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  1. "Any one wanna play Mini-golf??" That only brings one thought to mind, from Wisconsin Dells "PENALTYY!!!!!!!1!1!!!1"
  2. :drool: That looks sooo good! I need to find a reason to goto China and ride that while Im there
  3. Dear Jesus, Thank you for this kind refurbishment of a great woodie. I hope that whatever change comes to Giant doesnt cause it to splinter my ribs anymore than is has already Amen Seriously tho, thank God giant is getting some love. I remember when I first rode it it was actually somewhat enjoyable. Over the years tho the aging has become apparent, and the last time I went to SFOT I didnt even get on the damn thing. When I got back to my house tho I watched an onride video on youtube (lol...), and it made me realize how awesome giant would be if only it was smooth...Wish granted... this news made me a very happy boy
  4. Blue Fire looks simply great. I think the restraints are the most interesting part. I remember when looping coasters came out & they all had over-the-shoulder restraints. Now this ride comes out & offers so much freedom, awesomeness Great pics Hanno!
  5. To the picture of Kristin on the frog hopper I say: AWWWWWW!!!!!! Terminator looks cool too why do they call it a Deadmans Turnaround? Did someone die during construction of one? Bad joke...if that...
  6. "santa f*cks a cruise ship" Ive always wanted to go on a cruise...that seafood entree sounded good too R&E, lemme know when you do one next!
  7. My first reaction to the front page of TPR was very adolescence-y: OH COME ON!!!!! My uncle owns a beach house in Sunset Beach, NC (for those who know the area its very close by), and I made a pilgrimage out to Hard Rock Park and I really enjoyed it! Downside was there was absolutely no one in the park the day I went, there were parts of the park that had NO ONE in them...It felt like a ghost park and it was brand new! Maybe the reason for the bankruptcy is the lack of a proper demographic for a major theme park. Myrtle Beach Pavilion I think had the right idea up until it was closed down, because I went there and it was always busy. Here's to prayin Hard Rock Park turns it around, such a good park plagued by problems beyond managements control...pity
  8. 135 feet tall?? I really like how simple the tower is. Its not like all the other splash towers with the big clanky lifts and slow turn arounds. Pilgrims Plunge looks very clean in comparison but dear lord thats going to be a massive wave....im thinkin the entire queue/ride area is drenched everytime a car goes through
  9. Yay Midwest Trip representation! Oh Chris....so many photos of you that shouldnt be on the internet, but MAN are they funny!
  10. Oh I SO want in on this...I'll work on the details with the parentals and get back to you. late night ERT on GCIs is the most bangin thing this world has ever known...period
  11. A. There is a picture in the Efteling update where Russ (accidentally) looks straight PISSED. B. Robb, that is a big-time camera y'all are usin C. Terrance, where are the statue photos? I'm dissapointed Lovin the updates!
  12. Once again...wish I was on this trip... Toverland looks like the coolest park. Its a shame there arent more ropes course/ziplize/triangles of death in the US. I guess we're just too uptight bummer...oh well have fun guys!
  13. why oh WHY am I not on this trip?!? It looks like everyone's having soo much fun! I see alot of familiar (& friendly) faces from past trips, and it looks like its a good crowd! Cant wait to see how everything unravels!
  14. Wow...that ride looks awesome, and the video was great! I have one question though: Is it relatively smooth? I know GG woodies are awesome and intense and all that, but Voyage felt like it was tearing itself apart, and Hades has one turn that cracked my chest cavity; is that just Gravity Groups style? Or have those been (not really) bad apples in the GG Tree? Eitherway, awesome video! NINETY DEGREES!!!!!11!1!!11!1!1!!!
  15. You had a Norton Anthology for English Lit. didnt you...I had one for AP Eng, I can spot that dreaded thing from ANYWHERE. anyways...I loved Rumblah, it was just such a fun ride, ESPECIALLY in the front. Great TR!
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