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  1. $30 bucks to park at SFStL. Insanity ... at least bring back the Trams for that price! Yes, I am old enough to remember the Parking Lot Trams SFStL used to offer.
  2. So how's the Park currently? No President, wondering if that makes a difference at this point. Any more rides SBNO? Have they finally completed the Wheelchair Ramp for SE? Any markers for a Blockbuster Steel Coaster popping up???
  3. I'd like to see Six Flags split up into regions. West, MidAmerica, East ... or something along those lines. Every Park has its own needs and they are having a hard time applying a single strategy across the whole chain.
  4. I can't see the Boss lasting much longer in its current state. Just a matter of time before one and/or many will get hurt, then we will have something like KI's SOB on our hands.
  5. Went to the park today, first visit with American Thunder running. Still a great coaster, best in the park! On the flipside, it's been a few years since I have ridden the Boss. I decided to give it a ride today. Mistake! This coaster should be sold for kindling wood now. The absolute worst ride ever on a coaster, and I have been on plenty. Nothing remotely enjoyable about it. We left early due to the headache I got from it. POS!
  6. And I have prepared my 848 post for next week. Don't blame us for being hopeful.
  7. Lose the Ninja and Redesign that entire area - new Midway with Flats. Incorporate all the existing rides, shops with the new Development (Spinsanity, Tsunami, etc) It would breath life into that walkway up towards the Mine Train. My 2 cents.
  8. I'd be happy with a transplant right now. Scream from Magic Mountain (like anyone would miss it over there) in Tidal Wave's spot would fit the bill nicely. Midwest would have a Floorless too.
  9. if STL would do that then Magic Mountain would not get their 40th Coaster
  10. ...and us Old Folk have gone Gray awaiting that all elusive Hyper Coaster. Next year is the year, right! ...maybe not
  11. I remember when it was a BBQ joint. My first visit to the park, the Screamin' Eagle wasn't even built yet.
  12. Maybe it was the Carousel queue ? or having a Smoke at the Go Fresh Cafe ??
  13. Guessing the fence is to block the view of the old Moon Car Track. If so, Classy
  14. There is a Mule shortage Zack, haven't you heard? Everything goes to hell when Mules aren't readily available.
  15. That's too bad.... I have seen a few concerts as well at our park. ...and I hate hearing about security issues too. Seems like folks just can't get along anymore.
  16. with the 1st Queue House from the Eagle removed, maybe they can expand the Kidde Land there. Bumper Cars, Junior Coaster etc
  17. SFSTL does lack Family and Kids attractions for sure... you would think the park and corp knows this. Bumper Cars, Moon Cars, Ordinary Swing Ride (replace by Sky Screamer, definitely not a family attraction), Carousel (SBNO), Junior Coaster (from the old Kid's area). what else am I missing?
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