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  1. I went and saw shrek the third. It was really funny.
  2. omg! thats a terrible video and image. I don't know what i would have done if i were on the ride.
  3. i bought my sisters graduation present
  4. 1.kingdaka 2.El toro 3.Nitro 4.Superman{sfne] 5.Medusa 6.Boulderdash 7.batman the dark knight 8.Skull mountain 9.batman and robin:the chiller 10Rolling thinder
  5. If i could change any part of any coaster, I would give cyclone its old drop back.
  6. I think that the front of the car is the best seat. It has the best view of the park.
  7. This sounds pretty cool but it's really expensive. I think that the season pass is better.
  8. nice pictures. Tony Hawks big spin looks cool. I cant wait to go to six flags.
  9. The New York Yankees rule!!!! Their gonna go to the world series.
  10. The last movie that i saw was Wild Hogs on 3/9. The movie was funny and i suggest that u go and see it.
  11. the last soda a drank was a red mountain dew.
  12. really nice pictures. I like the pictures of griffon. I like virginias beach
  13. I voted for steel. I like wooden roller coasters but you can have inversions with steel.
  14. I think that El Toro has some crazy air time. Also superman ride of steel at six flags new england has some good air time.
  15. I just got a new computer and it has vista, i also thought it was gonna be bad but it turns out its prettty good i just gotta get used to it.
  16. I'm wearing my plumbing outfit. Red shirt, buttoned up red shirt, blue pants and boots
  17. I dont have, but hoping to get soon!!!
  18. The only part of american idol i like is watching the people who suck preform.
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