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  1. Moi aussi... it certainly sounds as if they're actually going to invest some theming into this coaster!
  2. ^^ I never once said that Six Flags saves everything. BTW, Yankee Clipper operates during the summer season and on weekends (when the weather is not too cold). In addition, it's one of the very few Arrow Hydroflumes that still has its awesome 'jump' remaining. ^ The only thing different between Turn of the Century and Demon were the two loops that were added. That's it. So over 80% of the ride is exactly the same. It's absolutely impossible to win with you guys. I don't care how much you're against it, but I'm still going to think that Six Flags is better at preservation and originality.
  3. Who gave you that bad crack you're smoking? Since you gave me a bitchy answer, I'll give you one as well. Need I point out the number of original rides remaining at Six Flags Great America since Marriott's opening day? Columbia Carousel, Rue le Dodge, Whizzer, Turn of the Century (now Demon), (Orleans) Orbit, Hometown Fun Machine, Triple Play, Logger's Run, Yankee Clipper, East River Crawler, Pictorium (still an operating movie theatre!)--all of these are still operating to this date at Six Flags Great America. You cannot tell me that Cedar Fair would have kept all of these rides, especially one-of-a-kind rides like Whizzer! Cedar Fair would wash their hands of it right away, just like they did with Worlds of Fun's Zambei Zinger.
  4. Six Flags parks: Six Flags New England, Six Flags Great America Cedar Fair parks: Cedar Point, Knott's Berry Farm, Kings Dominion I most definitely prefer Six Flags. The Cedar Fair parks just feel like every remnant of personality and uniqueness from that park has just been sucked out, leaving the rides uninspired, employees bored and slow, and the entire park unexciting. The Six Flags parks all feel different, and they all bring something new and different to the table. Six Flags also makes an effort to conserve and keep older rides and to theme sections of the park. Even with the marketing that the Six Flags parks now contain, the parks still feel vibrant , exciting, and fun each time.
  5. I'm pretty sure it's against the conditions of the tickets to resell them, but what do I know?
  6. I think that crowds are a persistent problem at SFGAm. I'd never attempt it again without a Gold Q-Bot. Locals probably know how to beat the system, but it's too much of a gamble for me to drive 350 miles up there and risk line hell when Gold Q-Bots are only $25 per person. You raise a point about going on Saturday, but I'm not sure that SFGAm ever gets that slow during the Summer. Locals please feel free to tell me otherwise. But, yeah I'd say crowds are a problem. Even if you luck out and don't have to wait that long for rides, you still have to fight your way through the midway. And that's no fun at all. Go during early June/mid-late August. Then you'll find low crowds. And, BTW, I've never had to 'fight my way' through the midway at Great America... it simply doesn't have that problem, even during some of the busiest times.
  7. What can I say to this but, "Duh!" I mean, seriously, every park everywhere in the US is going to be busy during a Saturday in July. It doesn't seem like you had a problem with the park itself; rather, the crowds. You could have made the most of it--why should you be scared of lines? All you do is wait in them! Or you could have gotten a Q-Bot, which would have helped with the lines considerably. The title of this is incredibly misleading... worst park experience? The only flaws about the park that you ever pointed out were the crowds... that's it. Going on a Saturday in July, that's to be expected. You could have easily gotten on Raging Bull withing an hour (or less!) even with its full queue... in addition, even though Batman's line may be long, its line moves quickly, and the theming and music in the line helps move the wait along.
  8. ^ Griffon's crew was awful both days I went in June. First of all, they were only running two trains with a wait of 45+ minutes, no single rider line existed/was open, and there was no grouper. Ride ops checking restraints were horrendously slow and seemed more concerned with their conversation than anything else. It was a bad Six Flags park quality, and on their new star attraction? It was majorly disappointing.
  9. I love American Eagle! It's a great ride--in the front! Be sure to try out red side, front--you won't be disappointed.
  10. Really?! I had no idea. Talk about apples to oranges. You know, that Wacky Worm that they're putting in Six Flags Crazy Country is still no Tatsu.
