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  1. Hey, I'm not as much as a board "regular" in terms of posting or socializing. (Imagine me the kid in the back of a classroom that hides behind everyone else because his life sucks.) Totally kidding, but really, not many of you would recgonize my username from way back when...but in fact, I browse the site quite more than often. Lately, I've been browsing through my pictures and I randomly came across ones that I took at Six Flags last summer, but the majority of them were from Hurricane Harbor. To be honest, Hurricane Harobr isn't that big of a water park but it does have a nice atmosphere and is quite the getaway from the midwestern humidity. Yadda Yadda...here are the pictures. Enjoy! *Edit - Yell at me if the pictures are too big. Me looking undoubtfully sexy all wet and with burning eyes due to excessive amounts of water. (Blue shirt) Thanks for reading. There she goes... Remnents of the old Spain theming in DC Comics Plaza. Villain's Cafe is one of my favorite places to eat here because it sells mostly mexican food. Excalibur Mr. Freeze before it was painted the darker shade of blue. Colossus now has LED lights surrounding the framework which will most likely create a giant clock like it used to. The coaster interacts nicely with the pathways and the Moon Cars literally drive through this turnaround section. This guy has endured a mass amount of pain throughout his life. Skidmark. Last year's new coaster, Evel Knievel. The most exciting part of the lazy river. The 2 slides on the left are half enclosed and half open. The 2 fully enclosed slides. The sign colors indicate which slide is named what...excluding Stingray where the lettering is the slide color. The family raft slide with plenty of OH S&!T moments. Crabs? Check. (scenery along the lazy river) Wahoo Racers was added this year to the left of this slide tower. Standing there just looking sexy in the sun. Oh, and then there's Tornado and the long lines behind her. It's a standard edition, including the wait that is not worth the spin and drop. New back in 2005. Otherwise known as backbreakers. At this point of the day, I think I've seen enough of a fair share of middle-aged women. Hmmm...what could these contraptions be? Despite lack of shade in some areas, HH does have a rather nice atmosphere. ...even closer. It's a shame that half the gadgets on there don't even work anymore. More theming plus Hook's Lagoon. The waterfall adds to the atmosphere alot. And yes, there are lifeguards every 10 feet on both sides of the wave pool. This tiny stage was set up between all the chairs by the wave pool and they played music for awhile. It was more exotic sounding than a usual drumline, though. Wave pool with (rarely) active volcano. When the park first opened, the volcano used to steam from the top and make eruption noises from time to time. I see double C's. Cafe and crowds. Look, it's Batman! Again, but with a better sign. Gift shop plus swimwear. Love this shot. *Insert music* Duh duh....duh duh..... *pause* Am I seeing a reference here? Wooooo, every park has got to have one of these. Theming heading to HH. This boat has seen better days, but the battered-up look pretty much compliments the name of the water park itself. First sign, rule #3. The entrance to HH is just to the right after you walk into the park. Nice little entry plaza. By the way, I've always wanted an all-american umbrella for.....the sun? That works. I love the setting of this park. Notice Evel Knievel's lift on the left.
  2. Haha, I love the City Museum. I'm surprised that nobody mentioned that they even have an aquarium on the 2nd floor of the museum and there's a shark tank and they have a small (see-through) tube that you can crawl through to see the sharks under the water one on one. Their Sting rays are pretty freaky though because they frequently jump out of the water.
  3. The Boss and Screamin' Eagle are both getting extensive retracking in parts of the rides at SFSTL. Also, parts from Mega Zeph's cars from SFNO are being added to replace old parts on the current cars.
  4. Hah, the Yankees? Good lord. Mr. Pujols does all his work on his own and so does Ankiel...great players. Go Cardinals!
  5. Actually, at SFSTL on our S:TOP...when the ride reopened after the long closure, lines exceeded half an hour to an hour at the least on most days. The ride is still a popular one here.
  6. It's possible because both Screamin' Eagle and the Boss are getting some parts retracked and fixed up over the off season. Possibly some more paint(?)
  7. Yeah, I was about to say, didn't daylight savings time get pushed back to next Sunday? That's what I think...
  8. The moon cars are indeed staying the same location that were once before. The track is going to get rerouted around and through Evel Knievel...There are going to be some great photo oppurtunites for this coaster with the log flume, Moon cars, train and the pathway all being around the new coaster.
  9. That's too bad, I hope there are plans to add something in its place for next year. I'm surprised that Mr.Freeze hasn't caused much trouble since its opening. Shocking actually compared to Chiller.
  10. Actually, I've heard that the coaster is NOT wooden at all. So I think any wooden clone is out of the question.
  11. Haha, reminds me of the movie Footloose...small midwestern town, no loud music except that in the movie it's dancing but whatever.
  12. Yup, it's true. The whole area seems like it is going to get redone and whether it's wood or steel...it's going to be unique from what I've heard. Moon Cars are in fact being removed BUT they're going to come back somewhere else for the 2008 season.
  13. Closest city for me is St.Louis...about 25 min. to SFSTL.
  14. Fenway seems like a nice "old-style" park... ...not like the crappy Wrigley Field - Home of the C...ompletely U...seless B...y S...eptember GO CARDS!!!
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