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  1. Buccaneer's theming (lack thereof) is the very definition of Half-Ass. Why bother? they should have called it The Swinging Boat Ride
  2. I read Darien Lake Predator is getting more Titan Track to smooth things out along its circuit. Why, oh why is the Boss not getting this treatment!!!??? I mean, come on, the Boss sucks. Fix it or tear the thing down already.
  3. I am surprised we got the Giga version of this ride. Seems too grandiose for St Louis. Especially when you look at Catwoman Whip's riders per hour. It's one extreme to another. Just another reason to think the folk's making the decisions really don't pay attention to what they are doing for SFSTL. We are just an afterthought.
  4. My guess is a Drop Tower... showing a Boss' Drop as a hint was mean. They can't be that ignorant to the fact everyone wants the Boss RMC'd. They could have used the Eagle's Drop, who knows.
  5. I found an interesting post on Youtube from a few days ago. thoughts? https://youtu.be/m63dlf025Xk
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