  11. Nicole, I like it a lot! Keep up the good work! I really enjoy the colors that you picked. They look really great and go well together.
  12. Question: How exactly is Six Flags responsible for the physics of this ride? They neither designed nor built it. Proslide should be the ones at fault for any case regarding the design of the slide.
  13. Hey, sorry about the photo downtime. They should be working now, just make sure you clear your temporary internet files before trying to view them again. Thanks!
  14. Part Five Auf Wiedersehen Day 5 and our Final Day Our final day in the parks was definitely the best day. With quite small crowds, we were able to ride all of our favorites a few extra times--apparently it was a passholder blackout date. Day Five The Coches were out in front of Soarin'! I love this ride. It's definitely the star attraction of California Adventure, in my mind. Cruella was so awesome! She was the most in character I have ever seen someone at Disney. She was perfect with everything--she had that character nailed! No, I didn't wet myself, but I did get soaked on Grizzly River Run. While we were in the Animation building, we decided to do the exhibit where you meet a Disney animator and learn how to draw a Disney character. After getting in line, we were approached by two Disney executives, and were told that our showing of the exhibit/show would be filmed and used for promo of Hong Kong's Animation building. They asked us to fill out a release form, and we began the show, with a much smaller audience than normal. It was fun to see the film crew filming us, and afterwards, they asked my brother and I to do a testimonial. It was pretty cool, and definitely a fun little addition to our vacation. These doors lead to a very important place... Can you guess what it is? It's the shrine of Whoopi, of course! In all seriousness, the show was actually pretty good. I loved the music in the queue and would really like to find it somewhere. Anywho, it was really sad seeing like ten other people in the show during a busy day at DCA. It's worth a look... it's pretty cute. I liked the mural on the side of the buiding, though. Grizzly River Run was good fun, and definitely more eventful than Kali River Rapids at Animal Kingdom, which is short and pretty boring for a rapids ride. The Redwood Challenge Trail, or whatever it's called was a nice little area. It was really nicely done, and kids seemed to love it. Yes, Rock, I saw what was in the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room... and I thought it was really cute and funny. Oh, and I got a boat all to myself on it's a small world. It was hilarious! Yeah, it's crowded. It's a small world after alllll But it's a small world was running in hyperspeed that night! LOL, I love the depiction of Canada. Yeah, don't be jealous that I have an it's a small world boat all to myself. And I LMAOed at the drunk/stoned/messed up hippo and other animals on the ride. Okay, sure there are penguins in South America! Woo hoo Mexico! A pink kangaroo... WTF?! Are there any NORMAL animals in here? The grand finale! Buh-Bye now. Space Mountain looks really badass at night. Final Day It was nice just sitting and watching everything happening. Heeyyyy Canoe CM! Space Mountain's effects and soundtrack here beat Florida's version, but I still love Florida's track layout/in-line seating more. Combine the two, and I'd be in heaven! Hello C-3PO This simulator is fun and effective, but it doesn't make me nauseaous! Yay! Words of wisdom at the Indiana Jones exit... I love this ride. The pre-show/safety video is hilarious, and the movements of the vehicles amaze me. I enjoyed how the characters said different things on every ride. Also, the boulder effect totally got me everytime, but the first time, I wasn't expecting it at all! Very cool, though it seems like there is more of a sense of urgency on Dinosaur (Animal Kingdom), which I also enjoy. It was a perfect day for pictures at DCA, so I took quite a few. Last one! Loved Matterhorn... what a fun ride! I also saw part of the parade, it was okay, but parades aren't really my thing. He really created something, didn't he? This trip was all about Soarin', in various means--Soarin' because we had come to the place where dreams come true, Soarin' because we had escaped from reality, Soarin' because nothing mattered for a whole week, Soarin' because we had just seen what life was really about--having fun. And to believe it all started with a mouse... Auf wiedersehen!
