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  1. Planned to go to the park Saturday but the weather is calling for scattered thunderstorms 50% during the day and 40% at night. Would you guys still chance it or reschedule?
  2. Yikes!!! Sorry to hear. Hope you get some luck and they get whatever needs to be done overnight.
  3. What sites have you seen this on? I’m praying this is false. I’m driving over 7hrs next Sunday to KD and I will be so crushed.
  4. Thanks, I completely understand. I also appreciate everyone’s feedback. I’ll be going for the first time and just want to make sure I have an awesome experience. This park has been on my bucket list for years.
  5. Do the rides at Busch tend to accommodate larger guests? Is there any particular coaster that may be a tough fit for 250lb+
  6. Thanks everyone for the heads up that Loch Ness has opened. Now just waiting for Tempesto and Mach Tower.
  7. Heading to the park for the first time Memorial Day weekend. Does anybody have any idea if the park will be back to regular operations by then and have all the rides open?
  8. Can someone please advise me of how operations are during the winter months? Me and a friend are thinking about traveling from the east coast specifically to visit the park for a weekend in February. I don’t expect operations to be anywhere near what they would be in the busy summer months. However, I’d still like to make sure all the coasters and major attractions will be open and the park won’t close early due to something like low attendance.
  9. Planning on going to the park this Saturday. I’m noticing a 40% chance of scattered thunderstorms. Is it worth it to chance it? Driving all the way from Pittsburgh. Not sure of the rain policy at the park. I know I’ve read before that they closed the park early for a small amount of rain. Figured I’d get some opinions.
  10. So glad to hear thank you because I was really looking forward to riding it and I also didn’t get a chance to go on Skilull Mountain yet so I was hoping they would be open despite not being on the list.
  11. Just realized Wonder Woman isn't on the fright night list. That's odd since it's the new attraction.
  12. When I rode it Saturday we experienced 3 rollbacks. Each launch got weaker and weaker. They launched it a fourth time with only the first 4 rows filled and it only made it 2/3 of the way up. So I assume something with the launch.
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