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Warner Bros. Movie World (WBMW) Discussion Thread

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ANZAC day is a remeberance day for those who died and served in military action for Australia and New Zealand Army Corps. It first cam about from WW1


good to see this ride coming together so quickly...look forward to early next year to ride it

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Work's been going on. Here's some photos.


From Movie World's Facebook: (Obviously that final turn isn't in this photo)



Theming has begun:




Just really like this photo. Makes it look like a crazy marble-track:


By Chris Mason.


Currently the park wants to have it open for the White Christmas events (it's advertised as being open for them) and they begin on the 10th of December. Hopefully all will go to plan and this will be achieved.


Also, they had green lights on it at the last Fright Night. Looked really cool with the lights. Next time I'm at Movie World (probably not for a couple of weeks from now) I'll grab some shots.


Can't wait to ride it.

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Taken from this post on the parks Halloween event page:


"Did anyone see Green Lantern Coaster lit up green on Monday? Who's looking forward to the 120 degree drop??? Jump on the Warner Bros. Movie World - Gold Coast, Australia page for updates on the construction!"


Looks like they have really gone for something different from the rest of the models. Four across lap bar seating with reported on board audio and now a steeper drop this ride is really making me look forward to December and being able to ride it.

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My only complaint about Steel Hawg at Indiana Beach was the uncomfortable (at least to me) restraint system on the trains. I thought the layout of the ride itself was great. If they have devised more comfortable trains, then this ride has a good chance of being a winner for Movie World.

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^Don't feel bad for Takabisha...it will have plenty of other records!


- Longest wait for a ride ever.

- Ride that closes in the rain faster than any other.

- Largest track length to capacity ratio ever.

- Most small cakes devoted to a coaster.

And more!


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Very funny ^^


The reason I'm really happy about this whole investment (I'm from Brisbane. 45 minutes away from Movieworld) is that for the first time here in Australia we have something special in terms of amusement rides, of course we have Scooby-Doo the best themed wild mouse ever, and Superman which is a nice Intamin but when compared to other Intamins it isn't really all that different. Yet now we have the steepest drop in the world, lap bar only and the largest El Loco on the market. It's good to have something special and unique and to have another record down under!!

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^Sorry to rain on your parade a bit, but come on! Australia needs more than an overhyped mouse and a nearly cookie cutter El Loco to really stand out on the coaster map. It's good that you're at least getting more stuff, but I wouldn't call this one 'special and unique'.

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