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Everland Discussion Thread

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Do Intamin woodies cost much more that others? I know El Toro was about $12 million, which is a little steep, but then again, how much more has the Voyage been retracked? I bet all of that rehab isn't cheap.......

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New update from the 24:th posted earlier today.


The lift-hill structure is almost complete.

The drop after the first air-time hill looks to be really great.

There seems to be some kind of MCBR before the "Balder-like" section, but the airtime you will get from riding back row might be really awesome.


I hosted an overall image from the page, due to it was running slow.


Link: http://blog.naver.com/fl0621/80046330972

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wow...that looks RAVISHING. I totally have reason to join in on a Tokyo-Korea trip now! except maybe not...because i am poor


anyways, that looks like so much track! I bet this coaster will be the one that makes every other park GM say "damn...we need one of those..."


PnPs are hopefully to be the new SLCs! except minus the pain

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