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  1. I really don't mind the systems at all. Yes... they can get pricy, but as many have said, it is a choice. I think that the system would be better if parks planned a bit better on how the people are integrated into the line. For me, when they can walk up the exit and be allowed front row, I think that that is total crap. I think that there needs to be a merge point before you get into the actual station. However, this only works if there is a staff member to regulate this. One more thing, people who complain, especially in line at a park need to get over it. You could have payed the money and made your wait shorter!
  2. I think people often forget that parks are trying to make money. Also, I totally agree with the ticket problem. Six Flags has worked themselves into a hole. If they were to stop with all the discounts, they would probably sell way less tickets. I think that $60 is a very fair amount to spend for admission for a larger park. Also, a season pass should at least cost two times what a ticket costs. -Andrew
  3. You can see how much debt they are in with the prices the way theu are now... I don't think lowering them would do anything. Think about it. When you go to a movie theater, you know that you will pay tons for snacks and drinks... yet most people don't complain. (Or if they do... they get over it very fast.) It is just something that will never change, so I think that people should let it go. -Andrew
  4. First Mine Train (Run-a-Way) Mine Train Six Flags Over Texas 1966
  5. For about a year Dubai has been the place that I most want to visit. It is just simply amazing!
  6. First, the PeopleMover track needs to become something again. I don't know what... but something. Second, I think they should update the stage and turn it into more of a Teen or Adult area at night. They could play dance or other upbeat music.
  7. Yeah...okay. But DL has so much more to offer than thrills. You don't really go there to be "thrilled" in the same way that you would go to a Six Flags. -Andrew
  8. Here we go with the age thing again. He made a valid statement. It has nothing at all to do with how old he is. -Andrew
  9. Most, not all, but most of the Disney clones have large differences. Space Mountain and Tower of Terror come to mind. Just compare Florida's to Californias. -Andrew
  10. Clones of rides are not a bad idea... if the ride is good... but I think the bigger deal in that the theme gets cloned as well. This can make a huge difference. Batman: The Ride and The Great White at Sea World San Antonio are the same ride, but to many people, they can't tell that because the theme is totally different. -Andrew
  11. Both parks, while they have a lot of clones, most of the clones are rather unique ones, besides for Batman and V2 of course. -Andrew
  12. I just hope that they keep all of the vegetation, or at least as much as they can. That is something that I love about SFOT... all the trees! -Andrew
  13. Oh... just in case no one checked... and I don't think it has been mentioned... the ride is official now. It's on the website and is an exact clone. -Andrew
  14. ^^ I see all of your points... and I guess they are pretty accurate... but I'm not really trying to get people to "feel bad" for me, I'm just really saying how I feel. -Andrew **Edit- Oh... and, just to say, if this ride had a different theme, I probably would be cool with it!
  15. I have a few things to comment on. First, I don;t know where the idea came into play that teens don't spend money. Sure, if a large family comes to a park, they could possibly spend more money, but a teen, with no parental supervision, could spend just as much if not more. Oh... and I don't think that we "teenagers with season passes" cause problems. Anyways, I am sure that this move will be somewhat, maybe, good for the park, but I always get the feeling when I read posts like that that people are sometimes being hypocritical. When you go to a park, do you say to yourself, "Wow... what a great move for the family, now lets go ride the slow spinner of pure fun." Also, people always seem to have the wrong idea about SFOT. There are a lot of family and "kiddie" rides. Not only is there Loony Tunes USA, but there are most of the new flat rides, the very tame log flume, La Vibora (a tame Bobsled ride), and many others. Everyone is entitled to there opinion, I just hope people think about what it would be like if this was there home park. (Unless it already is!) -Andrew
  16. I have never heard that rumor before... but I would have loved to have Scream! at SFOT. -Andrew
  17. There are so many things that SFOT could have gotten that would have been really beneficial. The park is missing so many "key" coaster types that other parks have. The main one is a proper multi looper. That could certainly fit in that 2 billion dollar hole! -Andrew
  18. Okay. I see your point. But... ask yourself... is this what you wanted? -Andrew
  19. Well... and there it goes... any respect that I had left for the Six Flags Chain. I rode this ride at SFFT this summer and, well, I was NOT impressesd. The theme is unimaginative, the ride is not very fun, and probably the only cool part was that video camera filming your ride... well... at least until the crazy price to buy one comes along. Pretty much, I feel so let down by SFOT right now. We just got 10 family rides... and have not had a decent a worthwhile addition since Titan in 2001. That will be 7 years. Some people will say, "Dude Hooray... a NEW coaster! (OMG)." Well, for those people, consider this, will you ride it more than once? Will it draw you to the park? Probably not. -Andrew
  20. I don't know why you are all giving him a hard time. The thread name is "Super Pain - NL," what do you think it is going to be. Honestly... you all who are complaining are wasting your own time by clicking on it. It would be different if the name was "Totally Smooth and Serious as in Not a Joke Ride of Fun." But... It's not! -Andrew
  21. I just have one question. Can someone please explain what difference... if any... this new style of train will have during the ride experiance. Thanks. -Andrew
  22. I was just at SFOT a week ago and you are completely right about The Texas Giant. It used to be an AMAZING ride... but over the years... it has become just as fun as being punched in the face. (Well, maybe just a bit more fun!) The only way to "enjoy" it is to sit in the very front. The back is like asking to have most of your ribs broken! -Andrew
  23. Yeah. I love that Black Hole! I really wish it was longer though. There are a few good pops of air on it. -Andrew
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