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Six Flags St. Louis (SFStL) Discussion Thread

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Here's a summary of the quotes from Mark Shapiro in the news report that is sure to be written:


"New half assed parade! I rock for making that decision because families are important."


"More characters!!! I also rock for making that decision because previous management neglected the family market"


"I <3 comparing Six Flags to Disneyland"


"Did I mention how we have to be more family friendly in order to be successful again?"


Don't forget a paragraph dedicated to how he grew up near SFGAm and he how wants to return Six Flags to the "glory days".

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Six Flags Elitch Gardens was scheduled to be getting a spinning coaster this year, but funds dried up, and with new management, they plans went out the window. It was rumored to be Mr. Six's Pandemonium, the same design at SFNE.


Maybe this is where its being sent?

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  • 7 months later...

Six Flags St. Louis announces Tony Hawk's Big Spin... at least its not Rocket Power: The Ride, rite?


February 12, 2007 — Six Flags St. Louis announced today a full line-up of thrills and entertainment for the 2007 season, focused on the family and highlighted by the addition of Tony Hawk's Big Spin, a unique spinning coaster the whole family can enjoy. This new coaster experience is designed for the entire family and takes the lead on a family entertainment package that includes a Summer Concert Series, new shows, fireworks and the wildly popular Tony Hawk's Boom Boom HuckJam Tour!


"Six Flags St. Louis was founded on family fun and entertainment," said Dave Roemer, Park President of Six Flags St. Louis. "Today we are more focused than ever on providing family rides, shows and attractions in an atmosphere that makes Six Flags St. Louis THE place to bring YOUR family this year!"


Tony Hawk's Big Spin is scheduled to debut on April 21, 2007, the opening day of Six Flags St. Louis' 36th season. The ride is designed with the look and feel of a giant red-and-black skatepark, and offers a full extreme sports experience, with monitors in the queue lines displaying highlights of the history of action sports; a large spinning Tony Hawk figure crowning the ride; and Tony Hawk's Big Spin merchandise available at the ride exit. Tony Hawk's Big Spin puts a new twist on the traditional coaster experience: Guests grab some air as they twist and turn in 360 degrees rotations while grinding through helices, wild mouse turns, a camelback and more on the rails of this 1,351-ft. steel coaster. With the opportunity to defy gravity just like skateboarding legend

Tony Hawk, riders sit facing each other in a coaster car that simulates tricks and maneuvers while traveling up, down, and around the breathtaking curves...all while spinning round and round! The spinning coaster cars allow each ride to take on a totally different experience depending on the weight distribution of the passengers in the car making it a unique ride experience each time!


"After receiving such a great response to our Boom Boom HuckJam Tour at several Six Flags parks last year, I'm honored and excited to be part of this opportunity. On the Big Spin, riders will be able to experience their own spinning aerial moves whenever they choose," said skateboard legend Tony Hawk.


Standing at 53 feet tall and traveling at 31 m.p.h. Tony Hawk's Big Spin is suitable for kids who are at least 42" tall to ride with an accompanying adult, while kids 47" and taller can ride by themselves. Tony Hawk's Big Spin will be located near the park's new kid's area introduced in 2006, designed so that parents ride with their kids!


Six Flags St. Louis' commitment to family fun in 2007 continues beyond this exciting new ride to include shows, concerts and more. The park's show package includes four new shows, fireworks, street entertainers, story time with some of your favorite characters, as well as the return of its popular daily parade. On June 2nd & 3rd, Tony Hawk's Boom Boom HuckJam Tour makes its stop at Six Flags St. Louis, and will give guests an opportunity to see skateboard legend Tony Hawk perform all the tricks he has made famous. Then, beginning, June 21st, our Summer Concert Series kicks off featuring some of today's hottest tween acts every Thursday night at the Old Glory Amphitheater through August 9th.


This year, Six Flags St. Louis' Season Pass offers the opportunity to enjoy the new Tony Hawk's Big Spin, new shows, the Summer Concert Series and special events along with Hurricane Harbor for one low price. And in addition, purchasing a 2007 Season Pass to Six Flags St. Louis gives six lucky pass holders the opportunity to win their very own Dream Nite! Dream Nite winners will enjoy the party of a lifetime, as they invite up to 100 of their friends and family to celebrate an exclusive private night in the park with them. There is no purchase necessary to win. See Official Rules for complete details. Void where prohibited.


About Six Flags, Inc:

Six Flags, Inc., founded in 1961, is the world's largest regional theme park company. Six Flags, Inc. is a publicly traded corporation (NYSE: SIX) headquartered in New York City.


Well, at least SFStL finally got a new roller coaster and again I'm not fond of the Tony Hawk theme. But whatever to boost attendance from "families."

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LAME! I should have counted on SF to bring another boring clone to SFStL. Spinning Dragons was never that great at WoF, do they honestly think mirroring it and adding some cheap Tony Hawk theming will make the ride any better? Sure its great that SFStl is FINALLY getting a new coaster, but they could have at least gotten something that four hours of driving from the park couldnt get you. I can see the lines now..... Anyone want to wait 3 hours to ride this with me?


-Justin "C'mon Six Flags!" Seabaugh


PS- Where exactly is this located? From the video, it seems like its in-between Boss and Eagle, but I cant really tell.


EDIT- I guess its on top of where the old alligator show was..... Hmmm, I wonder how Tony Hawk will fit in with the Britania theming....

