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  1. Batman At SFGAm is an invert with a catwalk on one side of the lift. All B&M inverts and flyers have Lift Unload Platforms (LUP). Anytime a train needs to be emergency unloaded, usually a member of maintenance will operate the LUP. Maintenance and members of management (supervisors/full-tim) will assist the guests off the train, onto to the LUP, and onto the catwalk. Then, depending on the park and emergency procedures, two employees will then escort a portion of the unloaded train back to the station (usually one or two rows). On a side note, climbing the lifts/catwalks can be a lot of fun.
  2. Cedar Point will be adding treese next year! However, they are going to make them so they don't have to be maintained. Just apply a fresh coat of paint every spring to make them look like new. Seriously, it's probably for an overhaul of Meanstreak.
  3. Each coaster/flat ride is required to be tested each year. In order for each ride to get a permit to operate, the state requires each coaster train/flat ride unit be cycled a minimum number of times.
  4. Despite the girl dieing, I don't feel sorry for them. They caused her death by doing something stupid. It serves them right.
  5. SFOG is getting Thomas Town in place of DejaVu, not a mack mouse. Dang. Nevermind. I don't follow those stories that much, anyway. I've been focusing around DL recently for the rumored Indoor themed Spinning Coaster and Huss Giant Frisbee and Seabreeze's Himalaya from WWW is under construction. EDIT: Fixed. The Dark Night coaster at SFGAm is going next Superman and using Theater Royale at the queue. DeJa Vu is being removed for future park additions (maybe 2009).
  6. China is also hosting the 2008 summer olympics. That will draw tourists to their amusement parks.
  7. Six Flags Great America this Saturday. King's Island next week Saturday.
  8. The wheel covers are currently on one of the trains. The second train should have theirs on within a few weeks. With the Eagle and Viper lap bars. If the row is empty, they can remain up. If one or two people are in the row, both must be pushed down. Our employees are great. Lots of them are energetic and have a great time. Although, at times there are a few flaky ones, but those come with every job.
  9. Renegade is looking SWEET!!! I really can't wait for July. Some of those turns look insanely awesome.
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