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  1. I actually just got back from Adventureland, and while I can't compare it to the model at Six Flags(I haven't been to Great America since 2015), it is a lot of fun. I heard that about there being two different variations while in line the second time, but I didn't believe it at first. While what I heard was in line with what you said as to which side had what intnesity, what I found was the opposite. My first time - the side closer to the water, I flipped once with a couple near flips. The second time - by Tornado, resulted seeming constant flips(and a hit to the head). Although, on my second ride, I was also the only rider in my car, so I don't know if weight balance also played a role. I personally preferred my first ride as I was facing foreward and didn't receive the painful hit to the head. If my first ride flipped as much as my second, I'd say it was a great ride. As it is, it's fun, but it might be dependent on seat.
  2. Ideally: Busch Gardens Williamsburg - I was planning to go last April, but that trip obviously got cancelled. Mid-Late Summer Pennsylvania Trip - Knoebels, Dorney, and maybe Hershey Silver Dollar City in the Fall Possible Winter Trip (Dollywood?) Realistic: I will probably only be able to do a trip to Silver Dollar City in the Fall. Maybe I'll be able to compensate by doing another trip to California in January 2022.
  3. Of the ones I remember, I have to agree with those that have said Waterworld at Universal. All I knew going in was that it was highly regarded (and based a film typically considered a major flop), but it was a highly entertaining show. At Disney California Adventure, I was also surprised with the Frozen at the Hyperion show. It's an hour long show and was a nice break from the crowds when all the other e-tickets had 1-2 hour waits. While not a show in the traditional sense, the craftsman village at Silver Dollar City was also nice. I'm typically not a theme park show fan. Part of that is because I usually have limited time at a park, and the other reason is because Great America isn't exactly known for its show offerings.
  4. Bump Nearly two years after I had to say goodbye to my old dog, I adopted a new one a few weeks ago. He is a six year old cattle dog mix, although we aren't sure with what. The shelter thought he was part Rottweiler, but the vet didn't think so.
  5. Ocean Park is now in dire straits with only a few weeks of cash on hand, and with a greater loan payment about come due. Full Article at SCMP
  6. Well, it should have been a coaster at Busch Gardens Williamsburg a couple of weeks ago, but it was a rain soaked Leviathan ride about a year ago.
  7. My favorite would have to be Hershey Park with Skyrush and Storm Runner.
  8. I'll be visiting Dorney Park in a month, and if possible, I will try to squeeze in a trip to Hershey Park and the Jersey Shore(Moreys and Playland) before ending the park portion of my trip at Knoebels.
  9. Time to spoil my (probably) very sick dog more than I already do. He's made it to 12-13 years, so he had a fairly good life, but that doesn't make it any easier. All I can do now is hope that the biopsy shows it isn't as serious as the vet currently suspects it is.
  10. My list: Indiana Jones Adventure - Disneyland Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey - Universal Studios Hollywood Pirates of the Caribbean - Disneyland Haunted Mansion - Disneyland Does Radiator Springs Racer count as a dark ride? If so, that might be my #1, but it'd be really close.
  11. A five alarm fire broke out at Grizzly Jack's Grand Bear Resort in North Utica, Illinois. The resort has a hotel and indoor water park - where the fire broke out, rental cabins, and an indoor amusement park known as Enchanted Forest. (Edit - It looks like the indoor amusement park closed before the fire) Link Link Link
  12. My List: 1. California Screamin 2. Powder Keg 3. Mummy (Universal Studios Hollywood) 4. Big Thunder Mountain (Disneyland) 5. Space Mountain (Disneyland) 6. Matterhorn 7. Avatar Airbender 8. Sponge Bob Square Pants Rock Bottom Plunge 9. Flight of the Hippogriff (Universal Studios Hollywood) 10. Pepsi Orange Streak If you are wondering where Wildfire and Outlaw Run are, they are the bottom two. My latter rides on Powder Keg would also place at the bottom, but at least I got a really good ride before I felt like hell.
  13. Outlaw Run I don't know if it was due to the heat, being stapled into my seat, or wear and tear, but I found this ride really unpleasant. I found the ride to be very rough with no airtime. I can see why people do like it though as if it were smooth, and you aren't stapled into your seat, the ride does look like it would be amazing. I just didn't get to experience such a ride.
