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  1. Comparing Disney to SFSTL is like comparing Washington Univ to St Louis Community College. The point here is, Disney completes projects and when they are finished it is spectacular. With SFSTL, there are no guarantees projects will finish, and if they are it is usually a mediocre event. Did the accessibility ramp to the Screamin' Eagle Station ever get finished???
  2. It's sorta goes back to the notion 'Corporate Hates STL'. I think Hate is a strong word and don't agree with that sentiment, I believe 'Ignores' or an 'After Thought' is more appropriate.
  3. My solution... Rent an ordinary ol' Carousel and place it in it the current footprint, providing a working ride and more importantly removing a dreadful eyesore. In the meantime they can take their sweet time renovating, painting, restoring our Classic. And when that is done, place it in the courtyard area in front of our Palace Theater with a nice, classy station and queue. Remove the rented Carousel and replace with a nice Flat, Spin and Puke. Solved.
  4. I think we all agree Magic Mountain needs another Coaster, actually maybe 3 more.
  5. I hear they are working on bringing the VR Goggles back for Justice League.
  6. If you been to the park recently, you would think they gave up on it. No atmosphere, no excitement, nothing. Closed Rides, Unfinished Projects, Empty areas of dirt and weeds, Half of a Go Kart track, the other half piles of Dirt. It's pretty sad
  7. What's the consensus ... will SF close SFSTL or just keep it open in its mediocre state forever ...or sell it?
  8. $30 bucks to park at SFStL. Insanity ... at least bring back the Trams for that price! Yes, I am old enough to remember the Parking Lot Trams SFStL used to offer.
  9. So how's the Park currently? No President, wondering if that makes a difference at this point. Any more rides SBNO? Have they finally completed the Wheelchair Ramp for SE? Any markers for a Blockbuster Steel Coaster popping up???
  10. I'd like to see Six Flags split up into regions. West, MidAmerica, East ... or something along those lines. Every Park has its own needs and they are having a hard time applying a single strategy across the whole chain.
  11. I can't see the Boss lasting much longer in its current state. Just a matter of time before one and/or many will get hurt, then we will have something like KI's SOB on our hands.
  12. Went to the park today, first visit with American Thunder running. Still a great coaster, best in the park! On the flipside, it's been a few years since I have ridden the Boss. I decided to give it a ride today. Mistake! This coaster should be sold for kindling wood now. The absolute worst ride ever on a coaster, and I have been on plenty. Nothing remotely enjoyable about it. We left early due to the headache I got from it. POS!
  13. And I have prepared my 848 post for next week. Don't blame us for being hopeful.
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