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  1. My guess is Six Flags Corp believes SFSTL has everything it needs - 9 coasters and a good selection of Flats. Corporate is not neglecting the park, it keeps things updated and running fine. What Corp neglects is the few Dozen Local Coaster Enthusiasts who wish SFSTL was King's Island. I am one of those folks so I feel your pain... but fortunately for us, KI isn't too far away.
  2. Exciting to hear construction is finally getting under way. Great news about the Eagle's queue as well. Hopefully soon they will be building and installing, rather than demolishing and removing (as we have seen enough of that in the last few years).
  3. They need to add a double helix at the end, that would be awesome!
  4. In the meantime Soda is free at Holiday World. Six Flags is really pushing the limits here...
  5. The Southern and Western 'burbs are fine ... along with all of St Charles County and Metro Illinois. There is a big audience out there for Six Flags StL if they want it, especially if you include Memphis.
  6. Who here remembers Tilt-more Hotel? or another walk-through attraction, the Haunted House down where Tidal Wave used to be?
  7. Don't be diss'ing the Mule Go Round! Still hoping that will come back one these years, Yes... the 300 Foot Version!
  8. The same discussions have been going more than a decade, since SixFlagsStL.net (or whatever that url was) ... in a nutshell, Six Flags will fix the Infrastructure then we will finally get a new massive coaster. We need more attendance before anything worthwhile comes our way... yada yada. Yes we are a hopeful bunch.
  9. You got me by one year ... I was 9 in '76. I rode it opening year with my Siblings. I almost chickened out when we got to the station and I looked at the height of lift hill. My sister said 'No way!' and forced me on. Glad she did
  10. I did a quick scan on youtube and found this Video ... the dbl up is right after the 180 degree Turnaround into the Turn back to the station.
  11. That section is pretty deep in the woods, doubt anyone could of taken a picture of it.
  12. I am old enough to remember that Double Up on the last turn before the station. It was awesome and is sorely missed. You could hear the train wheels momentarily leave the track and slam back down. Steve
  13. My guess is a ZacSpin or Sky Rocket (Tigris) or Raptor type of coaster in Tidal Wave's old spot.
  14. Freeze is also a Shuttle Coaster ... we really don't need 3 of those.
  15. Cool Lighting! hopefully we will see more of that around the Park this year. Coaster still stinks tho
  16. Maybe they need placement Logs for the ride? it is 50 years old
  17. ^^ Your idea on the location of CW Whip makes sense, seems a logical layout.
  18. Just wondering if the Moon Cars will be relocated or gone for good. Hope SF has plans for the Moon Car track, as it will look pretty awful as it rots away around AT's Turnaround. Will buildings get removed when they Install Catwoman Whip at the old Tower's Site? I'd imagine some would. Speaking of rotting concrete, hope they have plans for the remaining portion of the Go Kart Track. SFStL has a lot of work ahead of them, all the half-baked areas (tidal wave, go kart and moon car roadways, and general emptiness)
  19. Upsetting News about Josh, I always enjoyed reading his posts. Prayers to his family and friends Steve
  20. I would think Excalibur would get the axe first over Superman ...if the decision was solely based on Maintenance.
  21. I really doubt SF puts much thought or care into the placement of their rides these days. They just slap them in where ever there's room.
  22. Will Catwoman Whip be open? How's the Park's new entrance looking? Any Pictures?
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