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  1. Well I was a late bloomer when it came to coasters. My dad convinced me to go on them for a few reasons. My sister loved them and he showed me that, he pointed out kids younger than me going on coasters and he used the "trust" card. Basically that means he promised me he wouldn't take me on anything that wasn't safe or anything he didn't think I'd like. I think the trust card is very effective if you have a good relationship with your kids especially if they have an older sibling who loves coasters.
  2. Most of mine are sports related: Go to Super Bowl, World Cup, Olympics, World Series, NBA Finals and to visit every baseball stadium are a few of them.
  3. It's Cedar Point man. No question about it. It's their main park and biggest park.
  4. Trip Report for Today: Second visit to the park this year. Lines were very tolerable. Park was empty until about 1 and even then it wasn't too bad. I didn't wait longer than 45 minutes for any ride which I consider pretty good on a nice Saturday. I love going in April because the park really isn't too crouded. This is the second time I went this year and really got a decent amount of runs both times. Just have a few comments about some changes. 1. I love that they seperated the season pass entrance. They let us go in a few minutes earlier and they make everybody else wait outside until
  5. I probably have a top 10 in terms of individual elements. 10. Semi-Loop on Hollywood Rip-Ride Rockit 9. Last Floater Airtime Hill on Maverick 8. Final Hill and Turn on Millennium Force 7. First Drop on Maverick 6. Launch on Incredible Hulk 5. Quadruple-Down on Magnum XL 200 4. Rolling Thunder Hill on El Toro 3. Double-Down on El Toro 2. First Drop on El Toro 1. Pretzel Loop on Superman: Ultimate Flight If I called any of these the wrong thing (which I think I did on a few of them) let me know. I swear if S:UF had 2 pretzel looops, it would be near t
  6. Personally I'd go the end of August if you want weekdays. If you don't mind weekends only, I'd go the week after Labor Day in September. I agree with Richmond and Quakertown being an adamant base for Virginia and Pennsylvania if you only want to stay in 1 hotel there. Where you're flying into would be good to know as well. If it's Newark or JFK, I'd probably just go to Dorney Park on the first day if you get there in the morning, then drive to your hotel that night. I'd definitely than look for a hotel between that and Hershey. I feel like you're gonna have a problem with Hershey when it comes
  7. Is it just me or is Rolling Thunder running A LOT better this year? I just rode it Tuesday and I swear I got the best airtime and smoothest ride I ever had on it. It was pretty intense and not very bumpy at all. I use to hate it but my ride on it a few days ago has greatly changed my opinion on it. I'm just curious if anybody else feels like it's running better this year. I literally felt like I was going to fall out of the seat in a good way.
  8. I would LOVE if there was a coaster like Maverick that came to SFGAdv. I feel like if they put another giant coaster in there, theyll take 1 down. The only places left I could see them fitting one without tearing another down are where Chiller use to be, part of the old Wild Safari or chopping down a lot of trees to put it by Nitro.
  9. Im actually gonna miss the audio at least on the lift and the end of the ride. I agree the coaster is too loud to hear the audio during the ride but I actually liked the story they played on the lift. A personal memory is that 1 of my friends use to sing the Bizarro chant at the end of the ride and I thought it was funny. I really thought it added to the ride experience.
  10. My votes: 1) El Toro 2) Intimidator 305 3) Bizarro 4) Skyrush 5) Phoenix 6) Nitro 7) Apollo's Chariot 9) Storm Runner Voting is open by the way! Then next region will be open to vote Sunday!
  11. My vote goes to Iron Rattler. I personally prefer airtime over twisty plus the layout looks a lot better especially with the tunnel
  12. I'm gonna try this topic out and hope it doesn't get locked. In honor of March Madness, I figure we should do our own little bracket for fun in order to find out themeparkreview's favorite roller coaster in America. I will divide the coasters up into 4 regions: North, South, East and West. Some coasters are in the middle of the country so they may end up in a bracket that might not make geographical sense. The roller coasters I put in this tournament are what I think are themeparkreview's most popular. By the way, Outlaw Run and Iron Rattler WILL NOT be in this tournament. They're too new and
  13. I was having an interesting discussion on a non-coaster website about the state of Disney World vs. Universal Orlando so I thought I'd bring that discussion here because I'm curious to see how strongly people feel on 1 side or the other. I don't consider myself bias towards either park since I love both. I went to Universal in 2011 and the last time I've been to Disney World was 2001 but I'm going back there in May for the first time in 12 years and I'm very excited about that. It seems to be that WDW is on the decline since Universal struck gold with Harry Potter and have several plan
  14. Ok so you guys figure why is this topic being started just to debate 2 individual coasters? Well it's because I feel like Millennium Force is extremely overrated and Magnum XL 200 doesn't get enough love because of that. This is strictly my opinion but I'm just telling you guys how I feel. Anybody that knows me knows I love Magnum but almost hate Millennium Force. Let me tell you guys why I feel this way. Millennium Force to me is nothing but speed. You might wonder why I would complain about speed but it's not always a good thing to me when that's all the ride is. The speed leads to annoy
  15. As somebody who has ridden El Toro probably more than most of the people commenting, I can say the RT hill is INSANE! BUT, I think that hill is really overshadowing the first airtime hill right after the big drop. That hill has awesome momentum carrying from the drop and to be honest, I like it just as much, if not more, than the RT hill. I just felt like I should give that hill its respect. I absolutely love both though and they're probably my 2 favorites. I love a lot of airtime hills so if I had to do a top 5 this would probably be it. 5. Drop on Maverick (really feel like you're fallin
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