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  1. Lake Compounce is Generally more busy during the weekends. Boulderdash's crew definitely works hard to get everyone in and out fast. I find usually riding somewhere in the middle to the back of the train is less of a wait. Last Sunday my friends are i got there at 6:00 and we got 6 rides on bd!
  2. I am going to Coaster Mania at Cedar Point. AHH i cant wait. I have been to the Point before but i am really looking forward to riding coasters in the wee hours of the morning!
  3. Saw Nightmare On Elm Street the other night. It was really good; if your into horror flicks definitely go see it. I liked how it went into full detail of how Freddy came about.
  4. This was taken about a month ago at Hawk Mountain in Pennsylvania. From left to right: Sue Yekel, Jason Bloom, Lindsey Coover(me), & Chris Coover
  5. First Park: Six Flags Great Adventure First Coaster: Rolling Thunderr First Food Bought: panda express- orange & mandarin chicken w/ fried rice
  6. Yesterday my friends and i headed up to sfne... Well thank god we didnt get far because they end up closing 10 minutes after we got on the road!!
  7. the big e is always fun. but my friends and i went on saturday and it was really busy. you really couldnt walk without bumping into someone else. All in all we still ended up having a good day.
  8. its almost the weekend which means BOULDERFEST!! first ever boulderfest i have been to. cant wait to ride boulder all day!!!!
  9. perfect Getaway- 9/10 This movie was better then expected. lots of twists and turns in this movie that kept me interested and on the edge of my seat until the very end.
  10. omg i feel bad for the lady in the costume.. if that was me i might of had to give him the old 1,2 punch haha
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