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  1. I'm not sure if I posted this in the right place, sorry if it should be somewhere else. Anyway, I'm going to Lagoon wednesday and i just have a couple questions about the skycoaster: 1. Are skycoasters fun? 2. Is it worth the extra pay? its $15 at Lagoon 3. Is it worth it to go by yourself? ADMIN EDIT: I edited your thread title and subtitle to make them a bit more descriptive. Chuck
  2. Whats up, everybody? I'm Adam, and first of all, TPR rocks! Seriously, this site is awesome. Anyway, I live in SLC, UT, and yup, I work at lagoon. I've only been on 17 coasters which is pathetic compared to some of you. oh, BTW, if theres ever a TPR trip to Lagoon, I'll be there.
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