great time. Day 4 though brought is to a park I had visited once before, but wanted to check out again while in the city: La Ronde - A member of the Six Flags Family Ile Ste. Helene, Montreal, Canada June 7, 2011 Having been to this park before I knew the layout and the rides pretty well, but it had been a few years and I was anxious to check things
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