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  1. Upsetting News about Josh, I always enjoyed reading his posts. Prayers to his family and friends Steve
  2. I would think Excalibur would get the axe first over Superman ...if the decision was solely based on Maintenance.
  3. I really doubt SF puts much thought or care into the placement of their rides these days. They just slap them in where ever there's room.
  4. Will Catwoman Whip be open? How's the Park's new entrance looking? Any Pictures?
  5. I love to see Six Flags St Louis owned locally, then it will get all the undivided attention it needs. Remove all the current nonsense theming ... ie American Thunder in World's Fair ??? it is obvious they did this to keep all the crappy Evel Knievel Motorcycle props. The Comet, paying homage to the old St Louis Highland's Coaster in Forest Park would be an excellent name. I doubt any Six Flags brass would know about the Highlands. Anyhow... Hope that made sense, just my 2 cents
  6. Not sure about the Eagle, but the Ninja will be there for sure.
  7. ..and yet my gut tells me it will still be around for another 10 years.
  8. for you fulltimers at SFSTL, anything exciting happening around the Park lately??
  9. Visited the Park yesterday... very nice weather for Dec 22nd. The park looked very good wearing it's Holiday attire. I checked out the former Tidal Wave Site and noticed once again Boomerang was not running. ...I have yet to see that coaster function (I don't visit that often). Anyhow it got me wondering, with TW now removed and with an additional removal of Boomerang that would offer a nice plot of land for a Raptor or a nice Grand Entrance and Station for a new Signature Steel Coaster to be built off to the East. Just chewing the fat here Folks.
  10. Okay okay... it's the location of the Station of our next Coaster right??? haha
  11. Great news in the Carousel ... Bye bye Tidal Wave. Hope 2021 brings something well overdue.
  12. Got an update on Xcalibur, any word on Tidal Wave? staying or going???
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