  15. Part Four Knott's-So-Great Day Four Of course, being the lucky family that we are, we chose to go to Knott's on the day that seriously thousands upon thousands of middle school kids were there as well. These kids were probably the worst-behaved group of kids I have ever seen. Waiting in the Jaguar! line for over fourty minutes, surrounded by screaming/yelling middle school girls isn't horribly pleasant. Luckily, a good number of the middle schoolers left fairly early. But the crowd was only one of the many problems that I saw with the park. Three major rides were closed: Perilous Plunge, the log flume, and Ghostrider. While I understand the log ride being closed because of its structural problems, it's a little ridiculous to have two other major rides closed during the busy summer season. The employees weren't particularly fast; in fact they were downright slow at Xcelerator, probably making the wait 3x what it should have been. One train on Sierra Sidewinder was disappointing, and the ops stacked trains consistently on Silver Bullet. The employees weren't particularly friendly either--it kind of seemed like all of the Disney rejects worked at Knott's. After hitting up all the coasters once (and Montezooma's twice), we had no desire to stay at Knott's any longer. Basically, the park had some fun rides, but that didn't even come close to making up for the crappiness of the operations and crowds. We were greeted to the park with this lovely sign... and a million middle school kids... EVIL middle school kids. Interesting entrance, after pushing and prodding through the lovely metal detectors. Since we couldn't find any maps, we decided to go on this first. It was pretty damn good, actually! We were in the back car and spun a ton! But boo for one train operations and slow loading! Slower than a Silver Bullet: the queue! Jaguar was so loud, but it's sister at the Mall of America was so quiet. Why? It was okay. It definitely wasn't forceless, as some people say, but it just wasn't terribly exciting. The final corkscrew/helix is quite fun, though. This line sucked major ass... forty minutes in enclosed darkness with screaming and yelling middle schoolers. So why did every middle school kid think he was 'gangsta?' Eh, a long line for a boring S&S tower? Um, no thanks... this one looked like it had a horribly boring program, too. They were operating only two of the three towers. Woo hoo, Mexican chairswings! It's purdy, but it needs to be repainted. I actually thought it was pretty fun... it wasn't horrible. Eh, I'd rather not have my package smashed, thankssss... Ghost Town was that, and it was nice getting away from the crowds. An interesting sign... LOL, a fun photo op. Le tren. This was... um... interesting? With its ending and lift hill, it should be considered a credit. I was just happy that it was an escape from the crowds. How unoriginal, Six Flags. And this one is a real one. But we ate a TGI Friday's outside of the park, which had normal prices for a Friday's. So you can get something crappy inside of the park for the same price as something actually good at TGI Friday's! Boo... Boomerang looked good, though! Artistic shot... Xcelerator rocked! It had a great launch and was far better than Dragster... it had some great airtime in the back on the top hat thingy. Some shots from the observation tower... I really wanted to ride this! I really wanted to ride this! Too bad it had the slowest crew ever! Loved this ride... it was probably the best in the park! The launch kicked some ass, especially for an old skool ride. This was okay, but it had the most annoying operator ever! He wouldn't STFU on the mic and just kept blabbing and making stupid noises. Yeah, Jaguar did nothing, and it wasn't even very smooth! Yeah, Knott's, do rehabs on rides before the summer! Adiós, though I won't miss you. Oh, and Beaker accompanied us throughout the trip, starting the second day. The Sun Wheel peeking over the trees... Our hotel... I headed over to Disneyland for a bit after dinner. Y por favor, mantegan sus manos, brazos, pies, y piernas dentro del tren. This is what happens when only one monorail train is operating. This CM was cute, but I never managed to get his picture. This Haunted Mansion was so much better than WDW's, which was in awful shape. Love this preshow. Creepy... Pirates queue. Fun ride with the worst ending ever. Now for some funky night shots, as I was toying with the camera...
