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  1. I would think more on the Holoptic image. Back in the day of Classic Video Gaming, Rick Dryer (Dragons Lair Project) Invented a new concept in Video Gaming experience with the parabolic mirror which would create a Holographic image to the viewer, The mirror would reflect the image from a monitor, and you get an awsome effect. I remember this game dearly, and had lots of fun and wasted lots of quarters playing. They could easily pull this off, with a larger parabolic mirror and High definition monitors. Here is a link to some video of the game. http://www.dragons-lair-project.com/games/materials/audiovideo/tt.asp Check it out, it is very cool how it is done. From www.klov.com Killer list of Video games.
  2. I had read over at Screamscape that The ride was being repainted and rethemed to Superman: Tower of Power like St. Louis. I was wondering if anyone had any pictures of the painting of the tower. I believe the ride before was properly named and had an awsome paint job on the tower before, When they changed St. Louis from Acraphobia, paint theme and a full paint job at that before it went up and then repainted to a Superman. It does look nice but actually like the original green,blue,orange color scheme. If anyone has any of the new paint going up on KK, I would love to see.
  3. I caught it this morning before noon. The Sky Coaster bit was hillarious I thought myself. The coolest part of the show at PKI was as they would play the games and win the BIG toys. They would walk around and give them to kids that did not have any! That there alone won my respect for Rob and Big! My hats off to them for what they did. Did anyone catch the Hookshot that Rob did from about 30-40 feet from the goal, again giving the prize to a little kid. Just great!
  4. WOW, the last day at the park and they wanted to get rid of a few remaining snacks for the public at the park! A few other frights were in store, and The Freeze was operating sides in the evening. But on to the topic at hand! Yummy, Hissing Cockroaches! Have a couple of .avi files but does not want to download, I'll try again later! 40 second files of my oldest and me and my youngest eating one in a race! He won and is nine years old, they gave the youngest ones smaller ones or the smallest they had, his was about an inch and a half, an mine about 2 and a half inches. Imagine a Peanut shell filled with room tempature cream cheese, flavored with some hot onion with a little garlic! VERY crunchy! Afraido if you put the mouth in first he could bite the back of your tounge, and if you put him in Butt first, hell squish and shoot the inards down your throat! It wasnt that bad, was crunchy though. Warmed your stomach up after eating! And in about 3 minutes we had 3 exit passes for the freeze front row, Boss, and The Boneyard Haunted Hayride. Well Eat it or deal with him, and he's pissed your eating his little Tofu eating snacks. Sign the release POPS, I am not allergic to shell fish, so I can partake and take the video so I can tell Grandma and gross her out! Even "Lucy cant believe it!!!" Lots of SICK people, wanting to watch some disgusting idiots get a Exit pass for 3 friends ! COOL You puke it up, I'll take care of ya, Paramedic for the evening. Just kidding! I have a gorilla thats hungry! Spin the wheel and you might get a Extra large, Large, medium or small Hisser!This was a Large! Sorry Ellisa not McD's! Concessions are OPEN And the Chef opens his Consessions for all to "ENJOY the COCKAROACH" Here is the Chef's helper, with the snack of the day!
  5. Days inn is not really walking distance, about a mile and a half from the park. They will be the cheapest, Holiday Inn is right next to the park though and is walking distance to the park.
  6. If you know where the Cool Zone is next to DC comics plaza next to the DC Comics Gift Shop where Freeze and Ghostblasters is in the DC plaza. The cool zone is where the Soda machines are , and the cool mist spraying. There used to be an open hut there at that spot across from Injun Joes cave at the time. This is where this booth was located. Ive been going since the park opened, my grandparents would take me, I enjoyed injun joes cave and was probably my favorite.
  7. For some reason the pictures are not coming up on mine. just the pictures names. There are to be two pictures. Do you see them.
  8. Made ya look!!!! Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat! But for those history buffs, the slab of concrete that the dummy is sitting on was once a footing for the Sky Way of SFOMA now SFSTL.
