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  1. Looking forward to actually attend a TPR event. Glad i'll actually be in town that weekend. See you guys there!
  2. Awesome! Can't wait to see how the fastpass system works. I'm guessing they'll save a lot of paper if the just "Store" the fastpass on the RFID card. Very cool.
  3. 20 years old. First coaster was Road Runner Express at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Rode it 7 times in a row for my 7th birthday. My dad was so sick when he got off .
  4. Wish they had Matterhorn at WDW. My top 3's gotta be: 1. Space Mountain 2. Rockin Rollercoaster 3. Mission:Space HM should be on the list too, Glad I got to do the Haunted Mansion Behind the Scenes tour while I worked at WDW.
  5. Sitting on my @$$ at the office, remembering the short lines for The New Texas Giant this past Thursday, and the sweet airtime that thing has. Oh dear lord I need to get back to Arlington. I really wished I could of made it to the TPR event. I was so sick that day. Anyways, end of teh wurld? nah....we're still here. When's the next Deep South/Texas trip?!?
  6. W00T! I'm pretty glad I never saw the Under New Management Version, even after spending 9 months there on the College Program. Just never got around to it I guess. Woo for Original Stuff
  7. Hey guys. Here is the implosion of a 10-story high rise at my university. Enjoy! (skip to 4:18 for the good stuff) -Casey
  8. I use my little niece to get on kiddie rids at all the park's I go to with my family....but I ain't no whore!
  9. ...wow its been such a long time since ive been on the forums. So....whats happened since say 2007ish.....hah (453y
  10. For those who don't know.. You now can order Dole Whip mix. I got it and it works! All you need is: -Dole Whip Mix -Water -Ice Cream OR Soft Serve Machine http://uec-hawaii.com/products2.html (3rd item down) Order The Dole Whip Mix for $32 (thats WITH shipping) Order two 4LB bags and shipping is FREE on the 2nd bag! EVEN BETTER, the 4LB Bag makes around 72 tasty Dole Whips! Enjoy!
  11. big spin at SFFT...didnt like it as much as i though i would...
  12. This was before Big Spin For full size images visit our photo gallery
  13. dang im going tomorrow (Saturday).....maybe i can beat you and have some shots of scream too. I also wish they would re-paint Superman (kinda pink now) not just the track but the big superman on the station house and other station related things that are crying for paint. Have fun Sunday.
  14. did they paint scream? and i like how they put superman back on the loop, and that they are adding Johnny Rockets and Cold Stone www.projectatx.com
  15. Attention Forum Member Interested In Podcasting A few of us from the CoasterRadio.com forums are thinking about starting our own podcast. This podcast at this moment will be every month. *Requirements* -Microphone -High Speed Internet (for skype…yes…skype) -Good attitude any ready to record after December 25th Please respond VIA http://www.atxcoasters.com if you are interetsted. So far from CoasterRadio Forums we have 3 people in on this…yeah
  16. Hey guys! I FINLAY RECOVERED THE PICTURES (yay) so here the forth day of the 4 day Disneyland update sponcered by Hollister Co. Day 4 Last Day (must...not...cry) What that? The best iMax type "movie" in the world? yeah it is!! "I love soarin'!!!" Its time for a little Hollister and Tower action...haha Its one of thoose mirror picture, BUT notice im in The Hollywood Tower Hotel and wearing Hollister....yeah big difference! hummmmm......must feel the power of the tower...shhh! But for real lets get Goofy!!! "Its the same as SuperStar Limo but Monster Themed" Woah....look at thoose fish, there like almost human!!!! I got fat in 2/3's of a second....ouch....watch the $3 churos... __________________________________________________ We took a break and watched the movie Cars at AMC DTD __________________________________________________ Thrusday.....Last couple of hours, let hit up EVERYTHING WE CAN LETS GO!!! Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace Mountain is AWWWWWW....w...W..w.WWSOME!!! This is where my camera DIED and that is it.....sad.....but i recovered the files even know they said they were corupt....yeah i know im good. Disneyland is truly an American Original.....If you havnt been to a Disney Theme Park, you are missing out and need to know that when they say "theme" park they mean "theme" park....2 thumbs up Dinsey:-) This is Casey, until July 17-18, im OUT!
  17. i loved the new updates. they are great. capt. jack sparow is a must see...it look so freakin real. and the davey jones (spelling?) seen blew me away! woah it was cool but the line was long...yay...too bad it was down most of monday night, but i still got to ride it tuesday
  18. UPDATE: Day 3/4 www.freewebs.com/yesac519 What’s up! Day 3 of our trip and things are getting a little ugly. Sore feet, go go go, no sleep that whole deal. But we are still getting a LOT done and having a BLAST!! Surprisingly we had a good day today... Under the tarp…secretive about future attractions…Here’s an up-close picture from The Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. Next we hit up Space Mountain two times!!! Must..Eat..Nora..ooooo flashy lights!!! The second time we tried to ride Space Mountain we ran into this…. Broken down station …but kinda cool because of we got a pass to get on ANY ride of our choice….haha…funny thing was we have 6 people…2 chickened out…4 rode it once, 2 were SUPOSE to ride it two times, but it ended up we got more than we bargained for and all 6 of us rode it the second time…yes, even the chickens!! Pit stop at Matterhorn for the FAMOUS 10 minute line even if its long! Weeeeee…..! So Wet…So Cold…but….. We can pose for a quick picture! Yay, newly updates Pirates! Complete with waterslide….well actually yes but whatever… For an extra $5 you get to see Jack Sparow…well……actually….. He was too drunk to notice us there….. I’m Casey and that’s a mouse on a slope….yeah….see you guys tomorrow
  19. Day 2 Hey guys. Sorry I didn’t have captions I am writing this from my hotel at 12:00 and am very tired! Anyways here’s day two! Starting the day off with… Yay! Splash Mountain Strike a pose! After that we hit up The Haunted Mansion. Short wait….yay…. Dole Whip’s are gooood! After the crowed of Field Trips and ECT we decided to hit up the “not as much” Field Trip park California Adventure! Oooooo….ahhhhhh….*gaze* 10…9…8…7…6…5…4 **LAUNCH* * where’s 321? This is for you Missy Plain tower… Tower w/ nerds….haha yeah i didn’t know they were behind me at that moment… Overall a fun TIREING day full of snobby middle school students and LONG LINES…but other than that a GREAT DAY!!! See you tomorrow!
  20. Hey guys its Casey and the gang live and on location here at Disneyland Resort California! Here’s DAY 1 of my 4 day picture update! See you guys on the miday! http://www.projectatx.com http://www.freewebs.com/yesac519
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