  14. If all goes well, I'll be going to Silver Dollar City sometime in the latter half of next month.
  15. Six Flags: El Toro Cedar Fair: Shivering Timbers(Probably) Disney: California Screamin Universal: Revenge of the Mummy - although the only other one was Flight of the Hippogriff Parques Reunidos: Phantom's Revenge Herschend: Wild Eagle Premier Parks: Halfpipe - and the rest range from tolerable to god awful Independent: Skyrush
  16. My list: Alabama Alaska Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Washington D.C. Florida Georgia Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Nebraska New Hampshire New Jersey Ney York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina Tennessee Texas(layover at DFW) Vermont Virginia West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming
  17. My first B&M was Raging Bull back in 2005. I think it was my 10th coaster overall too. Other B&M firsts: Invert: Batman: the Ride(2005) Flying: Superman: Ultimate Flight(2005) Stand-Up: Chang(2005 or 2006) Floorless: Medusa(2007) Wing: X-Flight(2012) Dive: Valravn(2016)
  18. My List: 1: Beast 2: Millennium Force 3: Voyage 4: California Screamin 5: Steel Force 6: Mean Streak 7: Superman: The Ride 8: Nitro 9: Shivering Timbers 10: Diamondback
  19. Of the one's I've ridden: California: California Screamin Colorado: Cyclone Illinois: Goliath Indiana: Cornball Express Kentucky: Chang(Removed)/Thunder Run(Currently Operating) Massachusetts: Superman: the Ride Michigan: Shivering Timbers Minnesota: Avatar Airbender Missouri: Mr. Freeze/American Thunder New Jersey: El Toro New York: Umm...all the one's I've ridden here have been crap, but I guess Comet Ohio: Millennium Force/Top Thrill Dragster Pennsylvania: Skyrush Tennessee: Tennessee Tornado Wisconsin: Avalanche
  20. As of right now, it looks like I might have a good year, or at least better than this year(where my only park was one busy day at Cedar Point): Universal Studios Hollywood Disneyland Disney California Adventure Belmont Park Cedar Point Knotts Berry Farm? Sea World San Diego? Six Flags Great America? Hopefully all goes well.
  21. I was at the park yesterday, and while the waits weren't awful(especially given what they can be at my home park), they weren't the short waits being mentioned in the thread.(they were last year though). Operations were good, and it was hard to gauge waits as while a line might be in the midway, the switchbacks in the queue weren't full. The waits seemed inconsistent too, with wait times fluctuating through the day(especially true for Gatekeeper(apparent mechanical issues) and Raptor(although this might be because of the queue use mentioned above). Even towards the end of the day(I left shortly before 7), Millennium Force had a posted 1 hour wait(probably closer to 1.5+ given how much longer it had gotten since I walked by as it was adjusted to 1 hour). When I went last year during Physics week, my longest wait was probably 45mins for Top Thrill Dragster, with everything else being very short(many few train waits). I'll just have to remember to get a Fast Lane when I go back later this year. Again, I knew Valravn would have a long wait(I think I waited 2 hours), and overall, lines still weren't that bad. It's just with how light crowds were last year, and me not feeling the greatest, I didn't have as great of a time as I hoped for. Still a great park with great service(minus my issues with my lunch(meal deal not being accepted where sign says they were, not knowing how to pull it from scan, meal not being correct), but not the great day I planned heading in to it. Even with the issues, I still had a great time and can't wait to head back in September/October. I will say that I enjoyed Maverick and Millennium Force a lot more than I did last year. I still think Millennium Force is overrated, but it is a solid solid ride. Maverick was also great, and while it isn't my favorite, I can see why many do.
  22. ^Peta actually recommends euthanasia over no kill shelters From the hypocrites themselves I understand that the public's tastes change, and that younger people don't want to see animals perform stunts. Fine, SeaWorld has to adapt to survive, but as we've seen from the statements from SeaWorlds critics, it isn't enough. They will not stop until SeaWorld, and zoos in general are shut down. To see the bs that gets thrown at SeaWorld as well as the hypocrisy of PETA and armchair activists is truly infuriating. I saw this decision coming a while ago, especially after Ringling Bros ended elephant performances. Unfortunately, slick documentaries, evem if factually dubious, can move from preaching to the choir to changing the world. Sometimes the stupid wins. That said, SeaWorld hurt their cause even further, and gave credence to PETA with some of their PR stunts like sending spies to animal rights groups and spam voting online polls in support of SeaWorld.
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