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  1. I think Starliner is a good fit for the park, it has history behind it and it's like Cypress Gardens: It was saved from being demolished. My friend who works at Cypress Gardens told Kent Buescher that he should have a Eurofighter as their next steel coaster built because Florida doesn't have one and they are pretty good considering the opinions of other people. All it takes is for Buescher to listen. And maybe we can refrain from commenting about others opinions please, everyone hear is entitled to their own opinion so lets end it.
  2. Possibly, but Kent hasn't said much on it. The last time Kent mentioned it was the opening of Galaxy Spin.
  3. Thank you for your constructive criticism, I think I have finally realized what people are saying. Yet I doubt it will close soon. IMO we should wait for an actual announcement stating closure instead of assuming. Kent still has many more tricks up his sleeves so I wouldn't turn him down yet. He did promise to add an Adult steel coaster to the park so I'm still waiting. So lets play the wait and see game, Cypress Gardens only re-opened 2 years ago so we should give it a chance. Please do not take this as offensive.
  4. Cypress Gardens doesn't care about getting people from other states. They are only worried about the locals and other Floridians. Anyway, Holiday Park isn't in FL is it? Cypress Gardens has the best Ski Show in Florida IMO and one of the best Skating shows in Florida aswell. The gardens are absolutely stunning and are as good as the Bok Tower gardens or maybe even better. The Butterfly gardens are awesome compared to others in the state. And their ride line up is pretty good for a park that only opened 2 years ago, compared to Old Town and other small FL parks.
  5. Why is it always about having the best rides? Cypress Gardens is good for people to stay away from the hustle and bustle of other parks. IMO they are a good old stile park that brings people back to the days when parks weren't about Hypercoasters and Huss Frisbees. A park doesn't need a Medusa or Kumba to stay in business, if it has a friendly atmosphere that makes the park enjoyable then hell yeah I'll go back. Damn it, why do you people care so much if a park has an Intamin or Vekoma? And Robb, I hate it when you call people "ass" because that doesn't help at all. In fact it doesn't help, it's being a DAMNED RUDE PERSON!
  6. Geez, why do you people hate Cypress Gardens so much? It's the same as every other small park in America. I see no reason to single it out just because it's in competition with Disney. IMO Cypress Gardens is a great park with fun for all ages. I don't remember anyone bashing it went it was only Gardens, so why bash it now? Also they said that by next summer they will be out of bankruptcy if you can actually read newsletters. So I see no reason to say it will be gone by 2008. And what about Boomers in SE Florida, it only has one good woodie and the park is located in the middle of nowhere, yet I hear no one bashing it. Apparently not many of you guys like flowers. Thank you Greg, ECZSmith, CoasterJunkie, and BeemerBoy for your beleif in Cypress Gardens. As of now I no longer want ot be part of this forum.
  7. You've never heard of Sara Evans? She's basically a Country Singer who used to be big.
  8. If you look at the map, has anyone noticed that they are building a whole entire coaster over water? I've seen coasters partially over water, but not the whole thing.
  9. I don't think it's next year's line up of concerts because they already have most of the line up for the early part of 2007 there. Plus Kent said he'll be happy to announce this and a line up of concerts doesn't really fit under that criteria. I think its either three things. 1. Starliner Construction. Time and Date 2. They have solved their financial problems and have a plan to stay out of Bankruptcy. 3. Both Edit: About next years concerts. Who would of thought that they could get SARA EVANS to sing at Cypress? I'm sure that will grab attention.
  10. Why would they wait till the 9th to tell people they are closing? I mean I see no point in waiting to say something like that. Also Kent said that he'll be eager to announce this. I doubt he's eager to say they're closing. And Ryan, If you don't like Cypress Gardens then I suggest you don't post on this thread because I support Cypress Gardens all the way.
  11. It could be closure, but then again its kind of unlikely. I'm leaning toward a new ride or something, but that's just me.
  12. A radio add just said Cypress will announce something on Nov. 9th. Kent says its going to be the one evryones waiting for! Does anyone think it will be Starliner?
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