  16. Part Three Heeeyyyyy Day Three (DLR) I started out at Disneyland Park early (to ride Fantasyland dark rides) and then met up with the 'rents, rode a few things, then went over to DCA. But a ride on Matterhorn was in order. A short line, but it's the crappy side. Alice in Wonderland was funky and fun... They had a large carousel, but I didn't ride. Fantasyland=Strollerland=Crying Kids Everywhere! Oh, the humanity! And it's only 9:30! Snow White was hilarious... it was dark and scary, but at the exit, right after the witch was going to give Snow White the poisoned apple, it says "and they lived happily ever after." WTF?! Obligatory small castle shots... This ride had the worst and longest line everrrr... But heeyyyyyy Spanish caliente y guapo! Definitely very hot and good-looking. And Spanish! Finally almost there! It was cute, but very short. I loved watching the canoes. Prepare to drop... Now. Anyway, Splash Mountain was fun and in better condition than WDW's version. However, I hated the single-file logs which made the ride have a horrid capacity. I do like how they're shaped like a cawk, though. Hottt! Also, she had these funky bouncy shoes. LMAO. This guy in the line for Pirate's Lair was funny, though hardly anyone paid attention to him. Tom Sawyer's Island/Pirate's Lair was a nice escape from the crowds. Very nice and relaxing. Trapped in the pirate ball voodoo thingy. They also had a cool Jack Sparrow show thing. Heyyyy! Brandi would have loved the Hello, Dolly! music playing on Main Street. I know I did! Put on your Sunday clothes..... To DCA! The tower line was a tad long, but manageable. I love all of the queue details. Spoooky! They must be in.... The Twilight Zone. Cool photo op with brother. Roz rocks my world! DCA is purdy. Loved the boardwalk feel of Paradise Pier, though that area should be confined only to the Sun Wheel and Cali Screamin'. Loved this shot... The rough-ish loop. Soooo didn't fit in at all! Cool flat! Um... yeah, hi... not every guy should wear a Jack Sparrow hat. Okay, great!
  17. Part Two: Yes, I do love DCA Day Two We decided to go to DCA first thing on our second day. The park was dead, and we totally conquered it in a few hours. I thought that DCA was a really nice park, actually! Sure, there are things that it could improve on, but the park had some really nicely themed areas and some amazing attractions. (See: Soarin', Tower of Terror, California Screamin', Grizzly River Run). Highlighs of the park: Soarin'--IMAX+flying+movement+Disney=WINNER. I loved it and rode it many times. Tower of Terror--I found it to be about equal to its sister at MGM, but this had a slightly better drop sequence. However, MGM's felt darker and scarier. California Screamin'--It was a nice, long coaster. The audio was magnificent on all of my rides, and the launch and its location are pretty sweet. It had a pretty bad Intamin rattle in the loop and some other places, but it wasn't horrible or distracting. Grizzly River Run--A good rapids ride with a nice setting and cool theming. MuppetVision--The Muppets. Beaker. Duh! Monsters, Inc.--It was a neat little dark ride, and the Roz animatronic is great and hilarious! Golden Dreams--Yeah, the ending is way cheesy, but it's actually a pretty good film! Whoopi! It's a Bug's Life Area--This area was really nice and well done; the show is great! The Park's Soundtracks--They added a lot of ambience, and I really enjoyed the Golden Dreams area loop. Aladdin musical--Great! The Genie was amazing during our performance, and the stage and set were very cool. Efficient employees, generally speaking. Not-So-Great Stuff: Mulholland Madness--Out-of-place for a Disney park. Maliboomer--Again, not Disney at all. Lack of DCA-specific merchandise Out-of-character Tower of Terror employees DCA's short hours Onto the photos! Grizzly Peak looks really great from anywhere in the park. The area around it looks really nice as well. Cool! In front of a fun coaster... This thing was open, so we had to go on it. As you can see, DCA was really busy that day. It was a cool ride. Wii! Funky orange thingy. The Sun Wheel, which made me pretty close to puking. Ew. There were some good views to get on it. Fun, but not Disney-quality. But props for moving the cars through that thing like crazy! Great on-ride soundtrack! For some reason, this closed for the rest of our stay after this day. Backside of the Sun Wheel. I'm trying to look happy and not ill. The entire park is very picture-friendly. Purdy! And they're off! Had some delicious clam chowder in a bread bowl here. Who says DCA has no theming? Rock will enjoy these two shots, no doubt. We all enjoyed It's a Bug's Life. It was probably the best 3D show in DLR, but I liked the Muppet's theme the most. The theatre. Coolest ride ever! He's my favorite Disney character ever! It's a Bug's Land/Flik's Fun Fair was very nice. Yay picture with character! I <3 Heimlich! I thought the entrance plaza fountain was cool... It was cool-looking. Yay! Inside the Hyperion Theatre for Aladdin. The show was pretty crowded, actually. Tower of Terror... Kick-ass character! I'd love to be the CM operating her comments! We had dinner, and I then went back to Disneyland Park to ride a few things. The castle is really small. Tomorrowland looks cool... Star Tours was okay, but it didn't do much for me. This guy in the queue was hilarious, though! None of us understood this. The spinning was distracting and didn't allow you to see so much stuff! The spinning should be automatic like Cat in the Hat's so you can actually see important stuff and understand the plot. It's time! Really?! It wasn't THAT bad. I'm glad the sets weren't floating like WDW's version. Going back to the hotel. For now, anyway!
