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  1. Moi aussi... it certainly sounds as if they're actually going to invest some theming into this coaster!
  2. ^^ I never once said that Six Flags saves everything. BTW, Yankee Clipper operates during the summer season and on weekends (when the weather is not too cold). In addition, it's one of the very few Arrow Hydroflumes that still has its awesome 'jump' remaining. ^ The only thing different between Turn of the Century and Demon were the two loops that were added. That's it. So over 80% of the ride is exactly the same. It's absolutely impossible to win with you guys. I don't care how much you're against it, but I'm still going to think that Six Flags is better at preservation and originality.
  3. Who gave you that bad crack you're smoking? Since you gave me a bitchy answer, I'll give you one as well. Need I point out the number of original rides remaining at Six Flags Great America since Marriott's opening day? Columbia Carousel, Rue le Dodge, Whizzer, Turn of the Century (now Demon), (Orleans) Orbit, Hometown Fun Machine, Triple Play, Logger's Run, Yankee Clipper, East River Crawler, Pictorium (still an operating movie theatre!)--all of these are still operating to this date at Six Flags Great America. You cannot tell me that Cedar Fair would have kept all of these rides, especially one-of-a-kind rides like Whizzer! Cedar Fair would wash their hands of it right away, just like they did with Worlds of Fun's Zambei Zinger.
  4. Six Flags parks: Six Flags New England, Six Flags Great America Cedar Fair parks: Cedar Point, Knott's Berry Farm, Kings Dominion I most definitely prefer Six Flags. The Cedar Fair parks just feel like every remnant of personality and uniqueness from that park has just been sucked out, leaving the rides uninspired, employees bored and slow, and the entire park unexciting. The Six Flags parks all feel different, and they all bring something new and different to the table. Six Flags also makes an effort to conserve and keep older rides and to theme sections of the park. Even with the marketing that the Six Flags parks now contain, the parks still feel vibrant , exciting, and fun each time.
  5. I'm pretty sure it's against the conditions of the tickets to resell them, but what do I know?
  6. I think that crowds are a persistent problem at SFGAm. I'd never attempt it again without a Gold Q-Bot. Locals probably know how to beat the system, but it's too much of a gamble for me to drive 350 miles up there and risk line hell when Gold Q-Bots are only $25 per person. You raise a point about going on Saturday, but I'm not sure that SFGAm ever gets that slow during the Summer. Locals please feel free to tell me otherwise. But, yeah I'd say crowds are a problem. Even if you luck out and don't have to wait that long for rides, you still have to fight your way through the midway. And that's no fun at all. Go during early June/mid-late August. Then you'll find low crowds. And, BTW, I've never had to 'fight my way' through the midway at Great America... it simply doesn't have that problem, even during some of the busiest times.
  7. What can I say to this but, "Duh!" I mean, seriously, every park everywhere in the US is going to be busy during a Saturday in July. It doesn't seem like you had a problem with the park itself; rather, the crowds. You could have made the most of it--why should you be scared of lines? All you do is wait in them! Or you could have gotten a Q-Bot, which would have helped with the lines considerably. The title of this is incredibly misleading... worst park experience? The only flaws about the park that you ever pointed out were the crowds... that's it. Going on a Saturday in July, that's to be expected. You could have easily gotten on Raging Bull withing an hour (or less!) even with its full queue... in addition, even though Batman's line may be long, its line moves quickly, and the theming and music in the line helps move the wait along.
  8. ^ Griffon's crew was awful both days I went in June. First of all, they were only running two trains with a wait of 45+ minutes, no single rider line existed/was open, and there was no grouper. Ride ops checking restraints were horrendously slow and seemed more concerned with their conversation than anything else. It was a bad Six Flags park quality, and on their new star attraction? It was majorly disappointing.
  9. I love American Eagle! It's a great ride--in the front! Be sure to try out red side, front--you won't be disappointed.
  10. Really?! I had no idea. Talk about apples to oranges. You know, that Wacky Worm that they're putting in Six Flags Crazy Country is still no Tatsu.
  11. Nicole, I like it a lot! Keep up the good work! I really enjoy the colors that you picked. They look really great and go well together.
  12. Question: How exactly is Six Flags responsible for the physics of this ride? They neither designed nor built it. Proslide should be the ones at fault for any case regarding the design of the slide.
  13. Hey, sorry about the photo downtime. They should be working now, just make sure you clear your temporary internet files before trying to view them again. Thanks!
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