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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 832: Camp Snoopy announced for 2024!

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I must say, after watching video of this thing testing, my excitement for the ride depreciated greatly. I know the ride only goes 40mph, but I was expecting it to negotiate the track at a faster pace. A bit disappointing.


I agree, I saw the original concept videos for this ride and it looked awesome, now it just looks like a relatively slow and poorly themed attempt at a coaster, IMO

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According to Jeff Siebert, the park’s marketing communications manager, The Italian Job has earned a top-five ranking among new rides by the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and USA Today.




Aren't there only like 5 new rides being built this year!?!?!


Stupid Kings Island...Nice Article though!


Elissa "at least it's not Vekoma!" Alvey

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June 2nd .. I get to ride .. hopefully. I'm still mad at them for gettting rid of the flyers when theres an open pad right near it where the Flight Commander used to be .. stupid PKI.


But yes, Jeff is a great guy and does wonderful things with the media and for the park. They are lucky to have someone like him there.

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Well, I was at the park today, but with my six year old who is just about 1 1/2 inches too short to ride , so my actual ride will have to wait. However, I did get a good look at the ride from all angles and talked to several people who had nothing but positive things to say. The one element that is very visible that I find really interesting is the helix. I assumed that this was something you went DOWN, when in fact the trains spiral UP. The other thing I noticed, which should address concerns about capacity, is that these trains appear to be a minute or less apart. It was hard to gauge from my pov how many trains were running, but it certainly seemed like there were not any long "lulls" between runs.


They are still running in a "testing" phase, requiring people to get a boarding pass to ride. There was a time when they were running a few empty trains, but otherwise they seemed to be running well. they have a huge queue line.... which will probably be filled to capacity in the coming weeks.


Shari "more when I get to ride" Shoufler

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I think because it just really isn't that 'amazing' of a park. They have a lot of issues with bad capacity, poor rides, and no queue lines! I think that as far as Paramount Parks go, it's in the bottom half.


Elissa "but that's just my opinion" Alvey

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Why does everyone always make fun of PKI



Fuzzy memory of PKI:


Has anyone had a Coney Dog from PKI? If you haven't, try one. There really good, except, ALWAYS get cheese on it when they ask you if you want it or not. If you say no, they will ask you again. If you say no the second time, they'll usually give to you for free if you want it. Reason: the hot dogs (2) they use for a Coney dog are so disgusting looking, there afraid if you see the wiener you won't want to eat it. So if you get it with cheese, you can't see the dog. Pretty gross, huh.

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Why does everyone always make fun of PKI


Because it's not that great of a park? Because they have operational issues and lack rides with high capacity even though the park has an extremely high number of visitors? Because the coaster collection is "OK" at best, with almost nothing that I'd want to ride more than once? Because The Beast is an overrated coaster that is resting on the hype left over from its opening, but is now a highly braked shadow of its former self?


Yes, all of the above is my opinion, but of all the Paramount parks, PKI is tied as my least favorite. Canada's Wonderland is also pretty bad with a worse coaster collection, but the park seems to have better operations...



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OK, OK..... I have said it before.... I am allowed to bash PKI because it's my home park (and I used to work there) but nobody else can!! (just kidding)


It does seem like there are a lot of "out of towners" who don't think too highly of the park, and that is a shame, because it does have it's good qualities. I agree, they certainly haven't kept up with their counterparts (Cedar Point/Six Flags) in the area of coasters-so if you are coming just for coasters and thrill rides, you may not find enough of what you are looking for.


However, I don't agree with the comments about queue lines. We were at the park this past Sunday and there were few rides that appeared to have a substantial wait during the morning and early afternoon hours. There are always going to be longer lines at the most popular attractions, and that is true at every park I have visited. I remember Millenium Force having a 3 hour wait on a weekday afternoon.... I know a lot of you travel on the weekends, and to that I can tell you that I go nowhere near the park on Saturdays from May-August because of the enormous crowds. PKI courts a lot of company picnics from the Greater Cincy, Dayton, Columbus, West Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana. Also, I sold passes to people as far away as Champaign, Illinois, so the park is very busy on weekends.


