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  1. Kennywood is doing WHAT!?! I read the news from Screamscape and I couldn't believe what I was reading. I can understand with three of those flat rides, but the Kangaroo is going as well? I visited Kennywood in August of this year and was disappointed that the Kangaroo wasn't in operation. In fact, that visit didn't feel like a Kennywood visit because I couldn't ride the Kangaroo ( Noah's Ark was closed due to COVID-19 concerns, Black Widow was still down, and I skipped the Tumble Bug). At least I finally got to ride The Exterminator and the new Old Mill ride. I wonder if someone would step in, take those four rides off Kennywood's hands, and put them inside their own park? I'm hoping that park is Knoebels.
  2. As a resident of Virginia, I had the un-pleasure of having Virginia's two biggest parks (Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens) remaining closed throughout the 2020 season, thus forcing me to travel to other parks located in other states so I could fulfill my amusement park needs. The good news for me is that the season pass I purchased for this season can be used for next season. However, what kind of season 2021 will give us? Even if a vaccine was announced for today, it will still takes several months for things return to normal, and it may not the same normal we had in seasons pass. This year I was able to visit Hersheypark five times, Knoebels twice, and parks such as Cedar Point, Kings Island, Kennywood, and Dollywood once, but it was all under the COVID-19 protocols and procedures used to protect us and other from the spread of the virus. In conclusion, I would like to say the amusement park industry would recover in time, but expect some casualties in the long run. Still, I noticed during my most recent trip to Hersheypark (in the dark) that park was crowded, meaning that everyone who attended choose to not be afraid of the catching the virus and take needed precautions to insure that they leave that park with sweet PMS (Pictures, Memories, and Souvenirs) and not the virus.
  3. I was at the park twice this weekend, one on a Friday and the other on a Saturday. Friday saw me walking up and ride, but the park was only open for four (4) hours. Saturday was open for seven (7) hours, but it was crowded [CROWD-DED!]. That's okay; I got everything I wanted to do and I am satisfied until next season where we can start relaxing the mask and social distancing, I can resume my season pass until June 30, the three rides that have been closed all this season will finally be reopened, and I can finally see what new attraction they are placing in that walled-up area to the right of the final helix of Candymonium (Flying Falcon? Oh, please let it be so!). For the record, I've been to Hersheypark five times this season, and I'm planning five more times next year. If what I wish for comes true, you can bet your Reese's Cups I will be renew my season pass for many more seasons to come. HERSHEY BARS - IT'S LEGAL IN ALL FIFTY STATES! SWEET!!!
  4. Once upon a time I once hated the SKYRUSH at Hersheypark because it was more of a THIGH-BUST. Then I learn of a technique in which we place both hands underneath your lap restraints and pull up whenever you hit an air-timed hill. Now my thighs don't hurt anymore when I finally reach the station and I can enjoy the ride more.
  5. That lousy SoB from Kings Island! I am talking about the Son of Beast (may it long burn in the furnace of the underworld) when they took the loop out and put in lighter trains. My friend and I had a big lunch and decided to ride SoB. After we got off that ride, we didn't feel good and headed to the restrooms and just empty our stomachs. We were so sick afterwards we decided to call it a day and headed back to the hotel. I think my friend threw up again later that night. Our stomachs didn't get better until tomorrow evening when we could start eating again. When we read the news that SoB was being demolished, we celebrated.
  6. I would also like to add the possibility of lost profits to other businesses that are near or around Indiana Beach. We the riders and amusement park flyers not only spend money for amusement parks, but also for the restaurants, hotels, and other places of amusements that are nearby. If we don't have that destination anymore, then we have no business to do business with the other businesses and will go elsewhere. With Myrtle Beach and them losing both the Pavilion and Hard Rock Park, that area has so many attractions and things to do that it can handle whenever an attraction closes because something else will move in and take its place ( it would be like if Bill Gates loses a dollar). However, the situation at Indiana Beach is different and if something isn't done about it and soon, the businesses of those areas will start to see their profits declining because the extra tourists that used to visit their shops would dwindle to nearly nothing (like Bill Gates losing millions). In conclusion, if there is no park to visit in a particular place then we the riders and amusement park flyers don't go there! Tune from the song "Paradise" "Daddy, could you take me to Indiana Beach? To that amusement park where paradise lays? I'm sorry, my son, you're too late in asking; They closed that park down and haul the rides away!"
