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    Voting is now CLOSED! Thanks for voting!
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  22. NEWS: ITEC Entertainment acquired by TAIT

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  23. NEWS: Wet'n Wild Emerald Pointe adding Bombs Away waterslides

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  26. Museum of Pinball, Banning, Southern California is dead

    They have a pinball machine with a donkey on it, does that count?
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    • Glad you tried the water coasters! I don't think people often believe me when I say they are something different than what you encounter at most water parks. Not only air time but I actually saw Wildebeest valley once and have to be evacuated, lol, just like a coaster. I get that it can be weird to go solo on a water ride with strangers, we often do it just to use the single rider line and my son finds that sort of thing a little difficult, not me I'll make friends with anyone but I understand the issue. Just remember you are all there for the same reason so if nothing else you have at least that one thing in common. I realized after our last visit that seat selection on Voyage (and probably the other two) makes a huge difference. After only ever riding in the front and not finding it to be rough, in fact we got a particularly smooth ride last October at night when it was much cooler, I rode in row 2 which is a wheel seat and got jackhammered all the way around. If you ever get a chance to do a night ride on Voyage it is a legit contender to Beast and with the cooler temps slowing it just enough to smooth it out but still letting it haul ass. Or the even more rare trimless night ride. Unfortunately, it is a hard thing to score because they don't often stay open late enough. 
    • Bonzai was added 10 years ago in 2012. It is younger than Boomerang added a year later in 2013 (SFOT relocation).
    • ^Thanks. So they are redesigned, interesting. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that the Orlando Freefall used those same Gerstlauer OTSRs. Maybe Gerstlauer is doing away with them for new rides entirely. And the park probably went away from lapbars (I think it was announced to have lapbars initially?) because of the Haunted Mine Drop incident and the associated bad press from the very minimal restraints. Either, or both, would make sense. Excited to ride this someday. The location can't be beat.
    • Didn't they remove one of the sets of stairs to the wave pool to make room for the queue?
    • My wife and I were at the park Wednesday and Thursday. We stayed at Breakers both nights. Our room was about the size of a closet, very clean, modern, and it faced the lake. It was perfect for its location, and all we needed. Pricey, but I can't imagine experiencing Cedar Point any other way, over about five visits, aside from our one coaster campout. We didn't take advantage of early entry. For that matter, we didn't even get there before noon. Nice scenery to jog around, breakfast, and Starbucks held priority over rushing or marathoning rides. Everything was done at our own pace and we could have ridden four times more. FL+ as usual for us. Work hard, play hard. Our longest wait was about 30 minutes for Steel Vengeance, if that. Everything else was 5-10 minutes. No complaints about any of the operations. They were much better than average. Rides went down here and there, but everything was operational most of the day. Our train blew a wheel on Maverick, Thursday evening. I'm guessing it was just the poly wheel outer layer, but there was a crowd taking pictures of it while we were stuck on the brake run for a half hour. We got exit passes, so that was cool. I don't get the locker complaints on Steel Vengeance. Stop over thinking it. Ideal? Nah. But, the system works fine, and I didn't see any of the mass people talk about. Just leave it alone. I have two ride effects I've always said I would be bummed if they stopped working. The Banshee lift/drop scream at King's Island, and the water cannons on Maverick. I didn't see the water cannons working, neither during our visit, nor during a youtube video shot a few weeks before. As insignificant as it is, I really enjoyed the effect. I hope it returns. Regardless, the second half of the ride, starting with the launch, has me constantly debating if I like Maverick better than Millennium Force. Regardless of how numb or boring enthusiasts have gotten, they're both incredible rides. Gatekeeper serves its purpose. It's beautiful, great for daring families, and comfortable. Yet, I couldn't help to have it be a one and done this trip. It's not that it isn't a good ride, because it is, but there are so many other options in the park. Famous Daves was absolute trash this time around. Like, we could have eaten anywhere else in the park and it would have been twice as good. The new health food stand by the river rapids ride is great. Melt was awesome as usual, but also about 1/4 full. It's always been that way on my visits. I hope it sticks around. Dragster isn't even lit up at night. I used to roll my eyes at the rumors of it being removed, but I didn't get a good feeling. As much fun as it is to ride and watch, the park is simply doing just fine without it. I can say the same for Wicked Twister. I'm perfectly fine with the park focusing more on entertainment areas, dining, and nice places to get a drink. The swarms of families spending money seems to be working. I didn't see any overly obnoxious clientele. Stop trying so hard to be offended. The boardwalk construction area is huge. We rode the Ferris wheel without thinking about it, and got a nice view. There's a large area of block foundation within the fenced off area, and they're keeping the beach front path. We also saw a large square area of hefty footers, which looks like it could be for a flat. We saw no roller coaster footers, or signs of roller coaster construction. Keep the beach views open, as Cedar Point previously said they wanted to. We had a blast. I don't think I'd want to associate with anyone who thinks Cedar Point isn't good enough for them. It's a sure sign of entitlement.
    • I worked at that park, once, in 2003... Those of us in maintenance rejoiced when Stealth formally shut down. 
    • I think it's just the lack of beer that most people here can't stand holiday world, not objectively looking at the park as a whole. And they've never been on the water coasters, because they will change your life. They had another set of slides for solo riders way out near Thunderbird but they took them out. They were decent.
    • I dont think anyone ever liked the theme on splash mountain, it was the whole thing that made it fun. If anything this should be a huge improvement since I have never seen the IP associated with splash mountain...  I also dont think they will give a closing date since Disney will probably want to quietly shutter this ride.
    • Good pic of the trains. https://imgur.com/a/LwO0HJv
    • That was quick. I believe the first test run was just a little over a week ago. Also, for those curious, this coaster has OTSRs. From afar they look redesigned and not like your typical Gerstlauer Eurofighter OTSR, but I'm not sure since I haven't found an up-close photo of the trains.
    • Saw on FB/reddit that the new coaster soft-opened today.   Reddit link Official ribbon cutting and ceremony is July 9th.
    • Just got back to my hotel after my first trip to Holiday World.  A full report will follow, but here are some bullet points: -Legend, Raven, and Voyage are all insanely good rides for different reasons, despite the roughness on the first and last of those.  All have found a place in my Top lists (see signature).  I regretted skipping rerides only 15 minutes down the road, but the extreme heat combined with the not-exactly-smooth wooden coasters had given me a recurring headache. -Water coasters are absolutely bonkers!  This was my first time going on any of them, and holy shit.  Airtime on a water ride! -This is going to be probably a me-only problem, but the water park needs more for solo-traveling adults who are mostly introverted.  It's weird getting on a big group-tube with a bunch of randos, sorry not sorry.  There's plenty of kids slides and big-tube slides, but there are only three solo slides and they are all super short. -SHADE!  After my day at KK yesterday, this day was so much better on my body despite the hills because of the ample shade (excepting the long walk back to Thunderbird). -Anyone who says KK is an objectively better park than this is out of their mind.
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