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  1. My wife and I went this past Saturday and I have to agree with you about the d├ęcor. We were not impressed with it at all.
  2. Sorry about going off topic, But can someone tell me about the "Bring a friend free days" at SFNE. This is the first year I have had a season pass for any Six Flags and this whole week at SFNE (August 24th through 29th) has been "Bring a friend for free days" And this past Sunday, August 24th. I brought my wife on the Bring a friend free day and my wife and I are planning to go tomorrow to SFNE which is another bring a friend day. Can I do it again this soon? Thanks in advance...
  3. While Six Flags New England is my home park. In my opinion, I think this was the biggest announcement of the year for Six Flags. I think this coaster will be a great addition to Magic Mountain. However, It will be April 2016 by the time I get to ride it as I make my yearly trip to Southern California in April every year and I don't see it being open by April 2015.
  4. It won't have white supports. All of them are being painted Blueish-gray. Diamondbacker27 is correct as I was at SFNE this past Sunday (August 24th) and the supports are a blueish grey. As for my opinion about this coaster, I don't like the name of the coaster to be honest. However, I think it will be a great addition to my home park in 2015. I cant wait to give it a try when it opens next summer.
  5. While Six Flags Great Adventure is not my home park. I feel sad for the Six Flags parks that got these things this year instead of something worthy for their own parks, Because this is the type of ride that I would find at carnivals and not at amusement parks.
  6. He made you delete the pictures? I think that's against the law. You are correct. It is againsts the law that he made him delete the pictures.
  7. I normally wont wait for more than 1 hour for any ride unless its a ride that I really want to go on and I haven't been on it before. However, Some of the longest lines I have been on have been Star Tours (2 plus hours) which was when the ride was new at Disneyland and Toy Story Mania (100 minutes) which was last year at WDW.
  8. My bucket list is as follows El Toro The Beast Diamondback Boulder Dash Iron Rattler The Voyage Big Thunder Mountain (Disneyland Paris)
  9. I stay away from Spinning flats and swinging ships. I learned my lesson on both of them. My last trip to Magic Mountain which was over 20 years, I rode the Buccaneer and I was so sick. That Six Flags took me to their emergency room in the back of their park. As for coasters, Out of the 60 to 70 coasters I have ridden. Only one has made me sick and that was Superman - Ride Of Steel which is now known as Bizarro. However, The reason why I think I threw up on that ride was that I ate about 30 minutes before the ride which I normally don't do.
  10. I go to Six Flags New England twice a year. One trip with my wife and one trip being a solo trip.
  11. Although, I was at Six Flags New England last weekend on Saturday, July 12th with my wife. However, Considering that I am a season pass holder, I will be there at some point tomorrow (Sunday) for the closing of Cyclone (Solo trip) and staying till closing time. If anyone sees someone wearing a white shirt that says "Sea World" on it and wearing a hat that says "Eagles". That will be me. Please feel free to come up and say "Hi". My name is Randy. Also, I will have my camera with me for a possible trip report that I might post later in the week. P.S. Another feature of me is that I have a ponytail.
  12. Just note that if you to go to Disneyland/California Adventure. Last time I heard, Soarin and Grizzly River Run are expected to be down in May for a refurbishment. Of course, Things can change, So I would check out what is down and what isn't before I decided on going to Disneyland/California Adventure.
  13. Planning on heading to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg sometime next summer.
  14. My wife and I are going to Orlando in late October. This will be our first visit to Orlando and our first park of our 13 day trip will be Animal Kingdom.
  15. You are correct. Their facebook page has just posted a picture of where its going to be at. I didn't know it was wetlands back in that area.
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