  9. I dont remember the year but thought I would share a rare booth pic of SFSTL in the old days. This one is obviously King Kong, and I believe was 1977 around 10 years old.. 9 or 10 years old, just cant remember the year,
  10. http://sixflagsstlouis.net/galleries/historic_photos.htm There you will find some old pics of the park also. Here is one from the site of the tank when being built and dive show. Go visit their site, they have one of the animatronic injun joe from the dark ride in the 70's now Sally's Sccoby Doo Ghostblasters. The tank looks a little wider here. The tank looks small here, even with the guy standing in the middle.
  11. ??? How do you figure cheaper. 69 miles from philly and still about an 1.5 hour drive The same time. Southwest does not fly out of ATL and again connection hell for the cheap rates, you wanna get there or take the risk of layover. More flights in to EWR than PHL out of ATL. Does not matter, Its going to cost money however they plan.
  12. Well the only option you have is EWR or PHL, if you want to fly. 69 from PHL 62 from EWR To fly to TTN Trenton, would mean a connecting flight and the only airline that serves flies there is PANAM. And flying out of ATL, NO WAY, connection hell even if you found a flight or Agency to find you a flight into Trenton. Fly into EWR and then rent a CAR. 62 miles about 1.5hours and then Seaside Heights, NJ is another 27 miles and you can do that at night and get 4 credits a looper a mouse and another family coaster then they have a kid dragon mini , Thats if your lookin for Credits, There are also a few in Brooklyn, and several credits you can get if you do some planning , depending on your time schedule. RCDB is your friend if looking for nearby coasters around EWR. Good Luck on your trip. . http://www.rcdb.com/locationresult.htm?parkname=+&pstatus=&location=0&nearlocation=14604&nearrange=&search=Search
  13. Last week was the last full week here at SFSTL. We are now weekends only, Uh I usually go one more day by myself when the kids are in school and I can have peace and ride what I want. So much fo thinking about the ones that actually pay for the family to go to the park. I went by monday to see if anything was on our parking lot , for someone seen some of the new Spinner on site and I was curious. . People going to the park like it was still open, bet they were pissed! Nothing in the parking lot. Or employees lot. What about hiring actual adults not in school for when the park starts to go to weekend operation so they can operate till at least LABOR DAY! And we are in the Mid West, with Hot Temps still. Jeez............................
  14. /\ Exactly! Shapiro has no clue what it takes to run even a disney park. Let the kiddies go there and bring back our magic, and get rid of the low esteem. fix the rides and clean up the parks 100percent not the half ass attempt being made now. 3 parks a year should get updates and one major update for another park that will make history, not bait and switch. The sources letting out the info are credible sources and the only one that the parks are hurting by not letting the information out is the park. Create the hype now for next year, not by tv ads, publicity in the park and word of mouth is much stronger than any advertisement on TV and the only one that watch the commercials is 1-3 year olds and usually by heart. Create the hype now and sell passes for next year with the info, while the crowd is at the park to let others now! Like what Dollywood is doing with the Mine. Now thats extreme, and putting out the publicity with word of mouth and not in overpriced tv ads.
  15. Why not enclose the structure and make it indoor eliminating the screams from the waterpark, and keeping the coaster where it is. The coaster looks like it is in not that bad of shape, and definately needs a little elbow grease. Or Move it to St. Louis, we have a great spot for it and could use it also.
  16. I suggest TAXI: The Ride. On our stay there 4 years ago, we stayed at the Station Inn and took a cab to La Cauge Aux Follies, a great female impersanation show. My wife wanted to see it, How they get that "Thang" tucked in there is beyond me, LOL! But serious find ya a young Arab taxi driver and tell him your late for the show, and let the fun begin!!! Far better than any coaster ride i have ever been on in Vegas. The sky changing part is in old town where all the shops and casinos, and any taxi driver will tell you if your going to gamble the odds are better in old town than on the strip! I had a good time at Circus Circus, and did not feel dirty when I walked out, the dome was a little humid though, and you could definately feel the heat at the top of the Canyon blaster as you go down for the Loop. With the River Ride there is a lot of moisture in there, and can get humid on HOT days. I also was down in the back that weekend and should not of ridden any coasters. I rode Manhattan Express and found it to be rough, but not that rough. Did not feel like it was KILLING me at all. But a neat way to view the strip while riding a coaster. Hopefully the new trains, are going and that has been corrected. Just go and tough it up and have a good time.
