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Six Flags St. Louis (SFStL) Discussion Thread

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Here's another veiw of Acrophobia from the highway and if you look at the Screamin' Eagle, you'll notice that it's brighter and whiter...yay!


Official announcement is tomorrow...1/25/06.


Hello this is Steve, these pictures were shot by me at Sixflags in STL and the drop tower. STLBOI pulled the images from sfstl.net. I am the photagrapher. Look there later this afternoon and you will see the green section being lifted up to the top and put on, from the front as well as the back of the park. You will also see this is huge and towers the skyline and treeline in the back of the park.


My screen name at SFSTL.net is sisxflagsstloldschool, why I put the extra s in six is beyond me. See ya!!!!!!!! Later gator!


01/25/06 12:30pm on the N. outer road in front of Six Flags.


For more great Pictures!!




Not advertising, but this is the two sites I gave pictures to post!!!

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Sorry for misleading anyone here, but the official announcement has been held back and I have no clue as to when it will be taken place yet.


And yes, I believe it is a regular 2nd Gen. drop tower because it comes from Astroworld.


Also, the last section of the tower was added on today (1/25/06) and the complete top of the tower will be added on very soon I assume by the rate of how fast it is going up.


Last section is finally up...look how lowering it looks up there!

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If only it were the Acrophobia at SFOG. Atleast they are getting a new ride, now they just need a hyper coaster!


I agree about time for a new ride, I have ridden KK and Chicagos version this will be higher than Kentucky's and I think the same as Chicago's. This will be by farr the best at the rear of the park and the awsome view from the front of the park.





As far as the announcement, A few are thinking now it will be Feb. 1st and invite the media since the tower will be complete, dont know about operating, but you would think so.


Green piece going into place!


Check it out more at :



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Is it just me, or do drop rides do very little for other people? It's great to see another one of these going up, but it just seems like a quick little ride. I've been on handfulls of first gen's and seconds, but am yet to find one that really thrills me. Perhaps I just haven't been on SFOG's Acrophobia or PKI's Drop Zone.

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I have posted a picture of the eagle getting a much needed paint job, you can see the contrast of the new paint on the first hill after the drop going in to the camel back run. The hill is painted but the camel back is still being fitted with new lumber in places down to the turn and on around, also the break run has new paint also.


Looks like she will be all white for the parks 35th Anniversery!




And tje break run is a little brighter!


Theres the horn boys, time for lunch.

These guys were working the other end fixing loose decking and supports! But lunch time time to fill the fuel tank! lol


The top of the first hill after the drop. She is definately white.


Zoom in a little closer now for you!


See the contrast of the new into the old!


A Bright White!!!

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Let's just hope the other Eagle (American Eagle) gets new paint too... it's celebrating its 25th anniversary this year- hopefully they'll spruce it up and redo the trains!


You can say that again!


Wow, I forget how much better a simple coat of paint can help a coaster's look.


It's also the 20th anniversary of the Ninja-remember, it started life as the Scream Machine at Expo '86.


Looked good in red and white back in the day...

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YESSSSSS! a beautiful new paint job for an old woodie that is in my opinion the best coaster in the park! cant wait to go ride, i love the floater airtime on the first and secon hills ALL THE HILLS!

new brakes too! yesss, no more getting stuck in the brake run like last time

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