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If I can get on Mr Six's at SFNE on a PACKED weekend in July in less than an hour, I don't think a 3 hour line is going to be an issue at St. Louis.


I like these rides, sure they aren't the best coasters on earth, and there is one across the state, but they can be enjoyed by a large array of people.

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I like these rides, sure they aren't the best coasters on earth, and there is one across the state, but they can be enjoyed by a large array of people.


I agree, I think that when a park builds a ride like this, (spinner, wild mouse, ect.) they are only looking to appeal to families that reside in the general metro area. This ride is the park's attempt to get St. Louis's families to the park, because more than likely, those families won't take the 4hr trip to WOF to ride something very similar. Now if SFStL build something like a Patriot clone, then I'd be concerned.

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I think this is a great idea for sfsl even though spinning dragons is only four hours away because a kid is not going to see it as the same. I can already see kids in the state saying mom can we please ride the tony hawk ride. It might not be the best ride, but it will sell merchandise and attract families and I think that is sfi goal at the moment.

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I love SFSTL, and I think it is great that they are finally building a new coaster. Even if it is a family coaster, it is still a great addition to the park, and families should love it. Even if it has some crappy theme, it should still be a fun ride. My only complaint is the location of the ride, I think a better location would be in the front by B:TR or in the area by Shazam.


Airtime-Can't be worse than Ragin Cajun-&Gravity.

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I'm actually pretty excited about this. I think the theme can be pretty sweet if done right (along with SFFT's) and I honestly love the Gerstlauer Spinners. I think they are a blast and an excellent addition to just about any park. It's nice to see SFStL gettin' some love over the past few years with Xcalibur, Superman, and now this. I might actually have to get over to the park this year now that they are giving me reasons to come back.

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  • 2 months later...



Despite what I said on the previous page, I am really getting excited about this ride.


And believe it or not, the ride is now complete and is TESTING!

A testing video can be seen

And some pictures of the theming and ride can be seen here.


Personally, I think they did really good with the terrain, it looks like it fits in nicely. And I'm really warming up to the theming.


-Justin "Who cant wait to get to SFStL to ride it and Freeze (which was closed on his last visit)" Seabaugh

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April 21st, yesterday, was opening day for Six Flags St. Louis. My girlfriend, Jennilee, and myself left our house at 7:45 and arrived at the park at 9am. Surprisingly, the entrance was packed with people. Most were under the intention that the park would be open an hour early for season pass holders. That actually starts NEXT weekend. Someone was telling people over the phone that it started this weekend.


Anywhoo, at 9:50 they started letting people into the plaza and at 10 we were free to go. The running of the bulls was pretty intense; it was Jenni and myself and nobody else. We ran straight to Tony Hawks Big Spin only to find that they were going to have an opening "ceremony." Soon after, we ended up being the first public ride. Woot!


So Tony Hawk, it's fun and it spins. The lift is fast, the laterals are cool and the airtime is more than enough for a family coaster. Actually, the air was pretty good on the 3rd MCBR drop and the hill after. The helices were a blast. They did a marvelous job on the ride both in theming and preservation. The ride fits in very well with the surroundings. They cut down only trees that had to be cut. It feels as if the coaster has always been there. The queue was alright with the posted signs about Xtreme Sports, but the entrance was the most impressive. See pictures below.


Some other improvements around the park were wait time signs, more apparent security, friendlier staff, more participating staff, and many characters.


Coaster improvements: Boss's double-down, pro-MCBR valley, and run under the lift were all buttery with new re-tracking. Eagle was FILLED with airtime and received some retracking. Freeze got a chisel-to-gum makeover!


The day was great, even though it was busy, and the improvements were a BIG plus.


Enjoy the photos!


Ohh, pretty entrance!


This big of a crowd an hour before opening?!


Ohh yea


What? Dan Snyder?


Eagle ran great and had A LOT more air. That's all folks.


Purty Eagle


I think Ninja should be renamed to some metal band, with the headbanging and all...


Flowy BTR


Panda Express is good for people who like pandas


Johnny Rockets is good


These cool signs were posted in most of the lines. Hopefully we never actually have to use them!


Batman in all its loopidy glory


Overall #2


Overall #1


The hill shown here, and the drop before (if the picture continued at the bottom) were my favorite parts of the ride. These elements had great pacing, abruptness, and airtime.


The cars really flew over this hill


The first drop didn't spin much, but it provided some sweet lats


More finale helix goodness




Finale helix was intense with spinnage


Flags are friends, not food.


Kicka$$ entrance


So the turnaround was cool with the laterals


The path under the ramp was not yet open. Hopefully they get that up soon.


Yay for lateral airtime!


So the ramp was cool and even had some airtime!


The only "rough" part of the ride. There was a jolt, but nothing like Boss's double-down


Medusa supports are always cool


They were aiming for 20 seconds out and in times.


Crazyfilled 2nd helix


Twas a speedy lift


Awww, fwesh wheels


Tony's all like "I dominate"


So on Saturday, this hill was alright, but it didn't have much airtime. On Sunday, I'd estimate it to have about -0.2 or so. It's SAAAAWEET




The helices really gave a nice spin, which is good since the ride really relies on the spin




Yay for mag brakes!


Sooo I hope they do something with this, it's awfully black


Mmm, twistiness


Wild mouse wanna-be


How many mechanics does it take to screw in a light bulb...


Coolio facts and random stuff. I must say, the theming was *stoked*


The peeps liked the new coaster


It is he!


Cool skateboardness

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