But, everyone is entitled to their opinions, so that's fine. I'm going to go wait in line for the Beast with my Skyline Chili dog now.....



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Paramount's Kings Island's Hanna-Barbera Land/Nickelodeon Central children's area, rated as the "Best Kid's Area in the World" for the past five seasons by theme-park trade publication Amusement Business, will completely revamp the popular kid space for the 2006 season.


The new area will be called Nickelodeon Universe, themed to various Nickelodeon children's characters such as Dora the Explorer, Avatar, Jimmy Neutron and SpongeBob SquarePants. It will include 18 rides and attractions in the same acreage.


"Why mess with success?" is the obvious question.


"We're constantly thinking, 'How do we continue to improve on the whole park experience?' We're not resting on our laurels," said Jeffrey Siebert, PKI's manager of marketing communications.


"The area will be unrecognizable when guests enter next year," he predicted. Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle and a Scooby Doo meet-and-greet will remain, as will the already-Nickelodeon-themed Rugrats Runaway Reptar suspended roller coaster and the Wild Thornberrys log-flume ride (the latter two of which will be "refreshed," Siebert said; Scooby's Haunted Castle debuted in 2003).


In all, the park will add six new attractions, and retheme or replace the rest of the current rides.


"If a current ride is going to remain, it will be rethemed to Nickelodeon," Siebert said, and the components of the entire area will be "moved, relocated, rethemed and repackaged."


The new rides and attractions:


Avatar, a first-of-its-kind family roller coaster, which will replace Scooby's Ghoster Coaster. "It's a new roller coaster that has not been built before," Siebert said. "I can tell you that it does require some spinning."


A free-fall ride "based on SpongeBob SquarePants' nemesis, Plankton," Siebert said.


A "flying" ride themed to Danny Phantom, where riders will lie on their stomachs and "fly like a superhero."


Azul the Train, a storybook adventure train ride with Dora the Explorer and her sidekick Boots, which will take riders through a recreated episode of the popular bilingual preschool show.


A ride based on "Blue's Clues," with children actually riding in "Blue" shaped cars which will jump up and down as they circle her house.


A Bikini Bottom attraction that will replace the current Green Slime Zone Water Maze. "Guests will enter in through SpongeBob's Pineapple and exit through Squidword's Tiki House," Siebert said. "It's somewhat a walk-through attraction."


Lending a "theme area within a theme area" feel will be two new "neighborhoods," one devoted to Dora the Explorer (which will feature the Dora train ride, among other attractions), geared to preschoolers; and the other to SpongeBob, which is "geared a little older," said Siebert.


While the attractions will typically have 36-to-40-inch minimum height requirements to physically ride them, "the appeal will be up to the 'tweener' years," Siebert said. Nick Universe's target appeal is for "the whole childhood, up through the early teens," he added.


Among the rethemed rides:


The Flintstone-themed bumper cars will get a Jimmy Neutron, outer space look.


Top Cat's Taxi Jam, the park's gentlest coaster geared to preschoolers, will be rethemed to Nickelodeon character Little Bill.


"The Beastie (roller coaster) will take on a different life," Siebert said. "It will be the third theme for that attraction."


The Hanna-Barbera Carousel will become Nick-Go-Round.


Construction will begin on Nick Universe as soon as the 2005 regular season ends (the final day of park operation is Nov. 6).


Because Scooby's Haunted Mansion will be used for the park's Winterfest holiday celebration, "we will begin in the back portion (of the area) and start moving it toward the front," Siebert explained.


Although Kings Island's sister park Carowinds redesigned its Nickelodeon theme area this year, billing it as the "world's largest," Nick Universe will overtake it for bragging rights as "the world's largest collection of Nickelodeon rides and attractions" when it opens next spring.


The multimillion-dollar revamp (Kings Island does not name dollar figures on its projects) will be the first and only Nick Universe among the five Paramount theme parks, Siebert said.


"It will be typical of Disney or Universal type (theming) quality," he added. "Much more attention to detail, much more magic."


--Robb "Looks like Elissa will never get than Ghoster Coaster credit!" Alvey

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