  7. There is another point to speculate on the old Volcano site as to what to put into its place - it doesn't have to be a coaster, but how about the return of the new "Haunted River"? Before you all decide to tar and feather me for even suggesting such a thing (like I stated before - it's just something else to speculate upon), just think about Knotts Berry Farm "Knott's Bear-y Tales", a newfangled attraction based on a defunct attraction - could Kings Dominion do the same thing to bring back the Haunted River? I checked out a ride concept from Mack Rides - mack-rides.com/products/water-rides/supersplash - and I would like to see Cedar Fair put something like that in the Volcano old spot and call it "The Haunted River's Revenge". I think that would be too cool.
  8. This was just a plain shame when I heard the news that Indiana Beach was closed. I had my first and only trip to that park during my 2009 mid-American amusement park tour. Although my only complaint was that I needed a partner to ride their Scrambler Ride, this was a great park for me to visit. Now, this park will join Lakeside (outside of Roanoke, VA), Astroworld, Hard Rock Park, Six Flags New Orleans, Magic Harbor, and the Pavilion (last two were in Myrtle Beach, SC) as parks I've visited and are now defunct.
  9. ^and that's a big DITTO! from me. Now that I got my KING-SIZED season pass processed, Springtime in the Park cannot arrive here any sooner for me. Believe it or not, I already have three trips planned for Hersheypark before June, and one of them I will lead a group to this park ( including being the riding partner to my friend who cannot handle the thrill rides, but can handle low impact rides like the Skyview, Ferris Wheel, Antique Cars, and the shows. It won't be a huge sacrifice for me not to ride the thrill rides that day; I have two visits before and the rest of the season afterwards to ride them all!). Who knows what surprises will await this rider and amusement park flyer. Last year, in May, I saw Sheena Easton in concert at the Music Box Theater and various bands that popped up for a special performance throughout the year. On another visit, I rode Laff Trax and Wild Mouse three times in a row due to less riders in line. Finally, I rode Whitecap Racer and finished with the time of 16.4 seconds. This season at Hersheypark is gonna be SWEEEET!!!
  10. "I thumbed a diesel down at Knoxville/He said he was going as far as Gatlinburg/I climb up in the cab with my towel and cooler/I took a deep breath and told him about her/I got to get there: can you make them big wheels burn?" SOAKY MOUNTAIN PARK keeps on calling/I'll keep on running . . . to her! I got my ticket to SOAKY MOUNTAIN PARK! Sorry, I couldn't help resist singing it.
  11. Holy mother of thrill rides . . . Those are two killer concepts and I would like to see and ride them in an amusement park near me someday. Hey Kings Dominion, the park that just took out the Volcano, why not scrap having another roller coaster idea and just put in the Rocking Boat Ride and name it "Revenge of the Haunted River" ( . . .and just when you thought you were safe from that haunted attraction . . .)? That would get me coming back to Kings Dominion!
  12. I do have a concern: With both Volcano and the Crypt being removed and some big, awesome attraction will be taking its place, what about the Avalanche? Last time I was there, the Avalanche was placed between the Volcano and The Crypt and I would hate to see the Avalanche go so a big massive coaster can take it's place in all that void. Then again, this coaster could take Volcano and Crypt's spot and wrap itself around Avalanche (it's been done before in the amusement park world; such as The Great Bear at Hersheypark and Goliath at Six Flags over Georgia), or this coaster will just take Volcano's spot and we'll have another attraction take Crypt's spot. If the former happens and they do take out Avalanche, then it will be the second time Kings Dominion removed three rides and replaced it with an exciting coaster (I'm talking about The Lost World being replaced with Volcano). However, I don't think Avalanche is on the chopping block and it is safe from elimination. Anaconda, on the other hand . . .
  13. Here's an old thread that's making a comeback. Now, should observation towers make a comeback? Not only they should make a comeback, but also the parks that have any type of observation tower should keep them in their park and keep them in good, working order. Not only are observation towers can be found in amusement parks, but many major cities have put their own observation towers, like Seattle's Space Needle and New York City's Empire State Building; and many cities now have The Eye, a giant-sized Ferris wheel that gives paramount views of the area around them. While other rides, such as tall roller coasters and drop towers, can give those views too; on the downside, they're only a brief glimpse of the horizon and only those well fit can go on those rides. The Observation Towers can be enjoyed by everybody, as long you don't suffer from vertigo and a fear of heights.
  14. As a response for Kentucky Kingdom's BIG NEWS concerning T3, methinks we should get at least a thousand people to enter the queuing line for T3 at one time to fill that entire line up and hire a DJ to play heavy metal music as the riders wait for hours to ride it (T3 has only one train in operation unless on the day I was visiting the park the second train was taken off the tracks and was held inside a workshop ). And here's the name of that event: HEAD BANGER'S PARTY To you riders and amusement park flyers out there - What da ya think?
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