  18. It's big. And it's bad. Prepare yourselves! Trip dates: June 2-June 7, departing June 8 Part 1: Soarin' Day One Being the total IMAX nerd that I am, I totally fell in love with Soarin'. It is, without a question, my favorite ride on the trip. Day One was all about Soarin', in various means--Soarin' because I had just finished school, Soarin' because we traveled via airplane, Soarin' because we had arrived at the place 'where dreams come true.' Okay, I know, enough of the romanticism. On with the photos! (Oh, and if you want a larger version of any of the photos, just let me know!) The day began at our local airport, Moline/Quad-City International. Believe it or not, this is actually a big plane for our airport... we'll take anything over the CRJ-200! This is a luxurious CRJ-700, which is considerably better than its smaller sister. Our airport is purdy... It's time to fly! Apparently, this aircraft series is the 'second fastest in the sky', according to the not-all-there flight attendant. We arrived and checked in at our hotel, then headed over to Disney's California Adventure while our room was still being prepped. 'Award Weiners' LMAO! Time to go to two very nice attractions... Nice courtyard... Brother and I... It was fun, the theming was nice, and Roz was amazing! I <3 The Muppets! I thought the pre-show and queue area were funnier than the actual film, though. Our Fastpass time arrived for Soarin'... loved it! We then got settled into our room, had dinner, then headed to Disneyland Park for a little bit. Monorail time! Matterhorn was fun... I really liked its retro feel. They were testing Nemo. Tomorrowland side totally kills Fantasyland side! Love the seating... I wish they had the Peoplemover! This thing was damn strange. Time for Pirates! Starring Jack Sparrow! Pirates eats people... the line moved very quickly. I had heard great things about it, and it truly was. It's an amazing attraction--the details are great. I loved the Davy Jones mist and Barbossa's ship and its attack scenes. Haunted Mansion had a huge line, but we enjoyed it. It's in much better condition than Magic Kingdom's was (in fact, this is true for almost all of the rides). I decided to brave the huge line for Space Mountain. Tomorrowland looks great at night! Huge line... Almost there... Space Mountain was damn cool... I loved the soundtrack! If they could somehow merge Magic Kingdom's track designs with this theming and soundtrack, I'd have a new #1 (and 2!) coaster.
  19. Great Adventure seems like it's doing really well! Go Six Flags! As the Shapiro years continue, we can easily see which parks are preferred by the corporation and which ones are actually finally becoming fun, great parks. Six Flags Great America is still super, though it has been this way for years now. Six Flags Great Adventure seems to be changing quickly--for the better.
  20. That slide complex looks really great and insane! Anyway, great TR!
  21. ^ Yeah, our IMAX concessions sells them, and it's always easy to tell who had one. Tongues turn red with the cherry, blue with the raspberry, and purple with the mixed ones. It's good fun.
  22. ^ ICEE tounge? It is a quite lovely red color, by the way.
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