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  1. Long time lurker just putting in my 2 cents. Gawker has run an article about it as well and it is actually not an expose by the new york post but from a book just released called "Primates of Park Avenue." Been researching it for an article for a cultural blog I write for.
  2. Bright eyes- Lifted or Rilo kiley- take offs and landings The Islands- Return to the sea Desapericidos- Read Music Speak Spanish jenny lewis- rabit fur coat Yeah Yeah Yeahs- fever to tell Death Cab for cutie-transatlantisism Two gallants- self titled Mewithoutyou-brothers sisters just to name a few
  3. I am seeing the Yeah Yeah Yeahs tonight and i am so excited
  4. I remember going there when I went on vacation to Las Vegas. It was a very fun water park and it killed me when we would visit and it was still up but not in use. Hopefully they will do something with that land because at the moment it looks very unattractive.
  5. hahahaha! he is digging himself quite a hole. But anyways is it not just a matter of opinion? Yes B&M's appeal to a greater majority then vekoma but everyone deserves there own opinion. In my opinion while most the B&M's are smoother I like the Vekoma Flying Dutchmans more then the B&M SUF clones. Sorry I ranted a bit back to the point. Blackpool is known for marketing the hell out of things as well as toying with the statistics(measuring height from sea level) so It will probably work out best for them this season.
  6. The thing about DCA is it may have 6 million visitors, but how many actually bought a ticket to it. I bet that 90 percent of there attendance is from 2fers and park hoppers. DCA can not survive as its own gate at the moment which is not represented in this survey. It would be nice to know how many people actually bought a ticket to DCA.
  7. Parktrips wrote: == free publicity!! I was thinking for a second is Six Flags mad at this or not lol. IT is free publicity and how many accidents have actually accured at SFMM. Ya that woman died on goliath but that was pre-existing consequences. Also lets not look down the freeway to Knotts where someone actually died because it was the companies fault lol.
  8. You guys are forgetting the bottom line here. Fox actually sent out a reporter to stand in front of SFMM to complain about safety complaints from an outside source. If you lived in thew LA area you would know fox news is a joke, every mourning it is a trainwreck waiting to happen
  9. meh. Its fox news lol. The helix at the end of Goliath is super forcefull as well as the pretsel loop on Tatsu so I can see where there comming from.
  10. I would have to disagree with your comment completely. It is not off-season it is the start of spring break which equals many dollars. I don't know how you can say that it is not rough but it is your own opinion. I don't know how much a break for ghost rider would actually due since I rode it the weak after refurb and it felt just the same.
  11. Nice TR Knott’s has definitely downgrade in the past half decade. You really did not miss out on much at Ghostrider. It is just one big headache now a day. It’s funny because I rode it the weak after they refurbished it and it felt no better then before. I live in Huntington Beach and it was a surprise to see someone post a tr with pictures of it. Keep the good pics coming.
  12. Thanks. I have always been wondering. Does the over the shoulder restraints affect the ride at all?
  13. I have a question about Intimin launch coasters. You might think it is dumb but why do some have over the shoulder restraints and some don’t. The only one I have been on is Accelerator and that does not but I know from pictures on this site that most do? Thanks
  14. Parktrips I was laughing so much at your communist comment I spit the water out of my mouth. But on a serious note this can only be good for six flags. Like I said before it a lot of benefits they get and it will fit better in different parks, and the whole flashpash system is not that great either. If you are at Disneyland in summer you will probably get about 3 flashpasses the whole day.
  15. You guys are missing out on the main point here, its not for the hardcore enthusiast. But everyday citizens who as someone mentioned before if they make upwards of around 200,000 dollars a year (which you would be surprised how many there are) would do this in a heartbeat. It is more expensive then Universal Hollywood because beside the tram ride what else is worth getting in front of the line for (mummy, Jurassic Park). This also includes free food and on up charge ride which lets do the math here, we have a family of 4, for two meals that would be about 80dollers, 4 up charge rides would put you around $50, eight snacks, $30, and admission $200 dollars. That puts us at 360 dollars just for that. There are also character meet and great and a free photo. Am I saying that I will go out with my family of 4 and pay 800 dollars? No, but this will be successful and in my opinion is a good move for SFI.
  16. I am not a big Hillary fan and it is not because she is a woman, its her ideas. A lot of people (my mom included) are going to vote for Hillary because she is a women which is a wrong reason. Mit Rooney is my choice because he is against amnesty which is the biggest problem in southern California. McCain is who I think will win but he is going to give illegal immigrants amnesty which makes me mad.
  17. I was at Knotts yesterday for physics day and it looks like a lot of work is going on. I wish they would of started working on this earlier, it just stood there for like 2 months. As for the rest of the park, it was pretty busy because of all the schools but they managed to run Silver Bullet without stacking for about 90 percent of the time. Ghostrider was a mess though, they started the day out with one train operation.
  18. I hate people who steal. The other day I went to Target to buy Warcraft 3 because my old disk stopped working. I come home and open it to find out the disk is not there because someone stoll it. I just wish people had a decency to not steal things because it always comes at an expense of someone else.
  19. I am routin' for the midget. My mom and I both love them.
  20. ^^^ I thought I was the only one who was ecstatic that subway changed. It makes me want to go to Subway even more.
  21. I think this is a great idea for sfsl even though spinning dragons is only four hours away because a kid is not going to see it as the same. I can already see kids in the state saying mom can we please ride the tony hawk ride. It might not be the best ride, but it will sell merchandise and attract families and I think that is sfi goal at the moment.
  22. I hope the trains get the same foot rests Tatsu has because my only complaint about X is after I get off my calves hurt really bad
  23. This could be a good idea for SFI. I am not a big fan myself really expensive and the food is just average. JR seems to be a perfect fit for theme parks because of there prices. On a side note I can completely see the removal of JR from Knotts. It just would not make sense keeping JR in a rivaling parks.
  24. DragonKhan I love how you have almost a personal vendetta against EGF. I have seen most of your posts in Mitch's poll and its like you go onto tpr just to bash EGF. Or as you like to say it you aren’t "bashing" it your just stating that there are better rides.
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