  17. Well with stocks posting at $5a share, the rise in prices is understandable and to meet his salary obligation and to what disney did when Eisner took over. Raised prices. Not much interest in the park and it is showing at the gates. Six Flags is in serious financial trouble, and still trying to hack away some major loans. I think some or the Entertainment he added like charachters and all the costumed ones LT an JL, was a little much, it added some to the park but the pay out was not enough as intended. The originality of the park was the true meaning of a family themed park of the first three, Texas , Georgia, and St. Louis. After this concept of success was sold, the themes were beginnig to be lost, and then thrill parks were bought and then the success began to go downhill and up and down and up and down. But After the Warner Brother years, some of the most succesfull, and then they started going down and sold to Priemier i think and then changes to the original three started and down right SUCKS, Don't get me wrong, change is necessary, but what was succesful in bring the people to the disney like scaled back park was Angus Wynne's success and gave disney a run for his money had some thing like 55,000 his first year at 47 operating days, and the next year over a million visitors at SFOT. IN 71 when his third and final park, my home park SF over Mid America, now SFSTL. Disney opened Floridas Disney World the same year. The thing about change was SF downfall, people come for the experience and not only the Coaster, but the Disney like rides, Mississippi River Cruise-The jungle cruise like ride, and Injun Joes cave-Its a small world type indoor ride but scaled back, Hannibarrels, and the list goes on. The fact that change needs to happen is to bring back the original three back to its original luster of original themed rides that were found at all three parks. There is enough park property to expand but not take out history that made the park sucessful. Keep that and contiue to build around it, add more to the experience making it bigger that way. Not the way it is going now, SF has too many parks and should sell off the land hey not to many are looking to get in to the theme park business, but they can afford to sell properties for land and move coasters to different parks and thrills that some parks don't like Astroworld did, not that i'm a fan of this either but theme parks are not really a prime target for companies now. Cedar Fair just made the biggest purchase of parks, and doubt they will want to purchase any of the properties, and Busch has their prime parks are they looking. Doubt it! Just my 2 cents!
  18. One of the longest ques in St. Louis SF is the Batman! When it backed up and using the whole line que, it can take 3 hours to get on! They rarely open the whole que anymore and the longest i have waited is an hour this year.
  19. SFGAm one year had one of the trains in reverse and still raced, what airtime you got in reverse. A total different ride, Very intense.
  20. Possibly the 12th or 13th, Shapiro here on the 14th so they are shooting before he gets here! But I doubt it! Really depends on the Chiller. Modifications were made to SFSTL freeze, but were waiting for the all clear by SFCorp Engineers that have to inspect.
  21. Have you tried the Water from the drinking fountains? Taste like *%&%!! The Water here at SF St. Louis taste like it came from the Chlorine reserve tank for the Water Rides!! Definately not the same Water that is in the County! You have to let it run for a while to get that nasty taste or even a bit of Cold if at all! What happened to water standards! Just Rediculous! They charge an arm and a leg and make BOO COO bucks from Sales of Drinks and Charge for Refills! They can turn the fountains on all day and waste water, but cant offer free refills and Bottled Water for 50.cents! Heck, we have a festival here and we charge 50 cents a bottle and make a killing! A case cost 6 bucks and make an average of .21 cents a bottle. We buy ice from the profit and as needed! Other vendors hate us, but I would rather sell a product than have to load it back up and take it home! Can always by more if run out or low! But this has been going on way before Shapiro stepped in, he can make the change but $$$$$$ signs is his goal! I wish I could run the park for 2 weeks! Be able to make changes at will and for a profit! If more money comes in, Employees could get raises! If not priced to sell, then it just sits on the shelf for inventory! Not a good sign! If employees made more they would be expected to do a Great Job! Instead of talking and finding where the party is after close!
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