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  1. It looks like a really cool coaster... but could they not have invested some time and money into disguising the big shed rather than just painting a picture on the outside of it? It really ruins the immersion! The theming is impressive everywhere else... you'd think they would have tried to hide the object that is the most jarring a little better.
  2. Meanwhile in Australia every coaster enthusiast in the country is over the moon that we're getting a family wooden coaster.
  3. Will be interesting to see how effectively the whole pit stop/duelling aspect works, but nonetheless it looks fabulous. If they can get the duelling right those highly banked curves on top of one another will be great fun!
  4. I raised my eyebrows at the name DC Rivals HyperCoaster but after riding it it's my favourite coaster name in the world now lol. I genuinely love the name Yukon Striker... it's unique and badass.
  5. So glad they're replacing the rock facades in the Africa area. While the area looks great I've always thought the rocks looked a bit too blocky and unnatural and out of place with the rest of the excellent themeing of the area.
  6. I kind of wish coaster manufacturers would build modern, smooth coasters with the look of this track. I just love the aesthetic so much.
  7. The supports on that lift hill look like something I'd make in No Limits. At first I thought it looked a lot bigger than it is, but it must be because the Raptor track is small. And I'm wondering if this will be the new Batman: The Ride.
  8. Geez I did not see this coming. I was just looking at pictures of them the other day thinking 'these are two dueling full-length B&M coasters... are we ever going to see that again'? To hear they're just being scrapped is beyond belief!
  9. ^ Yeah the more it looks like New Texas Giant's bigger, badder, scarier brother.
  10. It's probably not intentional, but I really like that the cars seem to have an albeit updated Vekoma 'look' about them. At times they looked similar to a 2nd gen Vekoma Boomerang.
  11. Wow those Riddler colours are such an improvement... I found the black and green a bit drab. The Yellow and Green brighten up the whole area.
  12. The profile of that drop makes it look like this could be the first RMC with a totally vertical drop?
  13. If I lived over there I'd be really looking forward to this... it's pretty much Sea World Australia's Jet Rescue on steroids and Jet Rescue is bucket loads of fun!
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