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  1. We were at the park yesterday and had a great time as always! The park was packed (Saturday in the summer) but lines moved fast. They were dispatching trains like no tomorrow. We managed to still ride every coaster with time to spare! Arthur is perfect for the entire family and that whole area is a great addition to the park! I'm excited to see them add on to it. The entire day was just stress free and satisfactory. (Which is usual of course) The entire day was reassurance why I personally find Europa Park the best park in the world. -- James
  2. We're at the park today. Not too busy and it's beautiful out! Too bad Full Throttle's closed for maintenance all day... -- James
  3. I remember the flat ride Extasy at Wiener Prater as being one of the most intense ride experiences ever. -- James
  4. Saw Muse in Seattle the other night. They were beyond epic and amazing. -- James
  5. I don't post in here too often but do follow the parks that really intrest me. That being said I'm really looking forward to following this park. Your parks are always AMAZING and among my favorite. -- James
  6. I don't hate Six Flags at all. I generally always have a great time at their parks, however they are one of the worse run major chains. For example, I really enjoy Magic Mountain, however when I'm there I can really only focus on the coasters. They lack in a lot of other things. I don't hate them though. I just don't expect much out of them. But lets look at a park like Europa Park, easily one of the best parks in the world and my personal #1. The only thing they lack is a "stand out" flat ride. However, they have the best of everyting else so it makes up for it. Six Flags is like a student that gets an "A" in one class (Roller Coasters), but fails everything else. While parks like Europa, pretty much every Disney park except DLP, Busch Gardens, and Universal gets from B+'s to A+'s in everything. -- James
  7. That would be absolutely insane... As if Batman: The Ride wasn't intense enough. -- James
  8. ^ It's like they are professional shhhhers. Went to ssshhhhh school I personally like how crazy and unique TPR videos are. They're just a bunch of people having fun which is what this hobby is all about! I think of them more as video blogs as they have heart and personal feeling rather than something being produced for commercial sales. Don't stop having fun! -- James
  9. "Transfer track for Diamondback" What the hell was I thinking/on? I can't even see myself writing that now Stupid, young, ignorant me... Hair Raiser looks amazing, especially with that view! Awesome POV! -- James
  10. ^^ And it's hard to live up to the awesome 10th anniversary original London Cast tracks! I'm so excited for the movie! I want to listen to the tracks now but a large part of me wants to wait for the movie. -- James
  11. I would want to kill you if you were next to me in line. This. Anyways, what I do is just start a conversation with people around me. You'd be surprised how many people are willing to actually talk. I got free into a club (Borderline near Thousand Oaks for those who are from Southern Cali) because I met a group of people who worked there in line for Green Latern, it was way cool. Crazy stuff like this will happen more and more the more people you meet in line! -- James "Gotta expand that social circle" Flint
  12. In the parks defense, they have been doing better with theming. Apocalypse, Lex Luther, Road Runner Express, and even Green Latern are all somewhat themed. Are you expecting theming on-par with Disney? Because that won't happen. I mean compared to my visit to the park in 06' and last Summer, the park has been doing a good job improving. I agree that there is still a lot of stuff they can fix (a lot of it being operations), however I do feel like people aren't giving them enough credit and just like to complain. However, that being said I too hope that they make the Sling Shot look less ghetto. -- James
  13. You hate a ride that hasn't even been built yet? Surely the ride doesn't look that bad. I can't wait to go back to Magic Mountain once this new coaster opens, gimmicky rides like this take crowds away from all the other rides. -- James
  14. I have ten pairs of Sperry's, about to buy my 11th pair soon. What can I say... I like them haha -- James
  15. I did a skycoaster once (Ripcord at WOF) It was worth it just to say I've done it but honestly the only scary part for me was when the floor drops and it feels like you're about to do a face plant into the platform. Other then that I actually found it rather tame, still loads of fun though! I'd love to try a bigger one like Old Town! -- James
  16. That crazy bungee jump ride at South Padre Island, Texas. I tried looking for a video on youtube but couldn't find one worthy of being on TPR... I encourage people to look up the ride if they haven't though, it looks nuts! -- James
  17. This is probably very controversial, especially since it has increased profits and attendance, however IOA replacing Lost Continent with Potterland was a stupid move.... just because the Lost Continent looked so much more unique and amazing. (And Dueling Dragons of course) Then again I'm not really a Harry Potter fan so I'm biased. -- James "Okay it wasn't really stupid, just disappointing" Flint
  18. Europa Park owns at fast dispatches. Their lines are always moving. Disney parks are also generally superb, with the exception of Disneyland Paris, however that is more because of people cutting and not directly because of operations. -- James
  19. I live in Bellingham so seeing the mountain I see everyday is trippy! I haven't skied on it yet but I will soon! Beautiful pictures! -- James
  20. I really feel that Silver Star at Europa Park is underrated. I personally love the feeling of the floater airtime the coaster has. In my opinion, I even prefer Silver Star to Apollo's Chairot, however I only got one ride on AC so I may be a little biased. (Especially since I've had well over 200 + rides on SS) I also feel that Roar at SFDK is underrated as well, the coaster wasn't tooo painful and the layout delievers. -- James
  21. Pleasant - Apocalypse SFMM I wasn't expecting much but this ride was really awesome. It's hard for me to decide which one is better, this or Prowler. Unpleasant - Xcelerator It was great! Loads of fun, an amazing top hat, and an awesome launch, but best steel coaster in California? Not in my opinion. It got way to over hyped for me. -- James
  22. My list has changed a little. 10.) Bobbejaanland (So Unique) 9.) Knotts Berry Farm/Worlds of Fun (Had good days there) 8.) Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 7.) Heide Park 6.) Alton Towers 5.) Six Flags Magic Mountain 4.) Busch Gardens VA 3.) Disneyland Resort 2.) Europa Park 1.) WDW -- James
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